Some Guys Piss Me Off

We are both on fetlife although we are not to active, I do check from time to time.

Arianna and I went to a local much this past Saturday, it was held at Houligans at Destination Daytona , I am thinking maybe 40 people showed up it was a nice get away and dinner, great conversation.

There was a submissive who is a Daddy’s girl who took a liking to Arianna, as in friends. I do encourage Arianna to make friends with others in the lifestyle.

Once home we talked about the night, and I suggested we invite her and her Daddy over for dinner. They have emailed back and forth, her Dom called me, and we are trying to work out a date.

I am not much on hanging out with people but I do understand it is a need for Arianna to have friends she can communicate with who have the same interest.

On Fetlife Arianna does receive friend request from other Doms, most of the time I look over it, the first was BIG BLACK MASTER, she just deleted it, but the second one caught my eye it was from Bryce08 a 25 year old Dom from Jacksonville North Carolina.

Now at the time it did not say we were married but it did say.

  • In A Relationship with Vile1962
  • Monogamous
D/s relationship status:

So everything does look pretty clear if I am not mistaking. Anyway he is in town and was looking for women to hangout with. Now there is no picture of Arianna, just her ass so he had no idea what she looked like.ย  So I am guessing he copied and pasted the same MSG to several females in hopes of snagging one.

So I emailed him from Ariannas profile, I was nice and polite. I explained that she was owned and collard. This was his reply.

Bryce08 25M
Jacksonville, North Carolina
written 1 day ago:

I’m not sure what this even mean. I meant no harm.

Okay I now know he is harmless , he did not even know what a collard and owned slave meant.

Vile1962 50M
New Smyrna Beach, Florida
written 1 day ago:

Its all good man you sent my slave a msg asking her if she wanted to hook up. Its all good man no harm
Change up your profile as well. Your learning, BDSM is not a sexual lifestyle. It is about control.

I normally do not say anything, Arianna tells me about all the request and just deletes them.

So I just wanted to scan through some other profiles and they were all pretty much about the same, to most it is just sexual nothing more. I have talked about how BDSM has changed so much in the last ten years and this is what I mean. Most dont even know what they are looking for hear is Bryce08 profile.

Bryce08 25M Dom

Jacksonville, North Carolina, United States

orientation: Straight
is looking for: A relationship
A mentor/teacher
A play partner
Princess by day, slut by night
A Mistress
A sub
A slave

About me

Well I’m bryce and I’m 24 years old. I have always been interested in Sub/Dom sexual lifestyle, but have never found anyone who would be interested in it. So that is why I joined this website.
I would like to find someone who wouldn’t mind teaching me, letting me watch in person, and then let me try it. I don’t really know what is exceptable and what isn’t. I can be shy at first, but only if I feel uncomfortable. After a few minutes of conversation normally I find myself comfortable and can enjoy myself.
I am in the military. I do enjoy being the dominant one, I’m open to doing anything to my Sub. My only request is that my asshole is left alone. I will not partake in mm. but mfm 3sums are something i wouldnt mind trying.

Okay so where does the Dom part come into play here? Where does the looking for a submissive partner come into play here. So this is just a fantasy to him.

Now if he did happen to come across someone new to the lifestyle who did not know any better he just might catch one. His last activity was more than 3 months ago so I am guessing he has not had much luck.

I really do not mean to rag on Bryce08, because he knows no better. Today there is such a lack of respect not just in the BDSM lifestyle but everywhere no one cares.

Ariannas new friend, her Dom called me and we pretty much had the same conversation, being loyal, protocol, rules and so on so we do have some things in common.

Dude if a girl is taking then move on to the next. There is no reason to chase someones girl, just how low can you go.

There was a co-worker where Arianna works who hit on her and asked her out, but when she told him she was married he dropped it. My hat goes off to him.

There is not a shortage of women, I think the men are out numbered by at least two to one in some areas more.

I was going to post a pic of Bryce08 but nah im good.


4 Responses to “Some Guys Piss Me Off”

  1. Sounds young, dumb and full of … ๐Ÿ™‚ Hee!

  2. A real piece of work -this one, and you hit the nail on the head with your reflection of him… You may have given some under-educated subbies, pause and with good reason and understanding with your post here this day… My hat is off to you this day my friend… ๐ŸŒŸ

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