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My Love For Facial Abuse

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I love control be it in life in general, or in the bedroom it is truly a need. It is like a natural high. The rougher I get the more excited I get, the more excited I get the harder I get, then comes the explosion.

Leather cuffs on, hands behind back On her knees, blindfolded. Tell her to open her mouth, slide my cock in real slow and feel it grow. Place hands on both sides of her head, and the fun begins.

I love that gagging feeling, I can actually feel the throat muscles tighten up.  At times I do not even want to cum, because it feels so good, and I don’t want to lose that moment

I love the tears in her eyes, the drooling, gagging, the hoping it will be over soon. I love face fucking, mouth fucking, throat fucking what ever you want to call it. I get such a high from being in so much control. I am able to do what ever I want, no questions.

Just like anal sex when I get ready, and I say lube me up, the words I hear are with lube or my mouth. To me Anal sex is the most submissive thing a woman can let her partner do, the most private part of her body. On hands and knees, I tell her to reach around and spread her cheeks, so I can watch myself slid in and out. the same with face fucking looking up at me while I am pumping away, the tears, what a fucking turn on.

I love the humiliation factor of face fucking, a huge turn on.  Having that much control, and you never hear the word stop.

click on pic to get the full effect


Can I Suck Your Dick

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My five favorite words, I have other favorites as well, but just being able to lay back and relax after a long hard day, to some slow head. It really does clear my mind, there is not a better feeling .

My eight favorite words are. Do you want to finish in my ass. Wow okay so I am a little off this am, and I am just blabbing random thoughts. I love sex I love everything about it. When I hear those words my comment was lube it up, the answer was with my mouth or lube, just mind blowing.

I am one lucky man, its kinda like direct TV video on demand, but mine is called Sex TV, sex on demand. It is even like having 3D, nothing but action. In the Florida room, the kitchen, living room, shower, and yes bedroom.

Imagine the word no is not in ones vocabulary,, or I do not feel good. I am not a total ass, because if Arianna is not feeling well, I pretty much just leave her alone.

In the bed Arianna is not allowed to wear anything. Yes I like the availability, crawl on top hit it and right back to sleep.

Lets face it you can truly tell when someone really cares about you. not in just a sexual way, but by conversation, the way your hugged, taking an interest in your likes and needs. Then yes sex, the willingness to please. If your partner is giving you head you can tell if they are really into it, just like if your being eating out, you can tell.

In a relationship sex is a huge tell tell, this is where you find out if one is selfish, just looking out for there kicks, or if they really care.

Sex should be exciting, fun, it should never be planned. Sex should be spontaneous, between a couple there should be no inhibitions. What goes on behind closed doors is just that, for your eyes only.

When you do ask if you can do anything or just want to please makes a huge impact on your relationship.



Coming Out Of The Closet

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Your a submissive or a slave maybe a late bloomer. Who do you talk to? When you first make the discovery , you start to read, you look for as much information as you can. Are your thoughts a fantasy or do you truly desire the D’s way of life? Who can you turn to?

Chat rooms are polluted way to much drama. Mostly internet Doms or those who want to be a Dom, living out the ultimate Fantasy. The on your knees bitch Dom, demanding to be called Sir or Master. I suppose there are some who would follow such an idiot, those who do not have a clue.

On the other hand being in the closet chat rooms are about the only way to go, until you realize there has to be more to the lifestyle than sending pics and phone sex. Just so the Dom can get off over the phone while your spanking your pussy.

Those who have been in the lifestyle for any time are still in the closet. Maybe fear of losing their job, worried about what others will think. Maybe worried about being judged, what family will think.

I do not hide who or what I am, you either except me, or you don’t.  Those who criticize really do not have a clue. You think BDSM , you look at the pictures on the net, and the first thing that comes to mind is abuse. Getting pass the pictures is the hard part.

Okay so 99% of the pictures when you click on images after you have searched BDSM are models, clips from movies. Why would you post a picture of two eating dinner, walking on the beach, or two people shopping? That would not be very interesting now would it.

