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Put Your Slave Back In Their Place

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First off I would like to say, I never have to explain my actions, you as the Dominant or Master should never have to explain your actions, well unless you do something really really stupid. If you the Dominant are on track and your keeping your word, you are not abusing, you never explain your actions. What does come into play though and should never be forgotten or looked over is aftercare.

I look at submissive’s and Slaves as being very different. A Submissive submits when they want to, they have the right to say NO. While some do follow rules most do not, perhaps on purpose, maybe they forget or they just don’t give a shit. Even living 24/7 much of the time the submission does not really carry outside of the bedroom.

A Slave does not have the right to say no, if this was an agreement entering the relationship, that would bring up the question are you submissive or are you a slave. This may sound bad to some and some will understand. A Slave is not equal, not in any sense. This does not mean the Slave is dumb, or stupid, but if the Slave is on the same page they understand this as well.

In an M’s relationship not only the Dominant but the Slave can become to relaxed, you start to become to comfortable in your relationship. Then it hits you I am really no different than the vanilla couple next door, who happens to be stuck up by the way.

We all give our Slaves a little bit of rope, some freedom is needed, but when the Dominant becomes to relaxed he needs to yank on the rope, and put your Slave back in place. A little reminder of who and what they are in the relationship. I am not talking about bending them over and beating them to a pulp, but doing something that will totally catch them off guard.

You have to have daily task, nothing to overwhelming , you have to have daily rituals, in order to do this you the Dominant has to stay consistent , you cannot bend from either.

A very good example Arianna has a small note book, every morning before leaving for work she writes the time and mileage , once at work same thing. This does not just apply for work this is anyplace she may go. Arianna is required to keep all receipts , then once a month or so I go through everything. I check her phone daily, this is not because I do not trust her because I do, I just want to know what she has been doing throughout the day. While home when I am at work Arianna wanted to keep a journal of all her activities while at home, she wanted this implemented so it is done and will continue. I do read by the way. A journal gives one purpose, a needed feelings.

Once you have been in a M’s relationship for any length of time, I call it needed maintenance, kinda like a tuneup if you will, a much needed reminder, of where both of you stand. I am man you are my Bitch, I am Master You are My Slave.

To put your Slave back in their place you do something out of the ordinary something that is not expected, something that will throw them completely off guard.

A time and place for everything, I find the perfect time is during a session, my sessions usually last an hour or so, that includes fucking if I wish to.

You do something that will just throw their mind off tract, something you would not normally do. A change in your voice, more authoritative , deep , serious, you fuck a different way maybe a lot rougher than you normally would, speak in a humiliating way. Golden showers are very effective, some do not like while some do, maybe after play put on hands and knees and give a cold shower, very degrading, but sometimes some other type of interaction is needed.

The Slave then becomes confused, the Slave is not able to process what has just happened, The Slave has just been or feels like they have been degraded, used humiliated mass confusion.

After all is said and done aftercare is very important, hold talk to, but you should never explain your actions.

Face Fucking to the point of almost throwing up, making the slave bark while being fucked from behind, or telling the Slave how much you enjoy sodomizing them while fucking their ass.

I myself enjoy bounding, blindfolding and gagging but putting in a bent position so I can still hit both holes. One could never explain the feeling that comes over one, when someone can do something and the other cannot do anything to stop it or speak. Wow now that is a lot of trust.

Many may not agree, but humiliation is needed from time to time, you as the Dominant needs to bring out the humble, to make feel lowers, put back in their place, just throw the Slave completely off track, mass confusing.

Unless you do something very stupid, You as the Master never should explain your actions, keep your Bitch in place.



Find Your Own Bitch

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I have not found the reason, but men want what someone else has. Most men are willing to lose everything over some ass. Wife, kids, house, half of their pay check over some pussy.

What really gets me is no one forced anyone to say I Do, No one forced the man to ask a woman to marry him, but the vowels only remain true until he sees something else he wants. Willing to risk everything, be it married for a year or twenty years a man will walk away from everything without a care.

