My Love For Facial Abuse

I love control be it in life in general, or in the bedroom it is truly a need. It is like a natural high. The rougher I get the more excited I get, the more excited I get the harder I get, then comes the explosion.

Leather cuffs on, hands behind back On her knees, blindfolded. Tell her to open her mouth, slide my cock in real slow and feel it grow. Place hands on both sides of her head, and the fun begins.

I love that gagging feeling, I can actually feel the throat muscles tighten up.  At times I do not even want to cum, because it feels so good, and I don’t want to lose that moment

I love the tears in her eyes, the drooling, gagging, the hoping it will be over soon. I love face fucking, mouth fucking, throat fucking what ever you want to call it. I get such a high from being in so much control. I am able to do what ever I want, no questions.

Just like anal sex when I get ready, and I say lube me up, the words I hear are with lube or my mouth. To me Anal sex is the most submissive thing a woman can let her partner do, the most private part of her body. On hands and knees, I tell her to reach around and spread her cheeks, so I can watch myself slid in and out. the same with face fucking looking up at me while I am pumping away, the tears, what a fucking turn on.

I love the humiliation factor of face fucking, a huge turn on.  Having that much control, and you never hear the word stop.

click on pic to get the full effect


15 Responses to “My Love For Facial Abuse”

  1. I loved when he uses me the way you described but I never thought of it as having a humiliation factor… maybe humiliation means something different to me. Either way I agree is a turn-on for him to have such control over me.
    Thank you for this post.

  2. Reblogged this on MaríMar and commented:
    The other night, as I was falling asleep, I read this blog entry. It led me to have a very interesting sexy dream about C.J. using me just like Mr. Vile described in this post. It was such a delicious dream and it let me craving and missing my SIr.
    This is one of the times when I feel the most submissive.
    When I know I am kneeling and looking up at him waiting to please him.
    When I know I am there to be used as hard (or not) as he wishes and desires.
    When I know that he owns me as only a Dominant man can own their submissive.
    To be completely His.

  3. Omg I need a new Daddy! I love everything about what you wrote! Thank you.

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