W All Have Skeletons In Our Closet

First off I want everyone to go check out Lea BarryMire’s blog. She is an awesome writer of erotica, but she has a weekly blog where she ask a group of guys questions women want to know. Questions that would not normally come up in normal conversation. Unless you are of course Vile.

These are personal sexual questions that women have always wondered but were to afraid to ask. Well now you get get the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth Vile style.  Go on check out her blog.


Skeletons we all have them, if you were going to open my closet you had better stand back. What I have done over the years is try and make things right. I wronged a lot of people mainly those who were submissive and Slaves.

Being a Dominant for any length of time, you come to realize just how easy it is to get into someones head. Once I able to cross that line it is game on.  many many years I used what I knew as a weapon, a weapon of knowledge and in the past I took advantage of many. Pussy was never a shortage, and it took sometime for me to realize there was more to life than just having sex. Most of all there was more to life than just using women for my pleasure.

My blog for the most as most of you know is about abuse. I share many things with everyone so maybe just maybe someone will listen, some will, but the truth is most will not, then you bitch moan, and whine about how some dude took advantage of you, how he hurt you. Then I get an email saying you know what Vile you were right.

Even out in public it is very easy to spot a submissive, I have pointed them out to Arianna and then explained why or how I knew they were submissive.

Some skeletons we should share, if you are in a long term relationship then everything should be out in the open, no secrets, no lies. Everything should be out on the table.

The problem with just meeting someone, and for what ever fucking reason women feel like they have to spill their guts, this is a huge fucking NO NO. Keep your pie hole shut

What happens is when you get in an argument everything you have shared is slammed right back in your face, everything you have shared, or confessed to, I know this because Arianna’s ex-Dom did the same thing, a real piece of work I might add.

So we do things we regret, or maybe just maybe we should not regret, I guess that would depend. Everything we do is for a reason, it may make sense or it may not, but we did it anyway. Live with it and be happy.

The thing is when you open your mouth and you spill your guts a lot of times this is used as ammunition , you may not know it at the time, until it is shoved down your throat. If it is used once it will be used again. Just like when your BF or Hubby beats you, and he begs for your forgiveness, and swears he will never do it again, but yea he will.

I have never fully understood why some Dominants will argue, and no one has even made a remark or explained what a good excuse to argue would be.

Much Love


2 Responses to “W All Have Skeletons In Our Closet”

  1. Throughout my teens, till
    I was about 18, I let myself be verbally and psychologically abused by a guy I thought I was in love with. We were the same age, we were in what looked like a regular teen romance ‘vanilla’ relationship and even though the relationship had ended earlier on the abuse had continued. He went through lengths to keep me bound to him. I was a wreck when I met my hubby who I’ve been with since. It’s taken a lot to get over what I let happen to me. I could have walked away at any time, but looking back I was young and naive. Our last conversation we had was him examining how I wasn’t wife material, only mistress material and that’s how he intended our relationship to be. It was at that point something clicked and I said fuck you. I’m worth more then that and I deserve a shit load more respect then that. He knew how to fuck with my head, I had low self-esteem back then and he played in that. But I learned that you can take a bad situation and use it to your benefit. I learned to love myself, grow strong and know what I wanted and expected out of someone and no one has ever taken advantage of me since. So yes, we shouldn’t hide from our skeletons, use them to better yourself and your life. I’ve healed and let
    Go of all those bad memories. I’m lucky I have an amazing man who I can confide in and was there from the beginning to help me pick up all the broken pieces. Your blog is great. It’s great to hear a man’s view on avoiding poisonous relationships. Thanks for all your words!

    • Wow I am sorry to hear you had to experience something so bad at such a young age.
      I am however glad you are now in a good relationship and in a good place.
      Memories are just that. There will come a time when that part of your life will just be a passing thought if it’s not already

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