Are Slave Trainers Real

I commented on a thread on Fetlife about a Slave Trainer. Someone who trains Slaves for other Dominants, Masters , and Owners.

Now I have been in the Lifestyle for a very very long time, and I have met one who said he was a Slave Trainer who happened to be single when I met him.

So lets say that there is such a thing, and many will claim to be. I am not saying it is not true, but I think if it is, it must be some underground thing that is top secret. No one knows about this group except for the Slave Trainers.

So some dude trains a Slave for me, I get a knock on the door I open it and the trainer says here you go, that will be 1500 dollars. Why 1500 dollars? Well surely he is not going to train for free. Lets say the training takes six months. He has to house the slave, feed, bath, wash clothes, and spend his time training the slave for me. Sure I would call to check on the progress. Nah

So this slave enters my house. My rules, protocols are all different, the way I dress my slave, the way she speaks, walks talks, and even cooks my meals. So what good has the trainer done?

Every Slave or Submissive already knows their roles, this is true. They know they are Submissive, they already know they are a Slave. We as Dominants just have to fine tune the edges. Teach our ways.

So what is it the Slave Trainer would teach? How to take a flogging? How to follow rules? How to cook food? How to be nude while at home?

Now on the other hand lets say I wanted a slave but did not have time to train. Okay it could happen. I sat this trainer down and gave him a long list of what I expect, and he trained according to my guidelines, my structure, my rules and so on. Then maybe just maybe.

This dude drops a slave off at my house me knowing he has been banging her, she has sucked his dick, nah not for me.

If you meet a Slave who has been in other relationships, again they had the basic knowledge, but most of everything they have learned goes out the window, the Slave is starting from scratch. Their training starts all over almost like from day one.

Maybe someone looks at this topic differently, maybe you are a slave trainer I would like to hear from you, this would be an awesome debate.  I would like to talk to other slaves who have been trained then passed on. Not asking for much.



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