A DD Ran House

Just from the recent reply’s I can see there is a huge difference between a D’s relationships and a DD’s relationship. Maybe that is why there are two different lifestyles.

A DD relationship can be religious based and non-religious based, But if two people argue with each other then who is really in control? Who is really in charge

Is a DD ran house just a way to get around the kink without calling it a D’s home or an M’s home? Fromm what I understand the only punishment in a DD home is spanking and it appears most of the women enjoy being spanked so what punishment is that?

If the male will stand toe to toe and argue with the female is he really in charge. In a D’s relationship it is much different. a Submissive or Slave is much more docile ,.

Just my thoughts , any reply is welcome.


12 Responses to “A DD Ran House”

  1. Dear Vile,

    I find it hard to understand DD at times as I know myself and my Dominant are so in tune with each other that I can’t imagine him feeling the need to seriously administer corporal punishment for doing something so wrong that needed correcting. Even as a strong minded and principled individual I am also very placid and compliant with him and really could never see myself defying him to such a degree.

    If there was something I disagreed with or vice versa, then we would have a discussion around that and come to some agreement and because I respect him and his views so much it is very likely I would comply. To me that is big part of being submissive in a D/s relationship.

    I think I would feel as though our relationship would be failing if I was going against him and breaking rules so bad that corporal punishment was needed. In any case, I enjoy being spanked too much to make it part of our relationship to be dreaded because of my misbehavior. I also love and respect him too much to upset him to such a degree.

    On the other hand, I do not see anything wrong in role playing DD and being taken in hand for being Master’s naughty little girl.

    Thanks for the last couple of post Vile. I found them very interesting and thought provoking.

    Gemini Xx

  2. Punishment is not generally the main point of a DD relationship. The main point is to have a more harmonious home life, and DD generally fosters this. If you decide one of you is going to be in authority over the other, it can reduce friction, make things run more smoothly. Agreeing to abide by my husband’s wishes in domestic matters has made our home life more organised and calm. A lot less conflict. Most of the things I get spanked for are not that serious, but being spanked does help to focus my attention and remind me of what I am supposed to be doing. Non spanking punishments can be very effective, I have found being banned from the computer works very well at helping me to remember certain things for instance. I think you might get a better understanding of DD if you tried reading some DD sites, like for instance the discipline and love site, which is a very good one.

    • I just may check it out later on today. So are you trying to be more submissive ?

    • I will check the site out as I would like to understand more. It seems it may depend on the personalities in the relationship. I am actually very placid and calm and hate conflict and arguing. I tend to back off or walk away from an argument. I honestly can’t think of any reason my Dominant would need to punish me, but you never know!

      Banning from the computer would be no good for me as I need to write and research daily and couldn’t function without it!

      I can see how it would work for some people though Louise as it seems to work well for you.

      Gemini 🙂

      • Yea I do not understand the arguing as well it seems no one is in charge or in control.
        Thank you as always.
        Much Love

      • Gemini, Yes I think it is a matter of temperement. my husband and I are both quite highly strung and liable to fly off the handle quite easily, but DD has helped to make us calmer and reduces friction.

  3. Not really, I think I’m about as submissive as I am gping to get, though I do tend to become more submissive the more dominant my husband is. My submissiveness is mainly reactive – it is a response to his dominance.

  4. disciplineandlove2013 Says:

    I agree with everything that Louise has said, but would just like to add that, while the initial motivation in DD may differ in some case from that in DD and BDSM, I have found that the majority of people in DD relationships do come to recognise that they are strongly attracted by the aspect of dominant/submissive exchange that has a part in this kind of relationship. Even though a few might dislike the label “kink”, In my experience, most are quite prepared to acknowledge that this includes an an element of mutual eroticism.

  5. disciplineandlove2013 Says:

    I accidentally posted my last comment without the last paragraph,
    which would have read:

    “I think that this is signified somewhat in their choice of DD as a medium. There are many couples who choose to live in a Dominant/submissive way, but who don’t include any kind of physical discipline in their relationships. That the people in adult DD relationships, the majority of which are initiated by the submissive partner, do choose to include it has to mean something in terms of its attraction for them.

    • Thank you for your comments, and I am sorry for the late reply , work has been busy.
      I am not saying I do not spank for punishment, I have I believe once in almost a year.

      I think the difference being it breaks a submissive’s heart to know they have done wrong, most who are submissive strive for perfection. The worst punishment for a submissive is knowing they have displeased.

      What I did not understand with Louise is the arguing part. Maybe that is common in a DD relationship, but in a D’s ran home it is almost unheard of.

      There is abuse on both sides of the streets, in our lifestyle there are men who prey on the submissive, thinking it is an easy piece of ass, I am sure in a DD world it is much different.

      I run a very strict home with high protocol standard’s. I do have rules that are followed without question. Our relationship is as close to perfect as you can get.

      Again thank you for stopping by I always welcome comments agreeing or not.

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