Now on the other side of the pasture, the male will stray, make great promises to the female who is on the sideline , but he will stand firm because he has to much to lose. He has not a care what e is doing to someone else, or how he is wrecking their life. Once the other makes a demand he steps aside, your emails begin to slow it takes hours or days for him to answer your text. Then in most cases even if she does go to his wife she will stand by her man. Maybe this is something she is use to, but she is not going to lose everything she has, we have moved into a material world.

I have had men ask me directly if they could fuck Arianna, or if they could have her for one night, or they drop their slave off, make a switch for a night. Are you kidding me?

We were invited to a couples house some time ago, and the last text I received was, well if she is not ready for a full swap there is no reason in coming. Okay we did not go, then I get a text we are at the beach, can we stop by, sure we are home but we are just having coffee.

You the Dominant make a list, you make a list of everything you want in a submissive or slave, it should be a page long. You stick to that list.

Likes spanking, likes ball gags, likes some form of humiliation, ahh a must swallows, likes anal, able to follow rules protocols. Open communication, loyal, smart, intelligent, what type of build are you looking for? Petite, average, a little chubby, fat or Oh My God.

You stick to this list, because if you do not your newly relationship is going to fail, if you over look or cross anything out on your list, you are settling for less, and it will not last. The problem is many will settle for what ever and when they think they have found someone better, they cast their partner aside like a toy.

It does not bother me when other men talk to Arianna, I am far from jealous, and to this point no one has really stepped over any boundaries. All comments have been made to me. Most who know me will not even bring the subject up.

Men see the outer shell, they see nothing more, The inside of the shell could be way to much to handle, then when things go south it is always the females fault things did not work out.

I am like man what happened? Oh she is a stupid bitch, the cunt cant think straight, she has issues I don’t want to deal with, she was not a real slave> It goes on and on, it is never the Dominants fault. Because all they saw was a piece of ass.  Once the shell is cracked open it is like what the fuck.

Okay it is true many not all but many who are submissive or a slave do have issues I will call it. I said this in a comment earlier. Some suffer from depression, some are bi-polar,  some Anxiety. Then before entering such a relationship we as Dominants have to decide if we want to enter such. If we agree we have to put a plan together on how to combat these issues , once the plan is in place you have to be willing to stick with it. I can tell you in most cases the good out weighs the bad.

Calm cool and collective, it is not hard, being in control, being self sufficient being able to think outside of your dick.

The list stick to it, I searched for almost two years because I would not alter my list, almost two years. I was just about to give up and say fuck it. I will find someone not let them move in, have a piece of ass from time to time give out a few rules, and not have to worry about the responsibility. A perfect world you would think.

Then I met Arianna, I remember the first time she got out of her car, I was thinking fuck me running look at what I found. Blood rushed down to my dick so fast I got dizzy, fucking incredible. So we talked, and we talked , and we talked. When she left I was thinking she wont be back not a fucking chance in another world. Then some hours later I text and said well thank you I had fun, I did not think I was the kind of Dom you were looking for. The reply was can I come back over tomorrow.

As I wonder through other blogs I cannot believe some of the comments that are being left. Are these actually grown men or are they hacking their parents account? Are these really Dominant men who are suppose to be setting the example? Are these leaders, who are wanting to take control in a real relationship?

You know I have never done the cyber thing, I cannot picture myself sitting in a chair and jacking off to a bunch of words, nor have I ever had phone sex. I am a hands on man I like to be able to reach out and touch.

This is an idea take your list to a real Slave trainer, and tell this trainer what your looking for, have him find you a slave, train her to fit your needs and then he can hand the slave over to you, eh let me know how that works out.

Find your own bitch, take the time to find who and what your looking for. Train the way you see fit, fill that void you have been missing.

You have no idea how pathetic one looks when the other Dom or so called Dom is trying to moving in on another’s slave, it truly makes one look weak.


