Trained to the Cage

This is an awesome story

Begging Karma

There are moments that I wonder if there’s something seriously wrong with me.  You know, like maybe I’m wired wrong or something.

Here’s the thing, I like sleeping in a little cramped cage.  I like being locked in and waiting for Daddy to come release me.  Even though my cage is small and cramped and I can’t stretch out so I have to keep changing position through the night, I somehow get so much more rest when I’m caged.  How can that be?!?

Okay, as the last post explains, I’ve been in a strange frame of mind the past few days.  And the last 2 nights I’ve slept in the bed with Daddy.  I just felt raw and off balance and I really just wanted to be close to her in the bed, to feel loved and connected and soothed I guess.  But I find that when I sleep in…

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  1. Very good reading

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