The feelings of a slave part 2

"Good Morning Master, may I get up?"
I dare not put my feet down on the floor without explicit permission from 
arising out of Masters bed that He so graciously shares with me. I know that any 
evening as I ask, "may I enter, Master?" that he has the right to say no. 
During the night, I pray that I do not have to go to the bathroom because 
permission is needed. There have been some nights that I lay awake holding it or 
dream of going to the bathroom because I don't want to disturb my Master. Not 
because he would be mad but because He gives so much of Himself that I find His 
rest important. 
Master wakes up every early morning with me even though He isn't scheduled to 
work until several hours later. 
Why does He do this? I can't read Masters mind but I am thankful that I have 
such a caring and thorough Master. 
As I leave for work, Master could go back to bed but instead we talk on my hour 
drive to work and He makes sure I get there safe and sound. 
Throughout the day Master and I text and I give him updates about my break times 
and what I am doing. This keeps me thinking always of how I may please Master. I 
even where I bracelet that is engraved with WWVD. What would Vile do? This 
bracelet along with my collar are constant reminders of whose property I am. 
There are people at work that know of my lifestyle and those who don't may think 
that my collar is a little strange buy so far none of my bosses have mentioned 
anything. It doesn't raise as many eyebrows as the first consideration collar I 
wore. It was a necklace with two handcuffs that met in the middle. Yes. There 
were sexual comments made about that and it was notice when the handcuffs got 
Back at home, "Master may I sit?". "Master may I go to the bathroom?" 
Master may I...... Anything that comes to mind. 
My schedule, when Master isn't home, is told to me through text. When to shower 
and get ready for bed and when lights go out. I have a to do list each day when 
I get home. Master and I go over the list prior to me leaving for work. 
I really don't think too much about asking permission to do things. It comes 
natural. Even transferring from the vanilla world wasn't a huge shift. I was 
always a follower in my relationships and threw my support into the one I was 
with. The important thing for me is communication. This is the highest priority 
for Master too. So, a breakdown in the relationship will not happen as long as 
we continue to talk and relate to each other and understand. 
So right now, how does Vile's slave feel. Probably like most collared slaves. 
Constantly improving or trying to improve my submission. Sometimes this takes a 
creative imagination to think of options for behavior. Master is good at making 
suggestions but I know that He likes when I take initiative to satisfy His 
wants. I believe His needs are met by just me being me but for me to go above 
and beyond is where His wants lie. Master is a simple man. He likes physical 
attention and mental attentiveness. 
Sometimes I feel that if I'm not DOING something for Him that I'm not In 
Service. This is not true though. Just being in His presence can satisfy His 
needs. At least at that moment. When the next moment comes and His needs change, 
I'll be told what to do. 
So, sometimes I wait or I ask what I may do to please Him. Sometimes He says to 
just sit at His feet while He relaxes and watches Tv. 
So. I take the next step, because it's hard for me to sit still, I perform foot 
worship or rub His legs. Sometimes I go between and start playing and kissing 
His balls. I'm still learning. I guess it's a process and I shouldn't be 
impatient with myself. Someday I'll be able to predict Master but then again 
would I want to. Master would want to keep me on my toes and not get complacent. 
So there is a fine line of satisfying without expectations. 

I welcome any questions. I've been with Master for seven months now. We've been 
married for almost two weeks. Master has not changed. He is very consistent. 
That is something that is important to me. Then I know what's expected and He 
doesn't set me up for failure. Only received punishment once. I am very obedient 
and why shouldn't I be? Master puts forth His time and effort into making our 
lives better. He works hard and cares. Above all else He satisfies my needs. I 
need to know that I am needed. That I am pleasing and that I am desirable. 
Each night Master holds me to let me know that He is my safe haven and that 
anytime I can be used by Him. Our evening comes to a close with
"thank You, Master, Good night. "


5 Responses to “Arianna”

  1. There is a question bothering me for some time. And it needs an answer from both sides of the coin. Thus …
    Would you Ariana please answer it…
    Would you Vile please answer it…

    When the submission turns into surrender?

    Thank you both for keeping your life’s door so generously open and utterly genuine sharing.

    • Arianna Says:

      Arianna’s response:
      Surrender according to One of its definitions is: give something out of courtesy:to give a seat, position, or office to somebody as a courtesy or as a gesture of goodwill.
      The synonym of surrender is submission.
      I’m not trying to cut hairs here but there is no one moment, in my opinion. As you may know, it’s a choice. That main choice happens once but is reinforced by many choices on a daily basis. There is a choice to put another persons contentment first. To give up ones freedom and “surrender” to another’s will for their life. So the question then stands, when does a person trust another enough to say, my life can now be molded into what you want it to be. The one surrendering has a decision each moment to continue its main objective to keep the dominant satisfied and content. I don’t think that the meaning of surrender as defeat comes into question but rather a sense of freedom. Just like the ups and down of life there are ups and downs of submission but the focus is always on the goal of yielding to the dominant. I, myself, know that I cannot consciously break a rule without breaking the trust that Master Vile and I have built. If a thought crosses my mind to disobey a rule, then my consciousness immediately let’s me know of the consequences, Which is the broken trust for that may be irrepairable. So, the surrender to me comes from the fact that I do not have any desire to test the waters to see how far I can push the limits. My focus remains on Master Vile and how I may better please Him. Maybe the surrender comes from respecting and trusting the Dominant. In our relationship, there hasn’t been a time that I’ve wanted to disobey. I was longing to surrender even the first moment I met Master Vile. He quickly proved to me His capabilities in being the Dominant I desired and needed. My needs are met and my wants are taken into consideration for each of His decisions. I continue to be grateful and appreciative for all that He has done. I believe that surrendering may be the realization that I am ok with the commitment of life with Master Vile. Master Vile is thorough and consistent allowing me to continue to trust His abilities in Mastering my life. I hope that each submissive or slave is lucky enough to find “the One” that they can trust without question for that makes surrending the most complete.

      • I never thought of the word surrender, Lee surrendered to Grant. That was not a willing situation. Arianna chooses to submit. We had a master, slave understanding going into t he relationship, not a master, submissive. Arianna has never been forced to do anything. We have a very unique relationship one that consists of love and respect. Our communication is out of this world. There is no surrender.

  2. Thank you. There is always something new to learn from you.
    In the life i experience submission is a trade of giving and receiving, with its prize and price. Submission is an intermediate step in the process of growing within self.
    Surrender is a state where no choice is needed anymore. The ultimate freedom.

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