Human Pet

I am totally fascinated by this idea of human pets. I ran across a story where a couple in England who were not allowed on a city bus because the girl was a human pet lead on a leash.

I truly believe in being who and what you are, being able to be free in your mind and thoughts. Arianna does wear an enternity collar 24/7 it does not come off. Although there have been a few comments about it, they were nothing pertaining to the lifestyle nor did they even know what it was.

Before I met Arianna I had giving it great consideration in owning a human pet. I even contacted a pony trainer I know and I began my search. I had met a few but no one I really clicked with.

Arianna and I watched the movie The Pet, like most of the BDSM community I found it very disturbing that the creator really messed up the whole story line, and intermixed BDSM with the slave trade.

The part I enjoyed was the bonding process, and how close the two grew with each other. In the lifestyle we all have different needs, I do not judge anyone, I may not always agree with something but for me to judge would be wrong.

Many do not agree with the way I run my house, I can live with that I still sleep at night. So someone spends a lot of time thinking about me and how I should be doing things different, that is really way to much time spent on something you have no control over.

The pet, although over the past year I have not giving it much thought, while at a much I ran into an old friend who is a pet. We never played around she wanted to come over and play fetch, but when she would text I just said well lets do star bucks instead. I just didn’t have that connection with her

While looking for a pet, I spent much time thinking on how something or such a relationship would work, feeding , bathing, sleep at the foot of the bed, in a cage. Then comes the sex, do you have sex with your pet I mean does it go that far. In my thoughts yes but it would depend on the goal each other had set before entering the relationship.

Doing research on the subject on Human Pets it seems more like a kink, or a fetish. I did not find very many who really took it very serious. That also falls under the new BDSM guidelines, the lifestyle is really not taking very serious any longer. Most everything listed is Kink or Kinksters.

Collars are giving out like candy, I suppose it makes it easier to get some pussy, get what you want and take your three dollar collar back. I have met some who met a Dom friday night for dinner and was wearing his collar before dinner was over. He hit it a few times and pulled a casper the ghost poof he was gone.

In my world owning a pet would be very serious, just as serious as I take the lifestyle. It would be a commitment. I looked for about a year, but then I met Arianna, and that kinda changed things up. I am in a good place now, very happy and content with the way things are going.

Owning a Pet Hmm.

I am A Pet


Last updated at 16:43 23 January 2008

Given that she describes herself as a human pet ? and is happy to walk around on a lead ? Tasha Maltby is used to odd looks and even odder remarks.

But nothing had prepared her for the reaction of the bus driver who allegedly told the self-styled Goth and her boyfriend: “We don’t let freaks and dogs like you on.”

Miss Maltby and her fiance Dani Graves were so angered they have complained to the bus company of being “victimised”.

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GothsGoing walkies: Dani Graves and girlfriend Tasha Maltby were allegedly barred from a bus

“It is definitely discrimination, almost like a hate crime,” 19-year-old Miss Maltby said yesterday.

The music technology student had this defence of her lifestyle.

“I am a pet, I generally act animal like and I lead a really easy life,” she said.

“I don’t cook or clean and I don’t go anywhere without Dani. It might seem strange but it makes us both happy. It’s my culture and my choice. It isn’t hurting anyone.”

The bus driver, however, has obviously not been listening.

He has repeatedly refused to allow Mr Graves, 25, and his “pet” on to his bus in Dewsbury, West Yorkshire.

Last month, with Miss Maltby on a leash as usual, the couple tried to board a bus at the bus station.

The driver, who was off duty, was standing near the door.

Mr Graves alleged: “He shoved me off the bus. He called us freaks and he called Tasha a dog.

“He said, ‘We don’t let freaks and dogs like you on’.

“He basically grabbed my T-shirt and slammed me backwards.

“I got a bit angry and called him a fascist pig.”

In a separate incident, police were called when the driver, who has not been named, refused to allow other passengers on board after the couple ignored his orders and sat down.

The couple, who live on benefits in a council house and plan to start a family, have been friends for years.

They started going out together in July and became engaged in November.

Paul Adcock, of bus company Arriva Yorkshire, said: “We take any allegations of discrimination seriously.

“Mr Graves has already contacted us directly and as soon as our investigation has concluded we will inform him of the outcome.”

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