My Love For Anal Sex

Total Submission, this is my thoughts when it comes to anal sex. The most private part of the female body, what more could a woman give?

My number two Slave position, on knees bent all the way over hands on ass spreading. This will give your Slave or submissive, the feeling of total submission. Being totally exposed and vulnerable , wide open for the taking, which ever hole you want both are right there.

Depending on my mood I use lube or maybe none at all. You know what is going to happen if I say get the lube and lube my cock. Arianna made that mistake once not knowing what was going to happen, and she just added a little. what a surprise she had. She felt worse in the end knowing she could of added more.

I love the feeling of sliding in and just holding still, allowing her to get adjusted to the feeling, and feeling the ass muscles gripping my cock, then slowly start to pump, until it is game on.

I have talked to a few, and their thoughts were anal sex is just a sex act nothing more, but I tend to disagree. Maybe those were females not capable of feeling or maybe I am just wrong maybe it is just a sex act.

These are my thoughts.



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