Most people and it is the one who do not have a clue, are so close minded and set in their ways even if the two of you set someone down and tried to explain your life, they still have the images in their mind.

So now the Gays and Lesbians have come out of the closet, even famous people who have said they are bi-sexual have come out of the closet. Sports figures who are gay have come out of the closet, singers, actors, and actresses have come out of the closet.

Okay so now us the Dominant who needs to be in control, the submissive who needs to be controlled.  We for the most live in a dark closet in fear of what others will think.

What about the Gay Dom, most probably know he is gay, but it is the other he hides from people. It is okay to be Gay but there is still a fear if someone finds out about his lifestyle.

The lifestyle is not something we admit openly in public, it is not something we brag about, but here is the truth a submissive or slave most of the time will not wear their collar to work or while out with friends in fear of being judged. Family members do not know of your lifestyle friends do not know, it is a deep dark secret.

So we find the one partner we can fully communicate with share things with, but your still in the closet. I have invited people to munchs so they can see first hand what the lifestyle is about, they still cannot get passed those fucking images. Even those in the lifestyle are afraid to go in fear of someone seeing them. Kinda like the married guy going to a Titty Bar and parking his car out back in fear of someone seeing him.

Okay so our lifestyle is no ones business, and I fully agree, it is not something I blab on a daily basis, but it is not something I hide either.

The world as a whole is very close minded. Way to many tree huggers who think they know how everyone should be living their life, they have all the correct answers.

You should not watch rated XXX movies, or you should not be drinking, please don’t go into that nude bar and corrupt your mind. You do not have to be in control, you have no right controlling your Gf or your wife. It is not right to tie her up, and spank her. How can you abuse her like that.The question never comes up. Does she like it ? Are these the things she wants ? Are these her kinks or needs ?

So lets say my partner was into all these kinks and I was not, but I went along with her needs, but if I did not understand what am I suppose to do up and leave. Sorry I cant do this I am gone.

I am not saying you should blab your private life, but never be ashamed of who or what you are. Our personal life is just that. Many who are owned are ashamed to wear their collar out in public in fear of being questioned.  I would never expect someone to wear a leather spiked collar to work, I would hope your Dom would spend more than twenty bucks on a collar anyway.

Be who you are and stand proud.



The Woodshed In Orlando

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Arianna would like to go to a local dungeon here in Florida. Master C who runs the Woodshed is a very respected Dominant within the community. I myself have much respect as well.

Many of us do not have the tools such as St Andrew Crosses, the 1500 dollar spanking bench, cages, suspension tools, as well as other bondage gear. So being able to step into another world for play time is just awesome.

The Woodshed has very strict protocols. It is not a place to pick up a date, and if you should be there for that you will be escorted out. While at the shed there is a respect factor as well.

The Woodshed does allow nudity, for those who really want to get into the play, or you can remain dressed. Wearing the proper clothing of course would be a good idea. Maybe shorts and a tank top something to that effect.

There are many who want to see Arianna nude, but I would not ever think of exploiting her in such a way, for my eyes only.

I am sure no matter where you live, there is some sort of local play house or dungeon. That would make an awesome night out. A great way to release some stress.

Arianna has a new friend in the lifestyle which I do welcome, it gives her a chance to see how others live the lifestyle.  Her and her Daddy have gone a couple of times, although she is a masochist at the end of the night she feels so relaxed and then for weeks after, the time spent playing really puts her mind at ease.

Although there is nudity, I would never expect or tell Arianna she had to be nude, I would not want to exploit her in such a way. If told she would without question, but I know how she feels.

We did order leather restraints, cuffs and ankle, the lockable type, should be here in a day or so, almost prison style restraints, Arianna does enjoy being restrained. As far as toys I am old school. I am not going to spend 5 grand on toys, I do know some who have spent a fortune on a dungeon and I just cannot make the numbers add up. I prefer rope, blindfolds, ball gags, cuffs. I am rather good with rope if I tie you up, your there until I decide to untie you. We go have a very large cage, which we both enjoy but more so Arianna.

