I Did A Re-blog From Carolina Courtland

Several months ago I did a reblog from

Carolina Courtland


Her blog was blowing up, One Night In Paris, Paris Hilton getting her brains fucked out of her mind. So I am thinking okay I will boost my numbers, did the reblog and you know what happened? Not one fucking hit, not ONE not one person clicked on the link.

Now Paris Hilton is really nothing to look at, but hey pretty much famous at any rate, she use to be in and out of jail, just like Lindsay Lohan who has since taking over Paris’s title.

Like Paris, Lindsay’s jail time has been very limited. I am not sure what was said or done, but if anyone of us had done the same shit no bond would of been giving.The only thing I can think of and I am hoping I am wrong , but both probably have awesome oral skills. Drunk driving, theft, violation of probation, theft again, leaving rehab, flunking a drug test it just goes on and on.

Okay again Paris Hilton getting banged, sucking dick, and not one frigging hit, no one even thought about it.

Then Carolina pointed out the differences in the readership which I understand, but seriously. Okay I tried to watch it, really pretty boring, into it about 3 minutes and I shut it off, she really needs to eat some peanut butter, put on a little weight there.

I did find the blog to be pretty interesting, nothing to do with BDSM, but still. Maybe if it had been someone different. I remember watching the Tonya Harding honeymoon tape, now he really drilled her, or maybe Traci Lords, she was hot back in the day.

Check out Carolina’s blog she really has some interesting topics, the last time someone replied to one of my post on her blog her reply was UHOH.





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