Being A Dominant is 24/7 365

Slaves and those who are submissive need down time, free time to clear their head, get away from daily activities. The need to see family, friends, or maybe just go out shopping.  We as Dominants expect so much from ours, but I believe there is a breaking point.

Many Dominants for what ever reason once in a relationship become very controlling, cutting the slave off from friends or family, not allowing to go out alone, and no real down time. I have seen these types of relationships, and they usually go sour in about a year. Why ? The Slave or Submissive has hit their breaking point. Humans can only take so much Slave, Submissive or Vanilla, we all have a breaking point.

The break up once they have reached their breaking point and the Slave wants out of the relationship, it then becomes their fault. They did not give their all, they are not real, they did not take the lifestyle serious. It is never the Dominants fault, lord knows he could do no wrong, and he will repeat the same actions in the next relationship, expecting a different outcome.

Once we leave the home our day just begins, work calls, the only thing different between the Dominant and the Vanilla, we still have a great responsibility. Our Slave or Submissive, is still our responsibility. I am not sure how others think or handle different situations, but if I am needed I drop what ever I am doing. Arianna comes first, she is the most important one in my life.

When we enter a relationship, there are things we have agreed to, we as Dominants have giving our word and we must stand by it. We told them we are there no matter what, they can depend on us. If I receive a text I do make it a habit to answer promptly, a call if I cannot answer I make time to call back, as soon as possible. This is something I agreed to and again your slave or submissive should always come first.

As a Dominant our rewards are great. We have a relationship that most men dream of. Our property is at our beck and call. Our property is there to serve be it domestic or sexual. The Slave or Submissive eats, drinks and sleeps their owner.  We are all that matters, and once in a relationship as long as we keep our word, the relationship continues to grow.

In the beginning of a relationship, getting to know each other the Slave explains their limits Hard limits, and soft limits. I can tell you, as long as we are who we say we are, and we show and continue consistency those limits go away. What were hard limits are now just thoughts. This is not true with all. There are some who keep Hard limits, and will never bend, but I am speaking from past and present experiences.

We have taking a Slave to be ours, we have no down time, we cannot take a day off because we do not feel like being a Dominant for the day. I myself cannot just wake up and say Okay I have the day off, do as you please for the day. Today you have no rules, I am tired, I don’t feel good. I am going out with the boys.

Although I do allow Ariaana down time, to see family , she has a friend she likes to quilt with, or just go shopping. I do understand. On the other side I do not go anyplace I cannot take Arianna. I am not into going out with the boys. Most of my friends or co-workers , I have nothing in common with. I cherish mine, I truly care for mine. My number one priority.

My down time is when I tuck Arianna into bed, then I can rest. Early in the am sitting at the kitchen table drinking coffee. Then I hear those words. Good morning Master, may I get up. My day has just begun.

Today is the first day in about four months, I have been off and I am alone, but my morning began at 3.15 am. Waking Arianna up for work, we sit at the table drinking coffee and talking about our day.

We are moving this week into a new house. Today I am shopping for a washer and dryer, and handle a few things with the new house. Two weeks ago we bought Arianna a new Fiat she loves it. I wanted her to have something dependable to drive, and good on gas.

At times it would be nice if we could just turn things off for a couple of hours a day, but if your really happy in your relationship everything just falls into place.

Finding the right partner makes a huge difference, it makes for no drama. Life is good.

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3 Responses to “Being A Dominant is 24/7 365”

  1. Couldn’t agree more with most of you ideals here… Your dedication to this life-style is so apparent in your convictions and your love which come through so fluently for Adrianna…

    Much success to you in your new home and pending marriage… 🌓

  2. Reblogged this on thekinkyworldofvile and commented:

    This really made me think

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