Sometimes Change Is Needed For The Better

Once a Submissive or Slave enters a relationship their whole world is turned upside down, not in a bad way, just a lot of adjusting/ After all it is the Slave who has to adjust in the newly found relationship.

I call it a training process, reprogramming if you will. The Slave or Submissive will do so willingly and without question, if their heart is truly in the right place. As a Master we are there for the betterment of ours, we seek to improve in areas that need to be payed attention to. We are there for moral support, guidance, advise, and to teach our ways. Focus is really important, and after a day or so you can see where the Slaves heart is, and just how serious they are about their new role.

We set rules, and we expect the rules to be followed, as we know I am huge on Protocols, but I take it one step further. I do what is called Behavior Modification , nothing extreme. Before you jump to any conclusions I will explain.

I take bad habits away and replace with good habits. I make it perfectly clear from the start my house my rules, nothing less nothing more. Arianna was late on bills at times not because she did not have the money, she just forgot, or staying up to late and having to work the next day, I could go on and on. So we as Dominants come up with full proof plans and start introducing things a little at a time, until everything is just at a steady flow. Nothing goes wrong because everything just falls into place.

I am not being conceded with this statement but it is true. I am seldom wrong, not very often, because I think things out clearly, but most of all I look at the choices and consequences. If I do something I have a purpose, if I say something I have a purpose. Arianna is still learning, but she will tell you the same thing.

So we get into the flow of the relationship everything is going as planned and smoothly, but you can fall into a rhythm and get to comfortable , the Slave does not really see this, nor do they she a big change, but the Dominant has to catch it before it gets out of control. Once the Dominants loses control, and the Slave knows, it is almost impossible to regain, thuse the end of the relationship.

I have spoken before about being consistent, being consistent daily, hourly, staying on top of things is really important. Keeping your word means everything, once you lie, or you change rules mid-stream the Slave knows and starts to lose trust.

However, there is always a however, or a but. However, if the Dominant does see a problem, he can start to make small changes within the relationship and stop things from getting out of control. These are changes for the good

A good Dominant can train a Slave or Submissive, with out them even knowing, this is done by planting a seed, the power of suggestion. You are planting an idea or a thought, again for the betterment. It may take sometime for them to catch on, but one day while standing in line at the super market, they go WOW really, now I understand.

Although Arianna and I have awesome communication, there are times or things I do not share, it is not to hide anything or mislead, these are known as a need to know basis. I forget what it was but I was handling something that came up and I never spoke about it, once it was taking care of, Arianna asked me, then she said I guess it was on a need to know thing. Yes you are correct.

Some Slaves get along living alone, going out, even without a Dominant. Then there are those who need to be micromanaged, those who stress real easy, or become easily confused about a situation. So we share something and some we do not. This does not mean that Arianna cannot question me about something, lets face it men screw up, I or we are not perfect.

The downside to this is those who are not real, or serious about the lifestyle. I am not sure if fake is the correct word, maybe just into the kink but not the control part of the lifestyle. If you are misleading from the start and it takes six months to a year before the slaves catches on, a lot of damage can be done, and it could take the slave a very long time to recover.

A lot of thought has to beginning when entering a new relationship. We have to look closely at the Slaves needs. We have to drill them for answers so we know exactly where they are coming from. If this is not done it can be a bad mistake on both parts, and the relationship is doomed from the start.

Changes can be good if done slowly, and carefully. It should be a long thought process before making any real changes, and the changes should be done slowly and almost unnoticeable , again planting the see, and idea or a thought.

After all if the Slave or Submissive is going to give 100%, we as Dominants should be willing to give 110%.



3 Responses to “Sometimes Change Is Needed For The Better”

  1. You are a wise One…. Thank You for sharing all that You do!

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