Check out this blog

Lea Barrymire
Who is an awesome writer has a blog called
This is a part where women can ask men questions about anything. Four Men from all different walks of life, thus you get four different answers, you pick the one you like. We are a no holds barred group and we tell it like it is.
Lea has taking a couple of weeks off, due to work and life, so I did what any good friend would do, I offered to step in and do the blogging for a short time, or until she gets enough complaints about me, and I get fired.
I do enjoy the interaction with people with them asking questions, but shall see how it turns out. Oh you can also post questions Via my email and leave your name out, or I believe she has set up a way to ask questions anomalously. Either way  it will be fun.
Also check out her Facebook
I’m editing Mr. Vile’s latest ‘Dear Vile’ and it’s spank-tastic. 😛 If you missed his debut blog about dealing with a non-dominant spouse when you’ve figured out you’ve got a submissive streak come on over and check it out.

Feel free to post and ask questions, lets get the ball rolling…

2 Responses to “Check out this blog”

  1. Thanks, as always Vile. I love getting pimped on your blog! 😛



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