The Collar Means So Much

I have blogged about this before, the Collar and the meaning. Everyday I see the abuse, not having a meaning, most even come with Velcro.

Many Dominants use the collar as a tool, because they know the collar is something the Slave or Submissive craves. The feeling of being owned completely. They have found the one.

Special care should be taking when choosing a Collar. The Collar should fit the personality. If a professional this should be taking into consideration as well. You would not want a teacher wearing a black spiked collar to work everyday.  The Collar should be chosen by the Dominant, he should take the time to find the perfect one. I am not talking about going to Joe’s adult books and novelties , and picking out something that is on sale for 7.99. Yea some are just that cheap.

I ordered Ariannas Collar and I made several calls to the company who was making it, to insure they had the right size.  Once I received it in the mail and I opened it, holding it in my hands, I felt a slight rush, a small chill. I could tell it was hand made, I could see the imperfections in it, but it had its own personality about it, some may look like it but there is not one the same.

Everyone is not going to have a ceremony like Arianna and I are going to have, but it should be special, it should be something to remember. It was not long ago I was over at a friends house and he handed a Collar to a slave and said put this on, I own you now. Without hesitation she did so. It was not my place to say anything, I was just wondering how the slave felt.

The 15th is fast approaching Sunrise ponce inlet Florida, about 200 yards from the old Lighthouse. There we will become husband and wife, Master and Slave with the Collaring ceremony.  Arianna has planned a sand ceremony as well, where two different colors of sand will be poured into one vase.

When you the Dominant holds the Collar you should feel a rush almost like a chill, very over whelming almost.

I remember not long ago I had asked Arianna to wear my collar, and to my disbelief her answer was NO. Wow that really put me through a loop so to speak. Then she explained to me, that to her as well the Collar was a symbol of marriage it meant forever, and yes she wanted it to be special.  So I dropped it not giving it another thought, when the time was right she would come around.

If you were going to propose would you just hand her the ring and say hey put this on we are getting married. I would think not.

There is not another feeling when you are placing the Collar around ones neck.  Almost a humble feeling. You now know the one you are giving the Collar to is giving 100%.

The younger generation is much different when it comes to the lifestyle. In fact the younger generation it much different than when I was growing up, not all but most. Today we have become disposable, we can be tossed aside at the drop of a pin, and not giving a second thought. It is much easier to just pack up and  restart your life, than it is to try and work through the problems.  It is the same with people in general, last year I was replacing the starter on my truck and I needed a ride to the parts store. I walk down to a friends house and ask for a lift, he said sure I need ten dollars for gas. Hmm ten dollars to go a half mile, nah I am thinking not. In the past when he needed a ride I was sure jump in, lets go, I never brought up anything about gas.

A real Dominant would not offer a collar during the first meet, if one tries this should be a clear sign to run, and do not look back.

It is not the big things in the lifestyle that bother me it is the little things. I am not even sure why some of the things I read or hear bothers me. Maybe because I am a huge advocate when it comes to abuse, be it in the D’s lifestyle or Vanilla. I am strictly against abuse of any kind. Seeing women being taking advantage of. What bothers me more is when I am asked advice and it is not followed then one comes crying. So from now on I do not give out advice when it comes to a new Dominant, or rules, protocols. I am not going there any longer.

At one time I truly enjoyed helping others, it made me feel good, like I had made a difference. Who am I to say how another Dominant runs his house, who am I to say the rules are not correct. It is none of my business.

Joseph McNamara had a great post about the Collar check it out. His writings are awesome he has a lot of talent when it comes to writing.







7 Responses to “The Collar Means So Much”

  1. The link looks fucked up, just click on it

  2. Just loved you take on the collar here. And even more so, your personal reflection of the significance with your soon to be bride/slave. I again wish you and Arianna my best and hope you have a wonderful, spirit-filled and loving life-styled relationship for years to come… 🌷

    And thank you for you kind reflection and link to my Blog-space…✴

  3. Hi Vile,

    This is a great post. Giving and accepting a collar takes much consideration I agree.

    Gem x

  4. I agree with you AND with Arianna about the collar.

  5. “If you were going to propose would you just hand her the ring and say hey put this on we are getting married. I would think not.”
    This was my first mistake, accepting this sort of proposal…

    I know this is an older post but congratulations to You and Arianna, both of you are very lucky to have found each other. And thank you for sharing Your journey with us, I have learned a lot about myself reading Your blog.

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