Breaking Protocols

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I have went on and on about protocol. when I take something to heart I like sharing. Those who are true to the lifestyle knows something about this subject, those learning should take note. As a matter of fact if you are new to the lifestyle submissive that is and you are meeting a new Dominant one of the first questions you should ask is what are your protocols, public and private. If the Dom has to think or is struggling with words beware.

A friend of ours was at a local Munch she was with her Dom, I guess it was a huge turnout the St Augustine Fla Munch always has a huge turnout anyway. Good topics and awesome Demos.

A new Dominant shows up, been in the lifestyle for some years, I have met him a couple of times he seemed somewhat gentle if you will, he was okay no one I would hangout with, then again there is not many people I would hangout with anyway.

It is very improper for a Dominant to contact a submissive who is collard without contacting her Dominant first. Going over the Doms head is very disrespectful. It does not matter if your just dropping a note to say high it was good to meet you.

Her Dominant contacted him, and again he sent her an email apologizing again not contacting her Dom. So again he contacts him again and explains his protocols. Then at the Munch again he ignored her Dom and directly spoke to her again apologizing, if I am getting the story right. This am Arianna and I were sitting at the table, our morning coffee together and she was explaining to me what had happened.

To this day there are four Dominants that I will allow Arianna to speak to, this is in public, and none of them would ever think of contacting her without contacting me first. Even with our wedding pictures, all correspondence went through me first. The Slave who performed the wedding her owner had emailed me and said to make all plans through her. This was his permission.

Here on wordpress we are all pretty open, we kinda open our lives up to friends we have made and to total strangers. Comments are made, but I have seen some comments that go way over the edge, even if a submissive is single there should be some respect.

Okay lets take BDSM completely out of the picture. Bob and Mary go to a company party, the next day Mary receives and email from another co-worker of Bob’s asking her questions and wanting to be her friend. The co-worker ignores the fact that Mary is married or living with someone, and goes over Bob’s head. A total lack of respect.

In the world of BDSM we are suppose to hold ourselves to a much higher standard. our partners look at us in a much different way. We are suppose to be honest, respectful, in control.

Here is the problem, many men see women who are submissive as an easy target, does not matter if they are with someone or not. The one who is making the unwanted advances is going to try and show how the grass could be greener on the other side. These so called Doms are predators and nothing more.

If they spent half as much time chasing someone who is already taken, and looking for someone who is single things might be somewhat different.

To email a submissive going over her owners head is just plain disrespectful. The same thing happened to me several years ago with a very good friend or I thought he was a friend.

Problem in hand, all you are seeing is the shell of the submissive, your thinking about pussy nothing else. What else could you be thinking about you do not even know her, and for some odd reason you think you can offer her a better home. The male predator does not have a clue and the submissive’s home life, not a clue about the needs, and care the submissive may need. Then comes any issues one may have, he is not looking at the whole picture.

Several years ago I invited a friend over to dinner, my slave and I had prepared an awesome meal. I even opened a ten year old bottle of Rose courvoisier cognac. Before and after dinner my friend was just staring at every move my slave made. He made little comments about her hair, her skin. I was thinking really is all this really needed?

So after dinner I stepped outside to talk to a friend who was outside he lived down stairs, I was smoking a padron 1926 cigar. Once I stepped back in I noticed my friend was now sitting next to my slave on the couch. I poured another drink, and she made the comment that my friend wanted her to move in with him, he could treat her better. I am just looking  at him with a blank stare, then I said what the fuck man, I invite you here I feed you share drinks now you want to fuck my bitch. He made the comment that she was not a bitch she was a lady, then he said she was lying.

Okay first off she is my bitch, second she is not capable of lying, third you have known her all of one hour, fourth what are you going to do put her on the handle bars of your bicycle and take her home, to your roach invested apartment, get the fuck out.

