So You Own A Slave

Probably one of the greatest responsibility’s one could ever have. You the Dominant are in full control of ones life. You have to the right to say yes or no. The relationship is not a Democracy. Although the two may talk, the Master and owner has the final word. Many times the slave might not agree with your final decision , but they know they have giving up their rights for the most.

You now have to look out for two. You have to protect what is yours/ You as the Master are responsible for the well being of the Slave. Be it physical, or mental. The Slave has turned over any rights she she had, trusting that you will not cause them harm.

You can dress the way you want, and although the slave may not like your choice of clothing, they comply just to please. Everything within the Slaves mind is about pleasing, the Slave has not only the want, but the need to please. Pleasing gives them purpose, the feeling of being needed, and wanted.

The Master your sexual needs, and wants are met. A snap of the finger and the slave is on their knees sucking cock. Sex can be just about the Master, crawl on top get off and walk away. The slave gets pleasure knowing her owner is pleased.

Unlike most Vanilla women or even those who are submissive, a Slave will go out of their way to please. Pleasing is what gives them the drive. The want , and the need/ A Slave is not selfish, when it comes to their Master. The Slave in most cases bonds with one. The Slave sees one thing in their life, their owner. It comes to a point where the word no is not even in their vocabulary. Most Slaves have very few friends, this is because their main focus is on one. This is why communication is needed.

Owning a Slave should not mean a housekeeper, someone to cook your meals, do your laundry. I myself prefer to cook, I pickup behind myself, and yes I even do laundry. I will also do dishes.

If you the Dominant would sit down and try standing in a Slaves shoes and think about what they go through daily, it would seem you would want to step in and give a hand. Most of those who are a Slave are highly intelligent, smart, witty, and will jump through loops to insure their Master is Happy.

Most Slaves are Codependent. Most Slaves are needy, and no all Slaves do not have a low self esteem problem, although some do and should be handled. Positive reinforcement, constant praise, on a daily basis if not hourly. A Slave will depend on their Master for everyday needs. The Master has to know the Slave well enough to meet their needs.

Being codependent is not a bad thing, if in a long term relationship. Being codependent is not a bad thing if the Master is looking out for their Slaves best interest. Being codependent, is not a bad thing if the relationship does not consist of any abuse, and the Master is not taking advantage of his property. No one can tell either of you the Master or Slave what is right or wrong. Only the two of you know what works for you.

This is a huge plate for one to digest, this is a huge plate for one to carry on their shoulders.

How many men can be watching TV, and tell their partner to go in the bedroom and spread, you walk in , you fuck, dump your load and walk back out. How many men can tell a woman to drop to their knees. The answer is not many. Most women have the say so when it comes to any type of sexual activity, when, where and what. The male being pussy whipped will suck it up and get what he can, then walks away pouting. A man who is pussy driven, is a disgrace. You deserve what you get.

Most Slaves have no rights, although I have the final say, I like to keep the communication open. I want to know what Arianna’s feelings are, her thoughts and concerns. Many Masters in a long term relationship be it with a Slave or Submissive can become to comfortable in a relationship. Once we get to that point we as Master begin to take our relationship for granted, we no longer care about our property’s needs. The end result they may love and care about you, but if their needs are no longer being met, they will pack up and leave. You the Master should be willing to sit down daily to just talk, about anything and everything. You the Master needs to listen and take in all information, more important you need to retain the information giving to you.

The Master must be willing to drop what he is doing, at the drop of a hat. You the Master will need to not only take care of your problems, but any problems your Slave may have come up. It is the Masters responsibility to make sure the Slaves surroundings are safe at all times, Drama free at all times. If you are a Master of good judgement and you are responsible the Slave will never question.

Most Slaves are introvert’s , most Slaves do not like being around large groups of people, most Slaves do not thrive on having a house full of friends over. Most Slave do not like to be out alone. Most Slaves do not like shopping alone, most Slaves do not want to make daily decisions. Most Slaves want their days planned out. Most Slaves are visual, allow them to write their thoughts down, in some cases a Slave will plan their own day if they write it down and check things off as they go. This becomes a daily routine. Most Slaves become overwhelmed very easily. If one becomes overwhelmed this causes confusion, and can lead to a manic state.

Once a Slave is comfortable in a relationship, and they come to know what is expected, it becomes a routine without thought. A Slave needs to know what is expected. A Slave needs to know, they can depend on one, their owner. A Slave needs to know you the Master are not going to change rules midstream.

