A Comment Arianna Made On Fetlife

I do run a very strict home, Arianna does not really see it that way because she has adapted so well over the past year.  I hear a lot of Dominants talk about the time it takes a new slave to adjust to a new home, 30 to 90 days. While I disagree to each their own.

What makes the BDSM lifestyle so great is we are all different, we all come from different backgrounds , we all have different needs and kinks. Most of all we all have our own opinions on how a house should be ran, or how we train our property. We all have different needs ,wants and expectations when it comes to our property.

When I first met Arianna her life was in total shambles, she had made some bad decisions. It did not make her a bad person, I am thinking she was looking for acceptance than anything else. We all make mistakes, but the only bad mistake is the ones we do over expecting different results.

My rules are not sexually based, my rules were meant to take old habits away and replace with good ones. As I have stated before the key is consistency. If you say something you mean it and you stick with your word. I cannot be a Dominant part time, nor can I take a day off.

Before entering a micromanaged relationship I had to give it much thought, was this the type of relationship I wanted? Did I really want to devote that much time? Did I really want that kind of responsibility ? I would like to say after a year things are running very smooth. We have no stress in our life, we have no drama in our life. We have no problems in our life, things are good.

Every morning Arianna makes a list for her daily activities, with the exception of being at work. I look the list over and if I think it is to much I veto some of her task. The last thing I want to do is put to much on her shoulders. I have set things up so she can move forward in life and excel. Putting to much on her would set her up for failure, and that is not my intentions.

When I started my venture looking for a slave and partner, I was looking for just that. I was not looking for a mother figure, I was not looking for a house keeper, nor was I looking for a cook, as a matter of fact I enjoy cooking.

Arianna and I both work full time she works 40 hours a week, I put in about 55 hours a week so she does do a lot of cooking, when I am off I love firing up the grill.

There is a group on Fetlife called Slave Home. I am not on fetlife often but I do get on from time to time then I see where Arianna has made a post. I do not have any of her passwords, I believe we should have some privacy. I do trust her, so I am not looking behind her back to see what she has been up to.  I believe those who demand passwords are insecure, and ego driven, if you cannot trust the one your with, then why be with them? After all Trust is very important in our lifestyle.

The question on Fetlife was do you as a slave have a daily routine.

VilesArianna: 1 day ago | report

I have daily tasks that enable my Master to relax and know that they will get done. For example, coffee is prepped every night so that He only has to push the button. Animals are taken care of and every night I make Him a mug of ice water and put it next to the bed. I have no set days for shopping and cleaning. It all depends on how my day goes at work. Each morning Master and I go over a list of potential things to do. I’m not punished if I don’t get to it all. I’m usually over zealous about the amount of work I plan to do. We both work outside the home full time and we both pick up after ourselves although I do most of the cooking and cleaning, Master does not have a problem chipping in. But routine yes, I believe I have routine. On a daily and weekly basis. I do enjoy making my Masters life easy and stress free.

Arianna is allowed free time, she does not watch much TV so most of the time it is just relaxing listening to music or reading E-books. She is not allowed to sit on the furniture without permission, but when asked most of the time I do allow. This is part of limiting her space within the home. Ahh before you go crazy this was per her request. So no I am not a total dick.

It makes me feel good when I read post such as this, she is correct she does do much of the cooking and a fine cook she is. I do not expect a three course meal, the truth is I am very easy to please when it comes to eating. As she stated I do pick up behind myself, again I was not looking for a maid.



2 Responses to “A Comment Arianna Made On Fetlife”

  1. I always love reading about you and Arianna, you two make such a beautiful couple. Your strategy with rules and routine is very good in my idea.
    I think many dominants make rules based on punishment more than on routine and habit. The “You do this, or else…” kind of rules. I have found from experience that this only serves to make a sub nervous and insecure. They need to know that there are rules, and that there is punishment, but building a routine based on what is basically fear never works well for long.
    Anyway, thanks for sharing!

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