Lonnie was his name, he had no clue to what she was like, her needs, and what it took to keep her in line, he saw the shell and nothing more it was his dick talking, he had pussy on his mind.

Prior to Arianna and I getting married, a Slave was going to perform our wedding, I had made several contacts with her master staying updated. Her Master then gave me permission to contact his slave as she was better at giving updates. I made the first contact, then I handed it over to Arianna. Yes the respect factor comes into play.

WordPress I make comments on different blogs but I never contact the submissive via email, even more know knowing she is taken. I have one I do not need anyone else nor am I looking for anyone else.

Outside of a munch or a function, I am not sure why another Dominant would want to contact a slave who is owned and living with her owner.

My time one wordpress I have talked to several submissive’s mainly just giving advice, our conversation never turned sexual, nor did I try to make an advance

While I am far from perfect I have grown over the years, I take who and what I am very serious, and I give the up most respect at all times.

Many today think the way I run my house is about abuse, my rules guidelines, and protocols. One Dominant I know made the comment about dehumanizing. I can see where he was coming from, but again he sees only the shell he is not looking inside to what Ariannas needs are, I can tell you he would not want the responsibility.

Be a man get your own slave, because you may just bite off more than you can chew.



To Add Another Slave

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I have posted about this before but I think I will word it different, maybe I can make some sense of it when one needs more than one slave.

Only in the BDSM lifestyle could a Dominant sit his slave down and say hey I would like to add another girl, okay well maybe in a vanilla if the female is that open minded but I think more so in a D’s relationship more so in an M’s relationship.

While it is true in a Gorean house most Master do have multiple slaves, but the difference being Gorean slaves are more service orientated and less sexual. Every Slave has task to complete through out the day. Even cooking each Slave has their own duty so everyone does their part , each is responsible for a dish, even after dinner each has their own clean up.

A D’s or M’s relationship is much different for what ever reason, maybe because most connect BDSM with sex, which it is not suppose to be based on sex, but everyone has their own idea on how a relationship should be ran.

Adding another to a D’s or M’s relationship should be something that both agree on, it should be something that both want. . If your a Dominant and your relationship is running smoothly but then you get this idea hey I want another Slave, you could very well fuck up a good thing, your Slave may speak like she is receptive to your brain storm, and the idea that your excited over, deep inside your Slave is fuming.

If you sit back and look and you think you have the perfect Slave but then you want to add another, even though your Slave agrees deep inside the Slave will feel inadequate , the Slave will feel like they are not good enough, like they can no longer please.

The other thing is your Slave could say sure you can have another but I am out of here do want you want. You cannot stop them from leaving. They could agree and still want want a third but will stick around because they need the structure and guidance, and at that point and time a secure home.

To me a reason to add another Slave would be to take some of the load off of your Slave, you can overload someone with to much responsibility causing a crash. Most think of a Slave as a house keeper, cook, and then sex.

Under the right circumstances I may at some point consider another Slave, I just cannot think of a valid reason. I get anything I want and then some. I take up some of the slack at times, I cook sometimes, I try to pickup behind myself. It is not Arianna place to pick up my socks. I am not even sure if Arianna brought up the idea I would be open to the subject.

So the Dom wants to add another, you know a M’s relationship is much different than a vanilla. A Dom get a M’s relationship gets anything they want without question. Pussy is Pussy, Ass is Ass.

If one Slave was going to be used for more service taking a load off of your Slave that may be somewhat different, in that sense that just might be a relief to your Slave, but to bring one in just because you need more flavor, you could really fuck up a good thing. You can yell and scream all you want as they are walking out the door, then your back to square one. You still only have one slave.

I am not even sure if I would want the responsibility of two, one is really a handful then to add another I just don’t know like I said the circumstances would have to be right, and I do not know what would change my mind.

You like watching girl on girl, yea nothing hotter than watching a chick go down on another, while my slave is really not into women if it was something I wanted she would, but why would I want to force something that is not really wanted.

