Put Four Dominants In A Room Together

What do you have? A total mess. You cannot get four Dominants to agree on the weather, or even agree on the time of day.

Everyone has their own idea when it comes to BDSM. Master Joe does not know what he is doing, Master Henry should not be doing this or that, or Vile is to strict. Yes I have been told this more than once. I am to strict I need to let up, chill a little, don’t be so harsh. Give your slave some breathing room. You cannot run a house the way you do, your just abusive.

I am me I am not going to change, even more so because someone thinks I need to change. Most Dominants I know cannot even keep their own house in order, Okay before you say anything I am not judging, just saying. Just because you do not take the lifestyle as serious as I do, well excuse me for living.

It is my way, it will always be my way, but let me explain something. I take care of my own, be it mental, or physical. I put mine before anything, mine comes first no matter what.  One thing I can say Arianna and I have never had an argument, never. What is more important is I do allow her to speak her mind, I make it a point to ask her several times a day. Whats on your mind? I want to know what she is thinking. Its called communication.

I am not a part time Dominant, okay maybe your part time. I will give you rules but I will only enforce them between the hours of 4pm and 9pm except on Monday night when football is on, and on Sundays when football start’s.

You know it does not take a slave long to figure out something is not right. Pretty soon the slave will speak up and say hey what happened to the Master I had six months ago? Why did you change? What is so different now?

Well I want 6 slaves serving me, geesh you have one now you cant control and you want to add five more. What are you going to do with six Bitches living under the same roof. How is adding five more going to change anything, then try getting in the bathroom in the Am, its not going to happen. Try finding your tooth brush mixed in with all the makeup. Then six women on the rag at the same time, yea that’s where I want to be, in the mix of six women cramping, passing around the juice and midol.

So I am strict I am who I am, Arianna would differ with you I believe about how strict I am. The difference is I know how much to put on ones plate. Our objective is not to break one, we are to be there for support.

99% of the time, hmm can you start a sentence off with 99%? Yes I can or I just did. Anyway 99% of the time you will never hear another Dom say anything good about another. Because every Dominant in the whole fucking world is wrong. None of us know what we are doing we are all just dumb asses. Master Tony is an idiot, he is a fake, Master John never lets his slave sit on the furniture, well then fuck me because I seldom allow Arianna on the furniture.

I was asked why do you not allow Arianna to wear any clothes in the house, I think that is abuse. Okay number one she has a smoking body, number two because I can, and three okay sounds weird but it is part of behavior modification , and it keeps one in the submissive state of mind. Who is into behavior modification, Wow you guessed it Arianna. DING DING you win. So how is this abuse?

Let me explain something about abuse. One when you the Dominant loses your temper and screams and yells at your property, eh calling names out of anger, hitting one out of anger. Failing to keep your word, lying, ignoring the slaves needs.

The killer being married and stepping out with your slave, not texting or calling on a regular basis, Birthday, holidays. You get the picture.

Before you criticize me clean up your own house, get your things in order, keep your bitch in line, then once you have done this, maybe I will sit down and listen.

It kills me when I hear other Dominants who are suppose to be a step above the rest, a different breed, looked up to, spend so much time talking about how someone is doing something wrong. You know the slave has a brain too, so do not think that the slave cant see the light

It is like two people who divorce and has children they hear one parent talking down the other, but there comes a time when the children see the truth, do not think the slave is any different.

You give your slaves standards to live by and punish when they do not. What makes the Dominant any different? Should he not have to live by the same?


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