A Slaves Name

To me this is one of the most difficult task that one can be asked to do. Once a Slave is giving a name as long as the Slave and Master are together, that is the Slaves name. The slave may or may not like it, but this task falls clearly on the Dominant.

The truth when Arianna and I entered the relationship the Slave name never really crossed my mind, then I was asked by two or three Dominants what I was going to name her. I gave it a great deal of thought, I did not bend to peer pressure.

A slaves name is special. A Slaves name makes the Slave stand out, recognition , I think it makes one complete. I am not talking about pet names we all have those, I am not talking about Bitch, Whore, Cunt. A name That describes your Slave.

I thought about the name for a week, while I was receiving emails from other Dominants giving me ideas on what Arianna should be called.

In many ways a name can go as far as the feeling of a collar laying around the Slaves name, a sign of ownership and being owned.  There are some Dominants who do not take the naming serious, or could really careless. At times it is all about the Dom, but at times you have to think of the Slaves feelings as well.



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