Being Owned , Before You Sign A Contract

Some do take the lifestyle to the extreme, and not just the male at times it is the female who takes the lifestyle very serious. Nothing bothers me more than when I hear a Dominant complain about how a submissive or Slave is being treated. Maybe just maybe it could be at the sub’s request. It is fairly simple to see if someone is not happy, more so if you know them.

I have known Slaves who requested a contract, I have known Slaves who needed a contract. I am guessing this gives them a sense of security. Things are a lot different when it comes to needs , than wants.  As Dominants we are to insure all needs are met regardless of how non-important the needs may seem to us.

How could having a daily list possibly be a need for someone ? How could having a daily spanking be a need  ? How could being humiliated at times be a need ? When entering a relationship we need to go in it with both eyes and ears open.  What is not a need to one Slave may be a dire need to another.

Something else you may run into is what is called the EGO driven Dom, the chest puffed out master. Sign here Bitch or I am gone. You are my Bitch now on your knees, yea it happens.

We as Dominants are suppose to be the Elite, we are like the Special Forces of men. Not that we are really different but we have to handle things much different than say a vanilla male, mainly because of the lifestyle. We are suppose to have much more patience , we are suppose to listen, we are suppose to to structure in place, we are suppose to enforce rules, enforce daily task, we are suppose to have an open line of communication. We are suppose to be more understanding, The list just goes on and on. We are the Elite.

Just as we set boundaries , when entering a new relationship, the same should go when you are about to sign a contract. Just as you are suppose to put limits in place and you expect those limits to be respected. Once that line is crossed you begin to lose the trust you have worked so hard to build.

The same goes when you are about to sign a contract. A great deal of thought should be giving, at that point and time in your life signing a contract may be needed. The feeling of being owned, the feeling of being wanted, the feeling of security.

Arianna and I never spoke of a contract, I for one never thought such was needed. Most of the time a verbal understanding is all you really need, on the other hand some may have the need to see something in place, after all we are visual. Just as Arianna’s Slave number is framed and hanging on the bedroom wall, it is a reminder.

A contract outlines what your relationship is going to be about, it lays out the expectations of both. It also tells you the Slave how you will live your life. Your life on a day to day basis, and if not followed to a T, you then have consequences.

Take a close look before Signing , although is most states it is not recognized, it could surely cause some complications if you were to have a bad breakup. The last thing you want is something being mailed to your friends or family, much worse your work. So a lot of thought has to go into something so serious.



2 Responses to “Being Owned , Before You Sign A Contract”

  1. Very interesting piece. I was just reading about contracts the other day.
    Aside from giving basic guidelines of what is to be expected in the M/s relationship a contract of this nature has no legal standing.
    Unless of course there is anything regarding finances and property in the document. Then things could get a bit dicey.

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