On the other side, the Master must be consistent. The Master must be truthful at all times. The Master must not change rules to fit his needs. The Master must communicate with the Slave, most Slave cannot read minds. The Master has to give the Slave a sense of security, they must feel safe at all times.

Our day does not end once we get off of work. Being a Master you are 24/7. Your day ends once you have put your slave to bed. Then and only then can you put your feet up, pop open a cold one, and let your mind wonder. I know myself at the end of the day I have a great feeling of satisfaction.

There is no need to argue, scream, yell, call names, degrade, make one feel less human. Slaves are very docile, very giving, loving, caring. A Slave will go out of their way to insure their Master is Happy.

The most important part of the relationship, well one of the most important parts, you cannot bog your Slave down with senseless rules, such as the almighty 128 Basic rules, that is just insane. You the Master do not have the right to tell a slave they have to memorize every rule, when you the Dominant cannot even do that. I do however have Arianna read her rules nightly. I do not sit and watch hoping she breaks a rule. If a Slave does break a rule, I can guarantee it was a mistake and was not done on purpose. In almost six months I have punished Arianna once. It hurt, that was something I was not looking forward to, it was something I truly hated doing, and I felt guilty for hours, but you have to stand by your word.

You the Master and owner must be truthful at all times. You the Master must be honest at all times. This is the way trust is built. You cannot tell your Slave she must be truthful, and honest at all times, if you the Master are not willing to do the same. This is how we earn respect. I have a friend who told me once that he demanded his slave respect him. The bad news is, it does not work that way.

A Slave will give and give and give, until they see it is a one way street, no matter the love, they will leave. The Slave will insure their needs are being met.

I have dated those who are submissive, I have lived with a submissive. Because I understand their nature, and knowing they have the ability to say no. I cannot live that way. When I want to fuck I want to fuck. When I want my cock sucked that is what I want. The submissive although rarely can and will say no. The submissive will refuse to wear clothing you have picked out, they have that right to say no, and it has to be respected. You the Master has agreed to that type of relationship.

In the past I have made a mistake is saying the Master must mold his Slave to fit his needs. That statement was wrong. If you the Master will teach and guide, you are up front about your needs, you stand by your rules, your guidelines , and yes protocol, the Slave will Conform to your ways. The key is everything has to be laid out on the table.

In the end the rewards are great, you cannot ask for a better partner. You will have a partner with unconditional love, you will have a partner who will always have your back, and they will pounce if they feel their Master or surroundings are threatened. The Slave will protect what is theirs. The Slave will be loyal without question.

It can be an awesome relationship, if both work together.



5 Responses to “So You Own A Slave”

  1. I don’t know that I’d say “most” slaves are easily overwhelmed or introverted. I know plenty who are not – I know plenty who are capable and rather enjoy doing things on their own and not having every minute of their day planned out. I also know a lot of slaves who have a large circle of friends with a healthy mix of vanilla and lifestyle – and these same slaves are very comfortable having people over for parties or whatever else. Of course, the Master is rather social in those situations as well.

    • I do understand where you are coming from, I know slaves who are like what you speak of. We are all different. Every Slave has different needs. I think finding the right Dominant to meet those needs are important. Also the Dominant finding the right Slave.

  2. Can we be too brittle, too easily broken, too consumed by fear for Doms?

    I’ve been told he’ll work with me through my insecurity, but today I’m filled with panic so over wheel king I’ve made myself sick.

    When I’m with him I’m fine, alone I shatter.

  3. silverwolf913 Says:

    Slaves are needy, codependent, have few friends, are overwhelmed and thrive on simply being a cum dump for their master’s sexual urges and need nothing in return other than the knowledge that he is happy???

    Generalize much?

    You have tidbits of practical and interesting information in your writings but it’s all wrapped up in layers of generalities that really make the assumption that a slave is a being largely incapable of independent actions, independent thought, and we derive nothing more from life than the pleasure of our dominants. Screw the beautiful sunrise so long as you can suck your master’s cock.

    You’re really painting a contradictory picture of a M/s relatioship here.

    • I am not going to argue with you, it is obvious you did not read everything.
      I did not say all slaves were needy and could not function in life.
      My wife who is also my slave has a degree, and a very rewarding career. She has been with the same company for 15 yrs and will most likely be there another 15.

      If you knew anything about me, you would know I am an advocate against abuse.

      You took parts of what I said and made your own determination and that is fine, your opinion and you are entitled to your own opinion..

      If you knew anything about me I have spoken about how I abused some 25 years ago, but I guess you did not see that or maybe you just read what you wanted..

      Thank you for topping by

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