My Face Book , I got Busted

Okay I have been busted, I thought I had changed everything so I could only let a select few view my adult Face Book. A co-worker I am guessing had nothing better to do except sit around and try to dig up information on me or others as well, found viles Face Book.

Okay no biggie really but now I am looked at differently I mean not that I care, nor did I give it much thought, but I did find the questions to be really annoying.

First most who no nothing of the lifestyle , or have no interest they automatically think abuse. How can you treat someone that way? What do you get out of it? BDSM is about abouse and nothing more. Even when you try to explain they are only hearing what they want to hear. They assume the relationship is not consensual.

Okay I do not explain myself to Arianna nor am I going to explain myself to anyone else. If you have a question I will answer, but I am not going to explain my life, my actions or my kink.

One I have never raised my voice to Arianna, I can think of one time where a bitch got under my skin enough to really piss me off. I was married for nine years and not one time did I ever raise my voice. Two I have never hit a woman out of anger the key word is NEVER. Three I have never pushed a woman further than she could go. I am about respect I mean total respect.

Most of the ones making comments are all single and have been for a very long time. Most spend time on Fridays deciding how much they can spend on beer, and put enough bar money back.

If anyone of them had a clue about my relationship with Arianna, or how well our relationship is, how well we communicate, how we never argue, and it is not because she does not have the right to ask questions or speak. I take great pride in our communication.

If they even had the slightest clue about how much effort I put into out relationship, how we work as a team just fucking WOW.

Yea it is true I have it made, I have a wife and partner who listens, who does not complain, one who is very docile, calm, cool and collective, very gentle. A partner who does not talk back, wears what she is told, cooks , cleans house, laundry, yea I’ve got it made.

Okay so I get my Dick sucked when I want, I fuck when I want, the word no never comes out of her mouth

Yes I do have an awesome woman, wife and slave, it is our kink, our lifestyle, we fit each others needs.

You know I do have a few people I get along with at work, there are a few who like me, and even a few I would hang with from time to time. One friend who is single, we were talking and I was going to try to fix him up with a submissive I know. After explaining what the relationship would be like, he was like fuck that I just want a bitch to give me head when I want. Really that is all you want

Although if a female can give good head you can look over a lot of shit. A good blow job goes a long way with me. I am not putting anyone down but sucking cock is really an art, just like eating pussy, every man does not know how to eat pussy, it takes someone who truly loves it, the same with sucking cock.

Anything that is taboo is not acceptable.  Those who are not into kink find it unacceptable. Okay I can understand. Hmm you just want you cock sucked nothing more.

What makes us so different than lets say a vanilla couple? Is it because Arianna respects me? Is it because we never argue? Is it because we have a well structured home? Ahh the rules now that is different, the protocols those are different. You know I am still not seeing much of a difference here. Even in a vanilla home someone still makes the final decision, someone has the final say so.

I can say this I respect Arianna enough not to scream or yell at her. I respect her enough not to call her any names, well out of anger. I respect her enough to respect her limits. So your going to judge me? Really?

I did let it bother me for a very short minute, maybe like 30 seconds, okay I just shrugged it off.

You know I use to shake my head when all those dysfunctional people were on the Jerry Springer show, and the dudes wife would say hey Ive been sleeping with this girl from work, but now we want you to join in. The guy would go nuts and want a divorce. Are you kidding me? Lets hit the fucking green room.

Our lifestyle the way we live is based on mutual respect, love and most of all caring about each others and our feelings.I can tell you this we share a great love that many cannot say.

So next time you call your girl a stupid bitch, yea think about me, or the next time your told you cant have any pussy think about me, or the next time you get in a heated argument, yea think about me. Maybe just maybe if you beg enough you may get a little head before sex.

I never I mean never judge anyone, not by who they are, what color, their sexual preference, or their kinks we are all human and we all have different needs.

So again tell me how bad Ive got it.



2 Responses to “My Face Book , I got Busted”

  1. I normally don’t chime in but today I will. Readers rarely hear from me mainly because Master Vile is thorough in his posts and I don’t feel like I could add anything to enhance the readers experience. Maybe that’s an incorrect assumption on my part. But today I couldn’t resist. I wanted to reiterate that my relationship with my Master is totally and completely consensual. At no point in time am I under threat or threatened. I choose this life and I am happy. This relationship has been the most understanding one I have been in. Normally the guys just push me away when I get emotional but now, I am understood. We have zero arguments and zero yelling. There is an ultimate mutual respect. This lifestyle is not main stream but I bet there are many vanilla women who would love to have the security and stability and understanding and patience that I have in my relationship with Master Vile. I am honored to be called His slave and it gives me an inner peace knowing that I am desired and I am able to satisfy my Master’s wants and needs. I have purpose where I once had been lost. This is the life I choose. This is where my heart lies. Thank you.

  2. So nice to hear from Arianna! I really love reading how you feel about her, Vile. So, a nosy-barker found you on FB? My guess is that you will be a topic of hot gossip for a couple weeks until someone else is. People should mind their own … not others. 🙂

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