If you want a good night out, maybe relieve some stress or just have fun if your even in Orlando stop in at the Woodshed. You can spend an entire night and never touch the same equipment. They also have awesome suspension play Master C is really good at suspension.

Every piece of equipment is cleaned after each use, with a nice assortment of bondage furniture all hand made by Master C, you are sure to have the night of your life.

My time off from work is very limited, but we are planning a trip there very soon. Arianna has never experienced anything like the shed, and is really looking forward to going.

I would never require her to get nude, I would never exploit her in such a way, but with the cages, spanking bench’s, St Andrews cross, the suspension, floggers, and paddles it will be like going to Disney.



Courting A Slave Who Belongs To A House Of Leather

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A house of Leather can be ran by male or female, there are those who do follow the old ways of the lifestyle, there are those who still believe in the hierarchies and protocols.

While the Slave is pretty much still free they are like someone in waiting, someone who is not collared. In order to have more than just general conversation you must approach the one who controls the house, and yes they do have the final decision.

Courtship within the community is still alive and well, some still believe in the old ways of the lifestyle.

I do believe some do take it a little to far almost like living in medieval times, but the ones who live in a Leather house do so by choice. If the house is true, and it is ran by someone who is truly in control, and is not just a control freak.

If you have been in the lifestyle for sometime, I would consult with other Dominants to kinda get a feel of their thoughts, the same goes with starting a new group or Munch. It is just a respect thing.

I am not a member of a leather family nor do I have the desire to be part of, or start my own, leather is not my fetish. I do not have to wear clothing to prove who or what I am. I am not saying wearing leather is the main part of a leather family but it does play a role.

If you did have the desire to start a new local group, such as a Munch, check the dates that others hold their munch. You would not want to hold one on the same day, there is another that has been in place for sometime.

A house of Leather could run the same as a fine tuned machine, everyone has their own job, their own task, everyone works together.

I was never impressed when I tried to talk to a slave I was interested in and she would say you have to speak with Master Bob, yea that is just not me, although I did see her point of view. The thing that got me, what is Master Bob did not like me? Then my time would of been wasted.

When you first meet a new slave you invest a lot of time trying to build a relationship, it can be days, weeks or even months, and for one person to have the ability to say no, nah I am not down with that.

One who belongs to a house of leather is not a bad thing, it does offer structure, rules, and guidelines, as well as protocols. It does offer stability and a place you can call home. Although today not many do live together as they did in the past, I do believe a family that does live together does benefit from it in many ways, even financially because everyone is putting into the pot to support the house.



Here Are 4 Things To Look For In A Mentor, And What To Run From..

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This post was over a year ago. I had published it on another blog I was on, so the dates may sound a bit off.

Right now I am mentoring a Submissive and a Slave. I spend a great deal of time on the phone, and in person.

The Slave I met last week, very nice, really beautiful, so docile, and way to eager. A couple in Orlando recommended her to me.

As we sat down to talk, she began telling me about a Master she was seeing in Orlando, who was her Mentor. She was telling me she would go over to his apartment 3 days a week, he would tie her up, spank, fuck, what ever he saw fit, and send her on her way. Wow seriously, really! This went on for about 3 months, until she started speaking to this couple she had met at a munch.

I suppose in a lot of ways Dominants are like physiologist without the PHD. We allow them to open up, the more time you spend with them, the more comfortable they will become. There submissive side comes out, and a million questions. While I do not claim to know everything, I do my best, and a phone is just a reach away.

A mentor by no means has the right to have sex , session with or touch, other than a hug, a mentor is not a trainer, and should make those things very clear. If the submissive or slave begins to have feelings which happens very often, at that point all ties should be broken.

I ran across this and wanted to share it. There is a lot of good information..

