The Self Proclaimed Master

I really get a kick out of some of the Men who are Dominants and put the name Master in front of their names. I am Master Dick, I am Sir Balls, some even go as far as saying my name is Lord scrotum.

When I was young and dumb and full of well you know, I had an ego the size of Texas, I am Master Vile to you Bitch do not forget it. On your knees suck my cock.

Yea I am older, the age on the inside caught up with me faster than on the outside, meaning I became wiser at a younger age. Banging a different chick every night, eh so what, I still woke up alone the next morning. It does not take long to see that there is something wrong with that picture, well unless you just don’t give a fuck.

Today I am called Master by mine, I am called Sir by mine, and even at times My Owner. I might add this is nothing that I demanded, nor was it ever really an interest of mine. Arianna calls me Master out of respect, I believe as well it gives one the feeling of submission.

Then there are those who do the cap thing, I am Master Dick, My Slave, you will Respect me. on your knees Bitch, you will call me Sir.

I am guilty of the cap thing in a different way when I blog I will cap the word Slave or Submissive, but that is just to make it stand out more.

We as Dominants have to earn respect nothing is giving, but many seem to think it is okay to take without giving.

So if you demand to be called Lord Balls and you live in a double wide trailer , what would a slave truly think. Your single and you demand to be called Master, what are you the Master of? Who gave you the title.

Okay maybe if your one of the few who have been knighted by the queen, then yes you can tell your slave to say yes my lord.

Now to those who are new to the lifestyle who know no better, would be in total awe if they met a Dom on the net and demanded to be called Master, yes a good way to pick up some pussy, but to someone who has been in the lifestyle for any length of time would think your an idiot, and really put a huge hole in your ego.

When Arianna and I first got together she did ask me what I would like to be called, I told her what ever made her feel comfortable. I did not make any demands.

I do believe those who are not true to the lifestyle take things way out of context. just asking a few questions and you can find out real fast if you are speaking to a true Dominant.

Never Let anyone demand you call them Master or Sir when you first meet. If you do use the word Sir you can explain it is just out of respect. No real Dominant would ever make such a demand.\



3 Responses to “The Self Proclaimed Master”

  1. You have made some good points here Vile. Actually the few Dominants I know and respect would not demand to be called Sir or Master. The one i am closest to knows how much I respect and admire him without addressing him that way all the time.

    From a submissive’s perspective I don’t really understand why subs/slaves address Dominants as ”Sir” when they do not have a D/s connection, especially if the Dominant has a sub/slave. I know it is probably out of respect, but I see it as slightly flirtatious. How do you feel when this happens to you?

    Gem X

    • Flirtatious Yes I do agree. When out at functions there are those who use sir as respect, what I have noticed is it is mostly those who are single.
      I have close friends who are female and attached who address me by my first name which I am truly okay with that. I do not allow Arianna to address other dominants as sir.

  2. I understand you not allowing her to address them as Sir as you are her Sir and Master. I must admit it does niggle me at times when I see that happen but I am not really sure why!

    Thanks for your reply Vile.

    Gem x

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