Erotic Humiliation

I have blogged about How Humiliation can be good, this also shows the bad side.

Erotic Quest

What is Erotic Humiliation, really?

Fascinating topic! In part, because it has so much to do with a person’s mental state and the way they see themselves. Sexual humiliation can affect a person’s self-confidence, and possibly do some damage to their psyche, if not done correctly. I say this because I myself have experienced humiliating sexual experiences that adversely affected me. It wasn’t until later on that I was able to transition to Erotic Humiliation as a fun, empowering form of play.

I believe that there are 2 fundamentally distinct scenarios, which I will nickname “healthy” and “unhealthy”

“Unhealthy” Erotic Humiliation

Let me get this out of the way first. Earlier in my life, I participated in sex where I was humiliated by a partner who had no respect for me. I was also not in the right state of mind, because I was under the influence of…

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