Speaking In Thirds

A Slave speaking in the third person can be used as punishment, or to give them a greater sense of having the slave feeling.

I did this with Arianna for about a week. Although popular in Gorean books it is not a normal everyday practice.

A week Arianna spoke, This Slave. This Slave would like to speak, this Slave would like a glass of water, this Slave would like permission to go to the bathroom.

Making one think. The Gorean Masters well those I have met and that is very few, required their Slaves yes plural Slaves to speak in Thirds. It is not uncommon for a Gorean Master to own more than one Slave. In the Gorean lifestyle it is not as sexual as the BDSM lifestyle I believe it is more service orientated, each Slave has their own responsibility, and their own chores that has to be done around the house. While I have read up on some of the Gorean lifestyle, I am only sharing what I know. Please feel free to correct me if I misstated something.

You could take it deeper, This Girl, many years ago I had a very good friend who lived in New York. We chatted almost everyday for over a year, then one day she just went poof. Our conversations never turned sexual, because she was owned, and I fully respected that. When chatting her reply would be This Girl.

Humiliation in Thirds, This whore, this cunt, this slut, you get the idea. Speaking in thirds really makes one think. The slave has to think before speaking.

This can also be a good training tool, protocol, behavior modification. Structure, as in making one think before acting or speaking, and last it shows respect, and the willingness to want, if that makes any sense.


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