Does The Crime Fit The Punishment

I remember coming home one day and as I was entering the house I heard loud screams coming from two women, I was not sure what was up but when I walked in Chong and Beth were on the floor fighting. I mean they were really fighting. I walked in stopped and looked stepped over the two, poured a glass of tea walked back over stopped and I said I guess you two are having a bad day. Both just stopped and looked at me, as if I was going to tell them to stop, break it up or even take sides. I did not care that much for beth, although she followed my rules I think she tolerated me more, in the beginning anyway. I shut the door and went into the living room and turned on the TV.

Shortly after both walked out hair all fucked up, makeup smeared, looked really sad. So both started to explain what happened and I just said I do not want to hear it, you two have to work what ever happened out, I am not getting in the middle of your problems.

While at a munch some time ago I made the same remark and the answer was I should of beat them both. Well it just so happens I disagree . Beating or spanking is not always the answer. In the vanilla world you are not suppose to hit your wife or girl friend, in my eyes a man should never hit a woman at all.

So the BDSM lifestyle is much different it seems to be expected. There is a huge difference in playful spanking, verses spanking for punishment. Okay now I have spanked before, but I was setting a stage of what could and would happen.

A few months back Arianna had a very important task to complete and she forgot, this was after a couple of reminders. So I wanted to give her something to remember. on the bed ass in air, and I picked up my belt and it was 4 or 5 swats that really echoed through out the room. Since then she has walked a pretty much straight line, she does not want a repeat of that afternoon.

When I talk to others about the lack of punishment, their comment is do you not get bored, or I couldn’t live like that. It is like they are hiding in the brush just waiting to pounce. They cannot wait until their sub or slave fucks up. The first thing they want to do is grab a paddle, a belt or riding crop. Something to remember.

Hard impact Spanking as a form of punishment can have the same effect as mental and physical Sub-Drop. I am not saying that at times punishment is not needed because you can cry wolf one to many times. If you do not punish when a rule is broken or something very important is forgotten , the submissive can and will lose respect, I have said before once you have lost that respect it is impossible to re-gain control. It does not matter how many ways you try to explain your actions it is done.

Most who are submissive love spankings anyway, most get off on being spanked, a huge endorphin release, a rush, like a hundred mile an hour roller coaster. So why give something that is liked, not to mention if you spank as a form of play, when you do it as a form of punishment it can cause some confusion, again the sub-drop

My way of thinking is at times on a regular basis a slight form of humiliation is needed, I cannot give any examples off the top of my head but if you know yours then you know what effects them and what does not. Slight humiliation on a regular basis keeps your property in check. Some Slave positions work, or being exposed like being nude legs open everything in the open. you get the idea.

So what crime does it take for the submissive to be beaten? Where do you draw the line, when it comes to physical contact. Okay back to the mood altering medication even for just depression what effect does the contact have not only short term but long term.

If the Dominant is on top of their game, there should be no slip up. The last thing a submissive or slave wants to do is break a rule. Some will in the beginning just to see how far they can push or just how much they can get away with, before that line is crossed.

I myself when I explain something to Arianna no matter the subject I go into great detail so I cover all bases. Once I have finished I ask if there is any questions, maybe I left something out.

On the other side of the story, some do expect to be spanked for their mishaps, mistakes, rules that are broken. The truth is one will only start to break rules if they are not getting the attention they feel they deserve, or want, and need. Most are very needy, needy in a huge way. This is something to consider before entering a D’s or M’s relationship.

Scolding when a rule is broking or something very important was forgotten, very humiliating, making them stare you in the eyes while talking to them.

Then at times rules can be looked over if you implement to many at one time, instead of introducing a few at a time. You can overwhelm the submissive, kinda like walking on egg shells, trying not to break one, it is impossible.

We are all different, we all live different lives, we all have different rules, we all expect different things from our property. Those who do believe in spanking as a punishment, and it works for you, it is all good. Just remember the Sub-Drop thing and the effects it could have both short and long term.

I know all of this sounds crazy coming from me. What is Vile losing his grip, getting soft in his old age? Nah not at all, I run a very strict house, it is my way, always my way. The difference to everything being my way I do not carry things to an extreme, I am not ego driving. If two enter a relationship and both knows what is expected there should be no surprises. Being truthful with each other from the start is a must.

So you do not live 24/7 and you have instructed your submissive to send you pics. Something comes up and she cannot or simply forgets. So you strap her to the bed face down and beat her. Really over a few pictures.

