Do We Really Train A Slave

We always hear I am in training, or this is the way I train my Slave, but is training the correct word. Do we really train someone? Is the word train really correct?

Arianna and I attended the monthly MAST meeting, Masters And Slaves Together. Friday night. We do not get to attend often due to my work schedule so we jumped at the chance. I also believe it is good for Arianna to interact with others those being Submissive and Slaves.

So we meet a new potential partner, hoping to start a new long lasting relationship. If you look at the over all population, we in the lifestyle are really small in numbers. So finding that one can take time. Being careful in searching for the one, making sure we have all the right connections, and not settling for less.

The topic at MAST Friday night was Masters and Slaves during the Roman Empire and what the difference was then and today. I find the topic to be very interesting and everyone took part in the conversation.

When a Slave meets a new Dom, he explains he is going to train her to fit his needs, I have used the same words, but recently I have been thinking, is the word Train really the correct word.  The first ninety Days are the tell , tell of the relationship, the first ninety days will tell if you the Slave really desires such a relationship.

One thing that just kills me is when I hear a sub or a slave say they have been instructed to do anal training while alone. Most of the time the Dominant wants pics or a video, I am guessing he just wants to jack-off. I know in some twenty years I have never made such a request. Maybe it is because I am a hands on Man.

Something else that kills me is when I hear another Dom say I can train you to like pain. Get the fuck out. There are some who are Masochist, but if you are not into receiving pain today, the odds are it is not going to change tomorrow, or the next day. Some will take pain if they know it is pleasing, taking the bad with the good trying to see if the good out weighs the bad. You cannot train someone to like pain.

Just as I told Arianna all you have to do for the first ninety days is Listen, watch, and observe. Take in as much information as you can. So in reality the slave is Adapting to their new life. The Slave is adapting to their new Masters ways, their rules and protocols.

So is the word training really the proper word. Could the word adjusting be right ? The Slave does adapt to their Masters ways of life, the Slave does Adjust to their Masters way of life. On the other side I could see training as well. This is not something I just thought of, I have been thinking on this for a long while.

So do you train your Slave to suck cock? Nah you can tell her how and what you like. Do you train your Slave to fuck ? Nah you may express a certain way you like to fuck but it is really not training.

Maybe it is training, after all we are taking their life and changing them into someone we need. Be it communication , fucking, sucking cock, the way they dress, walk, sit. All of this becomes a habit.

So do we really train?



15 Responses to “Do We Really Train A Slave”

  1. You can lead a horse to water, but you cannot make it drink.

  2. An interesting post. You make a good point in as that is a person is not already a slave you cannot train them to be one.
    There is although a certain element of learning involved. When a sub/slave is taken on by a new Dom they must learn his likes and dislikes. His favorite foods, his favorite drinks, how he may take his coffee if he drinks it.
    As each individual is different how a prior Master was served may not/will not work with a new one so they will have to “learn” what he wants.

    • Yes I agree. Arianna asked me when we first met how I was going to train her. I told her to watch and observe me for the first 90 days. Watch and listen, if she did not she would surely miss something.
      I was somewhat lax the first 30 days, then I started to really implement rules and protocols.
      I think the first 90 days is the tell , tell, however I could be wrong.
      Thank you for stopping by.

  3. train – /trān/ – Verb
    Teach (a person or animal) a particular skill or type of behavior through practice and instruction over a period of time.

    verb. educate – teach – school – drill – exercise – coach

    Taking the above as a definition, I would say yes, you do train a slave. I think that in order to embrace that training the person needs to want to learn but you are still training them in regards your personal likes, dislikes etc just as SouthernSir said.
    We might have different methods of doing the training but I personally think that it is training. Perhaps a better word might be teaching?


  4. Perhaps this more a questions of semantics? One can train a dog and a horse and even a seal but perhaps the rebellion is a preference to the term teaching or instructing when applied to an intelligent human being? Though you could also argue a debasing and humiliation aspect of the word “train” and is used for that purpose alone … perhaps i just think too much.

    yours in life and leather
    slave of DarkHouse

  5. Perhaps at the onset of a relationship both Master and slave are training each other. The consensual aspect of our collective kink means that at the basis of any solid relationship there is an agreement made that was presumably negotiated. Hard limits laid out on both sides etc. The D-type and s-type are to my mind like yin and yang. We grow and learn and train one another. For example both Master and I now drink coffee first thing in the morning and will sometimes drink tea during the day. When we first got to know each other, I couldn’t stand tea and He wasn’t overly keen on coffee. As we began to love one another and grow we each taught the other the joys of the others drink. It is now my job to ensure that the coffee machine is filled and ready to go at the push of a button in the morning. We take it in turns to make the coffee because neither of us like/function well in the mornings. Sometimes practicality can overtake D/s.
    I could think of plenty other examples where we have grown and trained one another through living under the same roof.


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