There are mentors in every area of life and situation. In BDSM it is sometimes recommended to newbies to pick up a mentor, but are never given the tools to find a mentor that is right for them. I know that when I first started out there were good people to be around and not so great people that left their mark on me. I do wish that people had lead me to learn what a mentor is and how to go about finding one that is right for me.

First, a mentor isn’t just a friend that you can talk to, although they could start out that way. A mentor is someone that you can get advice from, learn from and feel close to in a submissive context. They exist to help you learn who you are and what to expect in different lifestyle situations you may encounter as you grow in confidence and submission. A mentor is not a trainer and should not be directly involved in any physical training that you undergo. You should never have an intimate physical relationship with your mentor.

Let’s take a real world example: Big Brothers and Big Sisters. These volunteers are mentors for needy children all over the nation. They become friends and confidants for the kids involved and some go on to be close to their little brothers/sisters well into adult hood. They strengthen the child’s confidence and provide them an outlet to learn and grow without the stress of parents influence. It’s all healthy and beneficial for both parties.

A BDSM mentor should be similar. There are a few things I’d like you to look for the next time you seek out a mentor for your life. Keep them in mind the next time you approach someone and you may be able to find the person that can guide you.

1. Are their beliefs and definitions similar to yours?

You want to find a mentor that has the same definitions of common terms in BDSM. If they feel that a submissive and a slave are the same thing, and you don’t then they won’t be compatible with you when you bring up topics along that thread of thought. Treat your first few conversations as an interview. Ask them how they came into BDSM, what they think about safe Imagewords and relationships and those all important personal terms. If they mesh well with what you think then keep going. This person could be a good mentor for you.

If you are so new that you don’t know what those personal definitions mean to you, then take on what is known as an open mentor. This is someone that is available for new people to learn for themselves and helps guide you into your own definitions so that you can find a more targeted mentor later on if you choose to. I consider myself an open mentor and want to help you find yourself before you key into the specifics of your new life as a submissive. I can do focused mentoring, but prefer to make sure your personal beliefs and definitions are solidified first.

2. Are they open to letting you talk or do they force a lot of questions at you?

A good mentor is going to allow for silence in conversation so that you can think things through and talk about what you want to talk about. Mentors know when to point questions at you that will help you think, but keep the conversation flowing the way that is most beneficial to you, the mentee, not the mentor. You should be able to pick up this trait from the interview phase.

3. Are they professional yet comfortable to be around?

When you first meet someone or talk to someone that is considering being your mentor, are they professional in manner? You should feel comfortable around them relatively easily and feel free to talk about whatever is on your mind. If you feel uncomfortable or their questions are far more private than your relationship allows, it’s a warning sign that they are not the mentor for you. A mentor’s job is to make a novice comfortable with what they are experiencing and who they are, if that can’t happen in the interview phase it may not happen at all.

4. Do they appear to know what they are talking about?

Mentors are not going to know everything, but they are going to be well versed in a lot of aspects that novices come to them with questions about. If your mentor gives you the impression that they don’t know a whole lot about what you need to talk about, it may be best to seek out someone else. Great mentors will be prepared for all questions, even if it means they need to research and learn before they can give you quality advice. Someone not willing to work for you as well as with you isn’t really taking your growth strongly.

Now there are a lot of other things to look for in a mentor, but for now; take these thoughts and figure out if a mentor would be someone you want in your current situation. If it is, start seeking them. Interview them before you start pouring your thoughts to them. Get to know them as a person and as a submissive. Feel comfortable with them and don’t let them lead the thoughts, they are there for your growth. Continue to learn and your submission will develop.


Breaking A Slave

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Well just maybe I am not as vile as I thought I was. Over the recent months post and articles have been popping up all over the place, even on fetlife, and other social site as well.

While in a D’s relationship Master and Submissive or slave. The Dominant goes through different forms of training. this can take anywhere from 6 months to a year, before the submissive or slave is able to fully adapt.