BDSM is not one meaning BDSM is broking down into four parts. Bondage Discipline , Sado and last Masochism . Within the four is a very large tree of life and it allows us to expand and be who we need to be.

We ad Dominants are suppose to be better than lets say someone who practices Domestic Discipline Within that circle is a wide range of abuse, because most of the time those males are controlling and not in control. Being controlling is when abuse comes into play.

Male Dominants are held to much higher standards, we are suppose to be caring and loving, understanding, but strict, we are suppose to be in full control. We are looked up to because we take care of ours.

When you strap a bitch down to the bed, and beat her because she forgot to send a few pics, or maybe just maybe she felt a little uncomfortable. Then we are no better. Unfortunately many Doms are ego driven, being ego driven gets in the way of being in control.

Now it is not to say if Arianna made the same mistake over and over then at times a good spanking just may be the cure. I can tell you after the first she walks a fine line, and she has even brought up the fact about not wanting to get into trouble.

Sit your submissive down talk to them, find out what is going on in their head, a simple mistake does not constitute a beating. There is a reason for everything.

So you just beat the shit out of your sub then you want to role her over and fuck her, yea that is a real man there. There is no difference than a vanilla blacking his wife’s eyes then wanting to fuck.

Just my opinion I do not expect everyone to agree with me.

Just think Does the crime fit the punishment.



13 Responses to “Does The Crime Fit The Punishment”

  1. The two most effective punishments I’ve ever had were corner time and silence. Silence being the worst of all. Sometimes it’s the subtle small things that work…

  2. ‘Within domestic discipline is a wide range of abuse’. Really? And ther are no abusive BDSM relationships? Abuse can happen with any relationship, but I don’t think it is any more likely within a DD relationship than a BDSM one.

  3. yes, but youyiu say that men in BDSM relationships are supposed to be ‘better’ than men in DD relationships, which implies you think DD men are inferior in some way. I don’t think this is the case. Men in DD relationships generally take their role quite seriously.

    • Please do not put words in my mouth. I never said men in a DD relationship were
      I will say men in a D’s or an M’s role is probaly a little more deeper and more complex.
      You would rarely ever hear of a Dominant raising his voice at his submissive, nor argue. I think the submission is much different.
      For instance my relationship is a micromanaged M’s. This was not my idea it was hers.
      Is she weak not at all. She has a degree and an awesome career.
      In BDSM there are many different levels, but I never said DD men were inferior.

  4. Well, you do appear to feel that DD is an inferior form of relationship to BDSM, if that’s not what you mean, it’s how you come across. However, each to their own. Micromanaging would not suit us, but clearly it suits you. Whether it’s deeper or not is another matter, and our opinions probably differ on that as well.

    • Our opinions do differ a great deal I am sure. Arianna would never think of back talking me or raising her voice towards me.
      I would never use spanking as a form of punishment either she enjoys it way to much.

  5. Ah well, there is a lot of back talking in our house, I am naturally of an insolent disposition. As for spanking – it does my husband good to be able to give me a good walloping when he is annoyed with me, and it has a beneficial effect on me as well, making me calmer and more compliant and wanting to please – it also makes him more attractive to me when I can see him as a dominant authority figure,

    • See I just do not understand where the DD comes into play. Besides you getting spanked

      • I’m not sure what you mean. our agreement is that I will try and pay attention to the things my husband considers important, do things the way he wants etc. if I don’t I will get spanked, but knowing that he will spank me rather than lose his temper and shout at me gives me more of an incentive to do the thIngs he wants done, and it makes me feel more respect for him, which in turn leads to more attraction, It makes our relationship more harmonious. that is DD as far as I am concerned. What does DD mean to you then?

      • You should read a book called The Surrendered wife , I believe that would help you.
        I will post about the difference today between a Dom and and DD male

  6. I have read The Surrendered wife, but it doesn’t have much to do with DD. The author of The Surrendered Wife is basically advising women who do too much to do less, so that their husbands will become less passive and more assertive. She advocates a sort of passivity that probably works well for some people, but would certainly not for me, Since I was never a woman who did too much in the first place. DD doesn’t really come into it at all, there is no suggestion that a ‘surrendered’ wife is ever subject to discipline, or that her husband makes rules for her to obey or anything. It doesn’t really touch on DD at all, it is really a book that advocates getting what you want through passivity, but that isn’t DD as I understand it.

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