My Bitch My House My Rules

Pretty harsh words there, but I can tell you how amazed others are when they look at the relationship Arianna and I have.  We just click, but the difference is I have been consistent in our relationship, I have not changed, but more so Arianna comes first.

We entertained a couple this week end, Arianna has become friends with a local submissive. We had met them several times at a munch and they started emailing each other. Her Master is a Daddy Dom and she is his Baby Girl. They do have a much different outlook on D’s but again to each their own, if it works so be it. They do argue at times, kinda like butting heads, but again it works for them.

What gets me thinking is every Dominant I have met, has the need for two or more subs or slaves, even when I explain how difficult that type of relationship is I just get a blank stare.

I lived with two slaves for about seven years, it is not easy. Both have to be treated equal although there has to be an alpha female, you cannot have a favorite, and you cannot take sides when an argument happens and it will, there is no doubt. It is guaranteed at some point and more than once there will be an all out blot out, and I have seen it get physical.

Even after I explained find the one who fits your needs, not just in a sexual way, but someone who completes the whole picture.

His way of correcting things or wanting things done was putting little sticky notes everywhere, things that needed to be dusted, moved, or cleaned. There was no verbal communication at all, until he pissed off his submissive to the point of arguing.

I explained you had to have house rules, you had to have protocols, but most of all you had to have communication, and no matter how tired you are you have to remain consistent. I cannot begin to talk enough about consistency. You cannot be a Dominant on Monday and be to tired on Tuesday it does not work.

When I explain something to Arianna, I think before I speak. Then I begin to explain what I need or want in great detail. I cover all the bases not to leave anything out, so when I am done I am sure there will be no questions. Although I do ask if there are any questions but the answer is always no.

If you the Dominant carry yourself as a Dominant, you act like a Dominant, and you earn the respect you deserve, no real submissive or slave would even think of back talking you. Now I have said things made comments, and out of the corner of my eye, I could see the all mighty eye role. I am okay with that, because nothing comes out of her mouth.

If you think before speaking, take a deep breath, and listen to your words in your head before speaking, you will find there is a much better way to re-word things so they sound much better coming out. Help keep you little subs out of trouble.

We had two different roast for dinner, I had taking a 8 pound roast and cut it in half, one half in the slow cooker, and the other I broiled. Arianna made an awesome green bean casserole,along with homemade mashed potatoes, and our guest brought dessert. The submissive brought a house warming gift a very nice thought since we had only been in our new house for a little over a month.

It is funny because when I am asked how our relationship works so well and I begin to explain it is not even five minutes and I get the almighty yawn. Okay well maybe it is boring, because they are waiting for the sexual stories which is not going to happen. Most of the time if I do get an answer it is fuck that, way to much work. Yea well how much work would you be willing to devoted to a vanilla relationship?

Once I decided to enter a relationship with Arianna , I was prepared for battle, I really thought there would be somewhat of a struggle, but she really threw me off guard, because everything just fell into place. That I was not ready for, so I had to regroup.

I do not and will not bend the way I am, I will not change to fit someones needs, I am me and that will never change. You would not believe how many subs and slaves I dated before I met Arianna. I was almost at wits end, I had just about said fuck it.

Okay so things turned out good, in fact much better than one could even imagine, but here we go now the training process. Arianna had only been with two other Dominants who had really shown her nothing.  As a matter of fact both had been very abusive physical and mental.

I was thinking ahead okay so the first 90 days will be rough, time will fly by. To my surprise everything just fell into place. Arianna was and still is the most compliant slave I have ever met, there was no resistance at all, no questions, no complaints, no back talking. There were times I was just speechless.  It is all good.

Now back to our planned evening, The other Dom and I talked, and talked, and talked. He explained the two of them argued quite a bit, and was mostly over stupid things, but the biggest reason was financial, not enough money to go around. I do understand times can be hard, I have been there before, but and here we go again there is nothing worth arguing over, nothing at all.

Here is my thoughts, you have a roof, your bills are paid, food on the table, as long as the two are working as a team to make things better, why argue? Why put yourself through all that stress. If the two spend time arguing and talking back to each other who is really in charge.

What kind of Dominant are you if your going to stand toe to toe and argue with your submissive, your baby girl, or your slave. What king of Dominant are you , when you allow yourself to lose your temper?  This is where the I demand respect factor comes into play, and once you play that card and it does not work, well you are doing something wrong.  So I am guessing after the big blow out, you have spent hours arguing over money you do not have, once you finish all the problems are gone as well. Yea it does not work like that.

My Bitch My House My Rules ,all three equal consistency and keeping your word. The Dominant makes the rules, the Dominant enforces the rules, the Dominant stays on a level consistent path. The Dominants keeps his cool, most of all the Dominant must remain truthful.

If you let up on any of the above your bitch will walk all over you, and you the Dominant are the only one you can blame, no one else.

I can give advice, and I do like to help but when I am talking and I get this blank stare, I am done, it is what it is, you deal with it, and lets see how that works out.

I can see where it would be hard being a submissive, a Slave, a Baby girl. You are giving everything up, in hopes that the Dominant your with will be there 24/7 , will keep his word, and not take advantage of you. You are going to give your all no questions asked. That is a huge task.

You the submissive think about what you can do to make things a little easier on your Dominant. You see something that needs to be done do it.

Instead of arguing and fighting over task. The Dominant should make a daily list on what needs to be done, instead of spending time putting little sticky notes all over the place.

I do not understand how someone can expect there property to lay on their back, suck cock, take the sessions you dish out even when you get to rough, choose their clothing, food, bed time, shower, the list goes on and on. To stand toe to toe and scream and yell, put down, call stupid, and still expect the above.

While eating dinner Arianna was the hose, and she did very well, serving the food, keeping every ones drinks full, then I hear little remark’s about how at least someone is paying attention to his drink, or his plate. Arianna brought it up to me after they had left, the little remarks , and when asked what I thought I had no real answer.

You lay the rules down you enforce, if your going to spend time arguing everyday then maybe you should rethink your status in the lifestyle.

I love sharing what Arianna and I have with everyone, how we work so well together. I am a lucky man. Arianna is very beautiful, highly intelligent, open minded, and most of all has the need to please. Follows rules and protocols without question. We do not argue, and people we meet want to know how we do it, but when I start to explain I get this blank stare. Why is that you suppose? I can tell you, most men do not want to put that much effort in a relationship. It is to much work, they want everything done for them.

Yea it does not work that way.



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