I Received An Email

Last year I did some blogging on Thesexreports here on wordpress. Shortly after I decided I wanted my own blog, anyway since leaving I have received a few remarks but I am unable to respond which is okay, but then you get those emails that just eat at you. I have sent a private email giving out my blog, but I am guessing it is going to spam, anyway I did try.

Here is the email it is speaking about my post on Micromanagement.

Very negative article. It presumes that micro-management is a mistake. When freely chosen micromanagement can be intensely enjoyable, intimate, bonding and pleasurable. My partner and I both enjoy micromanagement with none of the so called risks and dangers listed above.

My blog was not meant to be negative, and I am glad it is working for them, just as it works for Arianna and I

Maybe it did come off as negative but that was not my intention, my intention was to show how if it was not a long term relationship it could cause great harm to the submissive or slave.

While with Bea we had a micromanaged relationship after we had split , I thought to myself never again, way to much work.

After I met Arianna and I discovered she wanted such a relationship, I had to give it a great deal of thought. While thinking I realized that I had made it hard on myself, so I needed to take a different approach this time taking small steps and implementing things slowly. Once Arianna caught on to something, I would add a little more, this went on for about 4 or 5 months. I wanted to make sure I was not putting to much on her plate.

Here is the kicker, the Dominant can slowly take full control without the submissive or slave really knowing, mainly because everything just becomes a habit. All your doing is just giving a thought, planting a seed. Let the Slave water it, and it shall grow.

Before you know it, you the Dominant has full control over ones life. Now that is something to chew on. You have the say so over every movement, with the exception of breathing.

You may think to have such a relationship is to tasking or to much trouble, but as I stated above everything becomes a habit. The asking permission becomes a habit.

It can be a very rewarding relationship, more so a very loving relationship. If the Dominant has good intentions. If the relationship is not an abusive one. I do not mind one being codependent not in the least.

Again you will find very few Dominants who would want to take on such a task. You may find one who will micromanage certain areas, or task, but to want to take full control, I think not.

Every relationship is different, what works for Arianna and I may not work for others. What works for other may not work for us.

I took my time in looking for my next relationship, because I was not going to settle for less like I had in the past. I wanted the cake and ice cream, I wanted the whole picture. If we settle for less your never happy and it will never work, only for a short time.

Our first meet there was no sex, no touching just good conversation. I wanted to truly get to know her. I remember her pulling up in her CRV, and I thought fuck me, fucking wow, fucking incredible. Then as she stepped out, what a body. I remember blood rushed down to my dick so fast I got dizzy, I was at a loss when it came to words. Today her beauty is wow incredible. When she comes to where I work and she walks through the door there is just silence.  I have been asked dude how in the fuck did you catch her? Makes one feel good knowing you have someone that others cannot have and only dream about having.

When I arrive home and I walk through the door, and Arianna is standing there nude, I am thinking you are one lucky mother fucker. You really got it going on man.

I love the relationship we have, I love the micromanagement it is a true high, but most of all we just click. We are never apart with the exception of work. The love is always there the respect is always there, I have earned her respect it was not a demand. Once you earn the respect you have the world at your feet.

Under the right circumstances Micromanagement is a good thing.

Arianna has been blogging more check out her blog feel free to comment. Her blog is nothing like mine she gets a little deep at times in her thoughts, but she writes very well, with a lot of feelings..


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