The Feelings Of A Slave

Having a Slave is one thing, but making one feel like a slave is a different story. Although it is almost impossible to keep that mindset 24/7 there are things that can be done as constant reminders.

I have blogged about some of this before, but when I get a random thought I like to share.

One way is to limit the slaves space within the home, when and where they can sit. Arianna is not allowed on the furniture unless permission is giving. I know your shaking your head, but to be a slave you want that feeling inside and out. The mind is a very powerful machine.So you plant the seed. You limit the slaves space. While home you limit what one wears, how they sit, eat, drink, bathroom. The owner controls everything.

These tactics do not go over so well with those who are submissive, and there may be some slaves who are like what the fuck. The truth is there are so many different levels of BDSM , so many Levels of being a submissive, or slave. Everyone is different, everyone has different needs, kinks and fetishes.

So if out and I hear something that sounds kind of wacky to me, I just think hey it is their kink. So when hearing about others in the lifestyle don’t be so quick to judge. What you like someone else may not. There are many things I do not understand, but I ask questions so I can see where the other is coming from, sometimes I understand and sometimes I do not.

At times Arianna will get relaxed, Hmm maybe snippy, I have Slave positions I use to put her back in that frame of mind, I have never came right out and told her this but she will know here in a few, but I use these positions as a reminder of who the bitch is in the relationship. These positions put her back in that slave frame of mind.

The first 30 days is the hardest when entering a new relationship. The first 30 days is the make it or break it time period. If the Slave is true and has the heart things just fall into place. We as Dominants take bad habits and replace with good habits. It is a very slow process. I believe when entering a M’s relationship it takes about a year for the slave to adjust. It takes that long for the slave to truly know her owner and what is expected.

Everything Arianna does she needs permission, with the exception of being at work, even then when lunch time comes around I get a text with food choices and I decide.

You want to do what ever it takes to keep the slave in that frame of mind. When it comes times to punish I seldom spank. I have had to punish Arianna one time in about 7 months, now she has that fear of messing up. Fear is not always a bad thing, it keeps the slave thinking.  A couple of good punishment Ideas besides spanking.  Pour a cup of rice on the floor and have the slave kneel on it. Ginger root is very effective when inserted anal, I hear it burns really bad. Corner time works very well this gives the slave time to think, corner time nude. Beating is not always the answer, more so if the sub or slave enjoys pain. I myself find slave positions to be way more effective. On knees bent over hands on ass spreading apart everything is exposed. I have been told it is very humiliating.

Ask permission to enter the bed, before entering strip, besides that time of the month. Why nude? I may get that urge to just roll over and hit it. Sleeping nude or keeping one nude while at home keeps the slave humble, in most cases not all, it depends on the slaves personality.

We have a huge Dog crate, that I am going to start using tomorrow. Big enough to sit in and turn around in. Even big enough to lay down in curled up.

Owning a Slave is one thing but keeping them in that frame of mind is another more so if you live M’s 24/7. A lot of work in the beginning but after about 3 months or so things just start to fall into place. What was hard for the slave has now became a habit, it is not even a thought any longer.

So in the cage, hands tied above head, and gagged. I am sure I could find something to do for about an hour.



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