Find Your Own Bitch

I have not found the reason, but men want what someone else has. Most men are willing to lose everything over some ass. Wife, kids, house, half of their pay check over some pussy.

What really gets me is no one forced anyone to say I Do, No one forced the man to ask a woman to marry him, but the vowels only remain true until he sees something else he wants. Willing to risk everything, be it married for a year or twenty years a man will walk away from everything without a care.

Now on the other side of the pasture, the male will stray, make great promises to the female who is on the sideline , but he will stand firm because he has to much to lose. He has not a care what e is doing to someone else, or how he is wrecking their life. Once the other makes a demand he steps aside, your emails begin to slow it takes hours or days for him to answer your text. Then in most cases even if she does go to his wife she will stand by her man. Maybe this is something she is use to, but she is not going to lose everything she has, we have moved into a material world.

I have had men ask me directly if they could fuck Arianna, or if they could have her for one night, or they drop their slave off, make a switch for a night. Are you kidding me?

We were invited to a couples house some time ago, and the last text I received was, well if she is not ready for a full swap there is no reason in coming. Okay we did not go, then I get a text we are at the beach, can we stop by, sure we are home but we are just having coffee.

You the Dominant make a list, you make a list of everything you want in a submissive or slave, it should be a page long. You stick to that list.

Likes spanking, likes ball gags, likes some form of humiliation, ahh a must swallows, likes anal, able to follow rules protocols. Open communication, loyal, smart, intelligent, what type of build are you looking for? Petite, average, a little chubby, fat or Oh My God.

You stick to this list, because if you do not your newly relationship is going to fail, if you over look or cross anything out on your list, you are settling for less, and it will not last. The problem is many will settle for what ever and when they think they have found someone better, they cast their partner aside like a toy.

It does not bother me when other men talk to Arianna, I am far from jealous, and to this point no one has really stepped over any boundaries. All comments have been made to me. Most who know me will not even bring the subject up.

Men see the outer shell, they see nothing more, The inside of the shell could be way to much to handle, then when things go south it is always the females fault things did not work out.

I am like man what happened? Oh she is a stupid bitch, the cunt cant think straight, she has issues I don’t want to deal with, she was not a real slave> It goes on and on, it is never the Dominants fault. Because all they saw was a piece of ass.  Once the shell is cracked open it is like what the fuck.

Okay it is true many not all but many who are submissive or a slave do have issues I will call it. I said this in a comment earlier. Some suffer from depression, some are bi-polar,  some Anxiety. Then before entering such a relationship we as Dominants have to decide if we want to enter such. If we agree we have to put a plan together on how to combat these issues , once the plan is in place you have to be willing to stick with it. I can tell you in most cases the good out weighs the bad.

Calm cool and collective, it is not hard, being in control, being self sufficient being able to think outside of your dick.

The list stick to it, I searched for almost two years because I would not alter my list, almost two years. I was just about to give up and say fuck it. I will find someone not let them move in, have a piece of ass from time to time give out a few rules, and not have to worry about the responsibility. A perfect world you would think.

Then I met Arianna, I remember the first time she got out of her car, I was thinking fuck me running look at what I found. Blood rushed down to my dick so fast I got dizzy, fucking incredible. So we talked, and we talked , and we talked. When she left I was thinking she wont be back not a fucking chance in another world. Then some hours later I text and said well thank you I had fun, I did not think I was the kind of Dom you were looking for. The reply was can I come back over tomorrow.

As I wonder through other blogs I cannot believe some of the comments that are being left. Are these actually grown men or are they hacking their parents account? Are these really Dominant men who are suppose to be setting the example? Are these leaders, who are wanting to take control in a real relationship?

You know I have never done the cyber thing, I cannot picture myself sitting in a chair and jacking off to a bunch of words, nor have I ever had phone sex. I am a hands on man I like to be able to reach out and touch.

This is an idea take your list to a real Slave trainer, and tell this trainer what your looking for, have him find you a slave, train her to fit your needs and then he can hand the slave over to you, eh let me know how that works out.

Find your own bitch, take the time to find who and what your looking for. Train the way you see fit, fill that void you have been missing.

You have no idea how pathetic one looks when the other Dom or so called Dom is trying to moving in on another’s slave, it truly makes one look weak.


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