Speak Soft With A Firm Hand

Calm cool and collective. we need patience , understanding, we are very caring. We see things much different than the average male, we tend to look at things more carefully before acting.

If a slave does something wrong, breaks a rule, forgets something, does the slave deserved to be punished? Is the answer bending them over the bed? Is the answer screaming at the top of your voice? Degrading , humiliating I would think not. First let me say there are not many who agree with me, and that is perfectly okay , You can calm down because I can still sleep at night.

This does happen at times maybe it has happened to you as well, meaning the Dominant we enter a new relationship and the submissive or slave is really in total shambles. Now this is not something we find out right a way it does take a little time for all the doors to open. Usually by this time we have already entered the relationship. As we observe we begin to find little pieces of the puzzle. Most of the time the main part of the puzzle is emotional, depression,  Now is the time we have to decide, okay do we stay and fight or do we bail. Do we make a slow exit? Do we make up a lie and give a false reason on why we wont work?

Okay so we choose to stay, we break out our overhauls, gloves, boots, ahh yes don’t forget about the hard hat, shit may fall. We make a firm stand and we start our work.

We pick up the puzzle put it back in the box and we take out one piece at a time, but this time the rules to the puzzle has changed, because we build the puzzle as we see how it should turn out.

Almost like putty we start to mold, and if a small piece falls off we pick it back up and put it back in place. Now before you finish several pieces are going to fall off, and we have to be there to catch them.

Yea seems like a lot of work, but good things come to those who wait. We are going to show the submissive something they have never experienced , that would be total patience, and understanding. It does take sometime for the submissive to open up, but the more understanding we seem, and our willingness to listen, the dominant following through with our word, the submissive will begin to trust.

I can tell you from experience putting someone against a wall , and yelling at the top of your lungs does not do any good. In the end you really cause more damage.

Speak soft with a firm hand, not only will you gain more respect, but the submissive will slowly put all their trust in you. You will now guide, and the submissive will follow, this is a huge responsibility, and at time it can be a heavy load on your shoulders.

If a mistake is made or a rule is broken, sit them down and talk about what happened, what are they going to do to insure it does not happen again.  The respect factor comes back into play once again.

A submissive or slave who is just beginning a new relationship will try so hard not to screw up, they end up doing something wrong, probably from stress, walking on egg shells.

At this point in my life I am not really sure what rule would have to be broken ,that would require a beating. Although I do agree at times a nice belt is needed just as a reminder, but for the most if you just sit down and explain what was done wrong, most things can be corrected in such a manner.

When you have a submissive or slave who is already emotional you can achieve much more by just talking than you can using a paddle or belt

As I have stated before I have really spanked Arianna one time, she had a very important task she forgot to do twice in a three week period, now she has a reminder in her phone. Every task that is giving is put in her phone with an alarm.

Sitting one down and talking to like an adult goes a very long way.



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