Abuse A Fine Line

When it comes to the world of BDSM , many women new to the lifestyle see pain as a huge part of the lifestyle. This is not true. The fact is many women will take most anything if they feel they are pleasing, and the regret comes a few hours later when everything sets in, the hurting, the dark bruises, the pain while in a session.

I remember the first time I left sherri’s I was scared to death. She was black and blue from the neck down, and some of the bruises were bleeding a little. I had used a belt, a 5 pound flogger, and a single tail whip. I remember seeing her pussy juices running down her leg, and with every strike of the single tail she would cum.

I was sitting in my car, thinking what the fuck have I done. This was my first real experience, with a masochist. I was thinking what if she called the cops, how could I possibly explain that. Well officer she wanted me to beat her, WOW.

My first slave, my first real pain slut, like Bea she was a cutter, it was a way to release pain, I did not really understand at that point and time, but I do now. I also know now that the pain that is needed can be controlled through an M’s relationship.

Many women will take what ever their dominant can dish out and then some. Having the need to please or just looking for acceptance, and the need for love.

Many Dominants will dish it out, and get off on it just as I did while in a relationship with sherri. This is where communication comes into play. The Dominant should and needs to be sure this is a need and not just a want when it comes to pleasing. I myself know that if my partner is not getting any pleasure out of what I am doing, then I am not going to get anything out of it.

Just like my Ex wife, she allowed me to spank her a couple of times, but she thought it was stupid, so it did nothing for me. I felt guilty doing things to her because I knew she was doing it just to please. After I came clean about who and what I was, then I was asked to move out.

To this day Arianna has the thought that I have the need for pain, which is not true. I do get a little rough at times, which is my right, but I would never hurt. Arianna is for my pleasure, at times I could give a fuck if she cums or not, then there are times when I am very pleasing.If I need something I am going to do it, without asking. I have told her several times go to the bed and spread, I get mine and go about my business.

Pain is not a need for me, when I was younger and just learning, I got off on it, but after a time it became more like a job, and I had lost what seemed to be fun, it was now work, because sherri was getting off on the pain and I really got nothing out of it.

So how does one feel Being Dominant and causing much pain, knowing the submissive does not enjoy it, but is doing just to please. Does it really make you feel like the bigger man, or does it make you feel like a complete asshole.

You talk the talk once at work or out with friends on how you beat some bitches ass, and you knew she was going to be sore for a month. It would be different if you the dickhead was on the receiving end.

Then again some women get off on abuse some have that need, even in vanilla relationships. I went to the store some time ago and I pulled in and a girl was sitting in her car maybe 20, 25, her eyes was black and her lip was swollen. When I walked in the store her BF or husband was trying to get beer on credit, but you know she did not leave him, she was still there through thick and thin, for better or worse.

I guess beating some bitches ass makes one feel like the bigger man. Even during a session abuse can take place and the slave or submissive is thinking this is what it is suppose to be like, so I need to learn to take more pain so I can please.

Although there are many different levels of BDSM, and the world of S & M that is only a small percentage of the lifestyle. Most is based on D’s and service, be it sexual or just being there.

You as the submissive has the right to say hey wait a fucking minute, what the fuck are you doing? Never think you do not have the right to question, it is your body.



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