I Am Not Poly But

While I am not Poly I am not totally against the idea, some poly relationships work out very well while some do not. I was in a poly relationship sometime ago for the most it went well until the end. Since ive been with Arianna I have not giving it a thought, and I think it would add stress to Arianna as well. It would not be fair to take time away from her.

What got me thinking about Poly , I received an email from a Slave who has been searching for sometime , in hopes of finding the right one, but unfortunately for what ever reason it is very hard to find a good Dom or Master, the same being with a Slave. To most it seems to be only a fantasy, and more troubling a way to abuse someone and they think that is what the lifestyle is about, or they just do not care.

I have never been able to figure out why there are so many fake people in the lifestyle, for a fake Dom they see submission as a weakness, they prey on the submissive, and they also prey on their problems. A Fake Submissive or Slave I think is a little different so maybe the word Fake does not apply. To some I believe it is a fantasy but once they get a feel of the lifestyle, it’s like fuck this shit I am gone.

My thinking was although I am not poly, and to live in a poly household does not mean you have to be Bi, but for a new Slave looking for a home, I think this is a very good idea. To find a home that is already in place, well structured, and no drama. In anything we do we have to have a starting point. Once established you then begin your search, let the Dom do the interviewing.

The Gorean house is a very well structured home with rules and guidelines. Most Gorean homes have more than one Slave and each Slave has their owned duties and task. The Gorean lifestyle is not sexually based, and for the most BDSM is not supposed to be but somewhere down the lines things got pretty fucked up.

I have known a few poly homes who have taking in a slave, this allows the slave to grow, offers a well structured environment, rules and to be part of a family while your search continues. This also keeps the Slave out of harms way.

This is just my opinion and nothing more. Just like a Gorean home a poly home task are giving out everyone has their own job to do. In some cases it can take the work load off of a Slave. If a Slave works full time and she has to come home and do her daily chores and take care of her Master, at times it would be nice to have another Slave there to be able to pick up any extra slack.

I believe if I was a female and a single Slave I would take that fork in the road just to avoid all the trouble and stress.



4 Responses to “I Am Not Poly But”

  1. hmm. interesting.

    But you have to consider the nature of the slave in question. Knowing youre meant to be a slave to ONE Master does not necessarily mean you could just be a slave or even sub to anyone else in any other context. Let alone the idea of living with other female slaves in any capacity… some slaves who would do anything for the right Master, would not necessarily be submissive in any other form to anyone else while waiting for Him to appear… personally, I know I would never be able to serve anyone who wasn’t my One.

    and i love that you wrote this, thank you 🙂

  2. shewhoserves Says:

    Thre is freedom in the relationship between sister slaves. Although there is ALWAYS an alpha female, the little must always strive to not only make Sir’s life easier but that of her sister as well. A Family is the most important to those Kajiri borne into the life.

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