You Hear Me , But Your Not Listening

When entering a D’s relationship it does take about a year for both to settle in. Although there is not much give on the Dominants side, the submissive will have to go through a lot of challenging changes.  The Submissive is the one who conforms to the newly found relationship. Learning her new Masters ways, rules, protocols and so on.

If the Dominant expects to much from the beginning this can cause much harm, and you are setting the submissive up for failure.

A few things that the submissive will experience when entering a new relationship is the Dominants lifestyle. The Submissive will have to pick up on the new owners wants and needs. The submissive will have to learn and follow rules. The Submissive will have to learn the new owners personality, his likes as well as the dislikes.

I have found this to be hard when the submissive has been in several different relationships, because they seem to compare, and at some point and time it does come out.

I remember an old friend of mine who was seeing Bea for a year or so, would get angry when she said why cant you be more like Vile, he never got angry or yelled at me? The truth is every Dominant is different. Every Dominant carries himself different, he expects different things, has different needs and wants.

The submissive goes through a form of Behavior Modification if you will, which I will touch on here in the next day or so. The Submissive’s whole train of thought is in someways Modified, a completely different thinking process.

So the You Hear Me , But Your Not Listening. Arianna and I were talking last night, mostly about listening and trust. Being able to come to the point of truly believing.

I myself think before acting. I have a plan in place before acting. I also have a plan B, and C. While we can spend much time putting a plan together, and 99% of the time things just fall into place, there are times when things just do not go our way. So I always have a back up plan. Arianna will tell you, I get my way. She will tell you I can take a bad situation and turn it around.

I allow Arianna and her ex husband to communicate, texting each other. I am good with this and she has her reasons behind it. Her Ex is somewhat cocky, always has to have the last word, and nothing is ever his fault. They were texting and in a matter of minutes they were at each others throat, so I took her phone and I text him, yes I did.

I told him who I was and I started the conversation, in a matter of minutes I was told I could text or call anytime I wanted. Yup Vile did that. Arianna is amazed at how I am able to communicate with people.

Hearing and Listening is two totally different things, Arianna can hear me but she is not listening all the time, because she has not built up that 100% trust, but as each day goes by I can see the trust factor build.

If you think about it mostly Slaves but some who are submissive, just turn their whole life over to someone.  Here is my life, my world it is yours.

I know it is hard for someone or for some to grasp that concept , but it is alive and well within the lifestyle. It takes some time for the submissive to truly get a feel of things. The submissive watches every move their new owner makes. The decisions the new owner makes, how he carries himself in public, the choices he makes in everyday life. Most of all his temperament, how much is he really in control, one of the biggest factors.

So yes you can hear something and not be listening.




2 Responses to “You Hear Me , But Your Not Listening”

  1. Arianna Says:

    Thank You Master for continually showing Your control through Your patience and understanding. And yes. I have been guilty of hearing but not listening. I will continue to surrender myself to You so that You may mold me into Your own. That’s my hearts desire.

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