This Is Arianna

Vile’s Arianna- My thoughts……..

First of all, I would like to thank all the readers that follow our lives and my Master’s thoughts. I trust my Master and believe that He has our best interests in mind when He writes His thoughts, opinions, and feelings and shares them with all of you.

He is a highly intelligent man with a plethora of street smarts and common sense. I truly respect His life experience and still get butterflies when He calls me His pet. I am honored to be His slave, His property and find much satisfaction when He uses me for His enjoyment.

I am an avid reader of Master Vile’s blog and although I hide in the shadows and do not comment much, Master has 100% of my support. He writes the truth, the story of our lives. A few of the readers have expressed an interest in seeing me comment more. Well, hopefully this will keep those readers abreast of my continual support.

I do feel truly blessed and lucky that an experienced and real Master has accepted me as His own. Im concerned about all the abuse out there for other subs and slaves. I belong to a gem among many rocks and I express my gratitude to Master Vile in a variety of ways and especially through my yearning to please Him and He expresses His love and care to me through His undying devotion. I a, satisfied, content, and filled with a sense of security and love.

Best wishes to each of you as you travel along life’s road. May you find peace in all of your decisions, joy in weaving the tapestry of your life, health in both body and mind, and purpose in your chosen path.

Thank you for reading. Master Vile and I welcome your comments and questions.





15 Responses to “This Is Arianna”

  1. Arianna- what a great blog. Well written and full of love and respect. Vile, may I repost later this week?

    Much love you two.


  2. Butterfly Joy Says:

    Hi Arianna! So glad to hear your voice, and thank you for sharing your feelings here with us. Vile is one of the most amazing friends I’ve met online. And it is just so amazing to observe how you lit up his life 🙂 cheers to great M’s / D’s relationships!

  3. Arianna, I am so happy to hear from you, and I am SOOO glad you came into Vile’s life…it is clear that you make him happy. I’m glad you have each other!

  4. MaríMar Says:

    Nice to meet you Arianna. 🙂
    You two are so very lucky to have each other.

  5. Rubber Bound Princess Says:

    Its very nice to meet you, im glad you have found each other and have followed the path.that makes you both happy and what a wonderful path it is xx

  6. Lovely to hear from you on hear and wishing you both much happiness ~ Gemini X

  7. A beautiful blog! Happy for both of yall.

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