If you do want to add another, it is up to the Dom to find another Slave not your Slave. The Dom should take on this task. In personal adds you see Doms looking for another but in his post he has pics of his Slave. Very very tacky.

Meeting the second should not be about sex. You should allow the two to get to know each other, become friends, hangouts , shop together. It is very important the two get along.

If all three agree to such a relationship you sit down and talk about how things are going to be. This sounds harsh but needs to be said. You are number two, you will always be number two nothing will change that, if you try to come between you are on the outside looking in. Then and only then if the third agrees you can step forward.

If your current Slave works full time and your wanting to take some weight off of their shoulders that could be a valid reason, or you as the Dom could step up and give a helping hand.

On the other side what if your Slave who is female wanted another male to become the third, the Dom would go nuts. There is noway he would allow such a thing, but we tend to look at things one sided.

Think very hard before adding a third, you could fuck up a good thing or it could be awesome. Do you want to take that chance.



Is Old Guard Real ?

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Many of the new today will argue that Old Guard is just a Myth, it never was and never will be. When in fact I do believe and have spoken to elders who were a part of Old Guard, in the late 60’s through the early 80’s

Old Guard refers to the leather community mainly the gay community. I myself am not into the leather scene, nor am I a part of any leather family since most have blown the protocol way out of text. In my eyes a lack of respect of what use to be.

Most of the Leather Family’s today are known as pansexual , you can google that. Unlike Old Guard, today’s Leather family’s welcome most anyone, without even really knowing anything about them. In the Old Guard days there were strict rules and Protocols to be followed. The Old Guard was a closed community and you had to become a member. Before membership was allowed one had to learn all rules and protocols and follow them, if not you got the boot.

Over the years we have strayed, we have lost the meaning of BDSM and it has falling more into just a kink, a past time, weekend warriors, bedroom only. Which is okay but the problem is everyone is right, no one is wrong. When someone hears how a slave or submissive lives they are just blown away and cannot believe they would allow someone to treat them a certain way.

It is not that a slave or submissive in today’s times are part of or believe in Old Guard, they just fall into their Dominants ways of doing things. Being strict, having rules, even protocols both public and private is perfectly okay, when there is no physical or mental abuse involved.

It is not that we take the lifestyle differently some are just more serious than others when it comes to the world of D’s and M’s. How Master Joe runs his house is on him, I do not and will not judge.

Back in the day a Dominant had to make his way through the ranks, there were steps that had to be taking. If a submissive or bottom had more experience than the Dom the sub out ranked the Dom, yea sounds weird. The problem is today’s Dominants want to start out as president they are right and everyone else is wrong.

Unlike today back in the Old Leather Guard there were dress codes, and they were enforced. Arianna and I have attended some local groups and I cannot believe they way some of the sub/slaves come dressed, more so the way their master allows them out of the house. Arianna has pointed out how mouthy some are, how she cannot believe how some disrespect their Doms.

Today it would be almost impossible to put together an exclusive group for meetings or teachings because of how BDSM  has branched out. Most groups come and go because of a dictatorship or just huge egos. Most people today are close minded when it comes to how others live as well

Old Guard when in a social setting it was the Dominant with the most experience who led the conversation, on the other side if the bottom had more experience they led the conversation, if equal the Dom was giving the go ahead.

When walking the submissive walked one or two steps behind, remember you are not equal in a sense. A Dominant would never think of hugging or shaking the hand of a submissive, nor would the submissive make direct eye contact, though the Dominant would. A Dominant would never think of touching another who was owned and collard, there was a respect thing.

Protocols is a lost art today, but what I expect if out in public a Dominant or Submissive should not assume anything. A Dominant should not just walk up to a submissive and strike up a conversation, they same with a submissive. It is however proper and okay to ask. Some couples have no protocols at all, nor do they wish to, this is where the lack of respect comes into play when it comes to what others believe. I have had people say they could never live like Arianna nor would they want to. What we have as a Master and Slave is very unique and special.