This can be from the way they speak, act in private and public, the way they walk, dress, even they way one eats. Different protocols. public and private. With all of this always comes positive reinforcement. After all we want ours to be the best they can be, no matter what there doing, be it home, work, or just out in public.

When the two first meet, they both lay out expectations, of what each are looking for, and want out of the relationship, Where they are now , where they want to be in six months, a year and so on. This is where the compatibility comes in, you truly see if your both fit for each other.

I myself love beautiful women, but beauty comes in many forms, that is why I do not base much on looks, personality is first and foremost, intelligences, the ability to listen, how she carry’s herself, many many things come to mind. I have found if a woman is drop dead gorgeous, she can have the personality of a three legged pit bull, and be the ugliest bitch on earth. So I never base anything on looks, but there has to be some physical attraction.

Last year I met a potential, slave. I picked her up early 7am. went to breakfast, then to Universal Studios. The house of blues, then a late night dinner, where our conversation got deep. As we were eating, I asked her what she was looking for. She replied I want you to break me. I sat there dumb founded for a minute , she repeated I WANT YOU TO BREAK ME..

Now most men or Dominants this would be a dream come true, here I have this slave who just wants me to break her down to the lowest level possible. I can do anything I want. Wrong.

With this comes a great deal of responsibility, I for one am not up to such a task, and I am certainty not going to fuck with someones well being., or be responsible for a possible break down…

So my response was I am not interested, I am not going to do it, don’t want to do it, and I do not know anyone that would, well yes I do. That is besides the point. I was not going to be responsible for her.

There is a huge difference in training a slave or submissive, verses breaking them, and having to spend who knows how much time in bringing them back up, if you can.

At that point I was a fake. I did not know what I was doing, I was not a true master. Okay I can live with that…. It goes much deeper though..

There are two separate meanings when it comes to breaking a slave. The first I’d like to cover is breaking IN a slave. In this meaning, training is meant to adjust the slave’s core attitudes and behaviors to be more in tune with the Master. Think about the things you typically break in; shoes, furniture, gloves, hats. All of these you’ve flexed and bent to fit into your mold and hold it’s shape, whether this be your feet, your behind or your head. The same goes for breaking in a slave. We all go through a molding process. It certainly seems that as slaves, we do pass a point where the major force of our resistance and self-defensive mechanisms, the shell, is broken, and we enter a state of pliancy and moldability for our owners.

The training we undergo is also a from of breaking in. You will be told what is expected of you, learn the right and wrong way to go about certain tasks and anything else that the Master wishes to enhance or downplay in your manner or behavior. It is not uncommon to always undergo training and also to have to retrain when a new relationship commences.

The idea of “breaking a slave” is the more extreme form of molding. I perceive it as a forced breakdown of someone’s own will, their own attitude and sometimes their own thought processes. What generally results is a blank canvas upon which the Master can apply behaviors, attitudes and reactions that would please them. In many broken slave cases I’ve read about; the submissive/slave doesn’t even remember how to think for themselves anymore. They have no dependence, they have no limits where they used to have limits and in very rare cases I’ve seen fear of the unknown where things once were known.

My impressions of breaking a slave is that it could have severe and harmful effects on the slave if done incorrectly or incompletely. I don’t think I’d agree to “be broken” by anyone that I didn’t trust implicitly not only with my safety but with the methods they employ to change me.

Now I’ve seen and read about submissives and slaves that consider themselves broken but I see them in a different view. They have willingly become powerfully subservient, brainwashed (for lack of a better word), and live solely for the rule of the Master of the house. I find these relationships challenging and hard yet beautiful and very moving. It’s like these people move as one person. I don’t believe that the process has hurt the persons involved.

I’m not sure what would be more work though… to break someone down to the blank slate just to rebuild them in whatever manner you choose, or to mold and bend someone from what they are to what you want them to be. Either way, in both cases, it needs to be consensual and negotiated.