I Love Facial Abuse

On your knees hands behind your back. I love the reaction when I pull my cock out and the mouth automatically opens, with not even a thought. Already hard just from the anticipation of what is to come.

I enter and I begin to pump, There is nothing but the feeling of control, being in control. One hand placed on top of the head and one hand on the chin. At this point it is game on. I love the feeling of the gagging sensation, its like you can feel the muscles in the throat grasp your cock.

On her knees you can tell when she she is beginning to lose control, the arms start to move and around they come to catch the saliva that is drooling out. I then grab her by the hair and smack her face, put your hands behind your back, do not move them again. She knows now I mean what I say.

Most of the time I do not cum just by face fucking, and at times I do not even want to cum, I just love the feeling and the control. Even when I just want head, at times I just want to lay back and enjoy the feeling. There is nothing more relaxing than laying back and getting my cock sucked.

In 50 years I have came across three women who could actually get me to the point of cumming while getting head, yup you guessed it.

Sucking cock is an art, and not just anyone has that skill, more so if you just do it to please. Now your talent really comes out if you love it and your doing it to please.

Not all head is created equal, During my nine year marriage, I look back and I think wow, what the fuck did I do.  I felt like Al Bundy on the TV show Married with children when it came to having sex, it was now a chore, there was nothing to like. Even when getting head I had to finish myself off. Wow I blew that one. It is like you think you have a big fish on the hook and your fighting to get it is the boat and you find out you have a fucking guppy. I kick myself in the ass every time I think about that part of the past.

I love facial abuse, by far my favorite, well besides Anal.



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