Old Guard when a Dominant was being served there were two ways, one palm out and flat drink on palm, the other the sub would kneel head down and arms extended making the offering. Depending on the protocol the sub could either leave or had to ask permission.

Those who play on the internet who belong to sites such as and so on generally stay on those sites with very little real in person interaction, those who get lucky enough to find a submissive or Slave generally fuck it up because they have no real clue what a in person interaction is. It does not take long for the Submissive to realize they have been played. The so called Dominant will generally put the blame of the submissive when it comes to the relationship not working.

When I speak about myself at times I mention old school, and not old guard. Old School just means I hold certain values when it comes to the lifestyle, I give and expect respect. I set my life to a certain standard as I do with my Slave. I expect when out my slave is giving the up most respect and she will do the same in return.

So in closing I think we should all get back to the basics when it comes to the lifestyle. Yes we do need rules, yes we do need guidelines, yes we do need dress codes, yes we do need protocols. More so we do need to respect others.

Coming in at the top of those who truly live the lifestyle with the fullest respect are those of the Gorean lifestyle. If you should ever have the honor of meeting a Gorean Master or Slave you would be truly amazed. Old Leather Guard probably not since the lifestyle is based on a line of books, but the lifestyle is very strict and respected by many. I am not saying everyone should live the Gorean way, but if you study up on it, it will give you a way different out look and perspective of their lifestyle.

We should all come together as one, and set standards, keep the lifestyle proud, keep the fakers out. It could be done.



It’s Okay To Use Her

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I do not get to sexual most of the time, but today is a new day.  Even at the age of fifty, I love sex, I love to fuck, I think more so now than when I was in my teens. Now when it comes to sex, I truly love head, and it is true not every woman can give good head, just like not every man can eat pussy. You have to love what your doing, or if not you have to love to fully please your partner.

Those who are submissive or a slave are wired different from the vanilla chick next door. She will probably say no 50% of the time, a good 40% of the time the man has to beg, 5% of the time she will fuck to to shut him up, and the last 5% she wants to get off. I think I broke that down right.

The word use sounds funny more so when your talking about a human, a person, a wife, girl Friend, Just use her, it is okay. Believe it or not most if not all of those who are submissive or a slave get great enjoyment out of being used, in some form. Yes I am speaking sexually, even if you do not allow them to cum at that time, they get much satisfaction out of knowing they have made you happy.

It had been sometime since I allowed Arianna to cum. The truth is most of the time it is about me. I want to get off. Now there are time I do take care of her, but at times it is just about me. Her knowing she has made me happy makes her feel good.

Nothing feels better than to come home shower eat, and lay down for some nice slow head, just lay back and relax. Then at times I am in control, I love face fucking, I love the gagging feeling, all the slobber running out, feeling the wetness. Then at times I just want to fuck, get off and I am done. I love Anal sex, anal is not an everyday thing but it is there when I want.

We were laying in bed a couples of weeks ago and Arianna asked if she could use her vibrator, but of course I do like to watch I really get off on watching. It only took about five minutes and she exploded.  It was an awesome show. I love watching a woman masturbate but who does not.

Listen up fellow Dominants,Masters, Tops what ever you call yourself, you slaves and submissives can go in the other room now. Okay their gone, listen up.

If your in a relationship for any length of time I am speaking of a D’s or M’s relationship many times you grow soft, I am not talking about your dick, your feelings. You can start to let your feelings of being in love interfere with your relationship. Because now you feel bad about face fucking your sub, you feel bad about just crawling on top and busting a nut and getting off. You feel bad about using toys or different objects to fuck her with. When your fixing to fuck her ass and she says ouch, you back off and say okay maybe next time.

Dudes if you want the ass then hit it, if you just want head tell her, face fuck just do it. Here is why. If you start to change, if you let up, you are no longer the man or Dom she once knew. A submissive gets much pleasure out of knowing they have pleased you.

Arianna sleeps nude just for that purpose, if I wake up and want to hit it and roll off and go back to sleep, that is what I am going to do. I don’t want you to say anything, I don’t want you to hold me just spread let me finish and get off. Nothing more nothing less.

Arianna tells me thank you several times a day. Thanking me for everything I do, my reply is there is no need for thanks, I do what I do because I love you.

Now what do I get in return, everything I just mentioned above and more. I get what I want when I want and how I want it, no questions asked.

Use what you have, I am speaking about your submissive or slave, it is okay to just use at times for our pleasure, our needs, our wants. I am not talking about abuse, verbal or physical I am speaking in general. Sometimes I just want to get off, sometimes I just want my dick sucked, use what you have it is an awesome stress reliever better than any pill you can take.

The other day we were playing I had Arianna in the cage blindfolded , nude, in the cage hands tied above her head, gagged, she did not have a clue to where I was what I was doing until she felt the hot wax drip on her back, I said not a word for about an hour. I untied her, pulled her from the cage, still blindfolded ropes still around her wrist, I turned on some top 40 music that is what she likes I sat in my chair and said dance. My enjoyment, my titty bar time, I directed everything with just words. Yup my own Titty Bar and I did not spend a dime. Almost an hour she danced for me. She did not even know if I was in the room or not, kinda like a mind fuck thing.

Arianna has made the comment that she feels closer to me when I use her. I can see where she is coming from.

If your into the relationship and you start to feel guilty about the way you were using yours, and you change, your relationship will fail because you are not the Dominant that you were when you first met.

In return alll that is asked of us, is to be who and what we are.

Just use and be happy.



Why Argue

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I posted sometime ago with the question on why a Dominant and Submissive would even argue. I wanted someone to give me one reason, but no one did or could.

Our relationship is much different than a vanilla in a lot of ways, although some would disagree.

I have said this before and I will say it again there has to be a Bitch in the relationship. There has to be a Dominant in a relationship. Both cannot be Alpha’s it never works, and if they are together it is just constant fighting.

In our D’s world or M’s we have a clear understanding of what roles each is to fill. We have a clear understanding what the Dominants role is as well as the Submissive’s.

We as Dominants are held to higher standards, if you scream and yell, call your names what does that say about you. We are looked up to, we are suppose to guide, and give support, we are suppose to build not destroy. We are suppose to provide an open line of communication.

One of my followers posted the other day and it caught my eye. she was talking about her and her Dom, on how well they got along, and after four awesome years they have not had one argument. I speak about this all the time. You the Dominant must be in full control.

Even when I am really pissed I still remain calm, I keep my cool. It does not mean that deep inside the atom bomb is not going off because at times it is.

Here is a remark I received about arguing from another Submissive.

in response to Vile:

Two things, in a vanilla relationship most of the time you have two alphas , and this never works. not all the time. Even in a vanilla relationship a female can be submissive and not even know, she just takes the steps, and the husband has not a clue. The second thing those who are […]

You had a post recently where you made the comment about seeing no reason people should argue. That reminded me of Sir, 4 yrs together and we’ve never really argued. We’ve had disagreements, but, never argued. Even our boys have commented on that fact.

Please check out her blog. This is exactly what I have been speaking about.

If you the Dominant stands toe to toe and argue with your property that makes you just as much the Bitch. Your a grown ass man, your suppose to be in control, that is what you told her from the start of the relationship. You would treat her different, you never lose your temper, you would treat her better. You talked about about her Ex.

It took me a long time to get to the point of controlling my temper, and it is really easy just think before you speak.

Your Submissive respects you, why would you want to act like a child in front of her.  Your suppose to be better than that.

Either you are a Dominant or your not, if your in it to just get your kink on then be up front about it. If your in it just for the pussy then tell her that’s all you want. It is wrong to mislead someone telling them your someone your not.

Can anyone give me a valid reason on why two grown people would argue? Can anyone tell me why a Dominant and Submissive would argue?