Oral Sex

I have said this before not every woman knows how to give head. In the past I have been able to tell if they were doing it just to please , or if they liked giving head, or they just totally got into it.  To me it is like spanking If the one I am spanking does not get anything out of it then I do not, the same with getting head.

Just laying back in the bed eyes closed arms propped under my head, and a very long sigh, this is pure heaven.

While I do enjoy just laying back and relaxing , hearing those soft sucking noises , feeling the wetness run down, oh yea I do love a very wet blow job. There is not a better feeling.

At times though I do get rough I do love face fucking, I guess it is the control factor, the feeling of one being helpless, I love the gagging sensation feeling the throat muscles around my cock. that just really drives me crazy. That is not one of Arianna’s favorite past times I can tell you, that she really hates but she does take it not very well but she does. I really try to restrain myself and just lay there the last few night I have been able to, but it is really hard. I will have to admit it is perhaps the best feeling know to mankind.

There is not a day that goes by that I am not asked if I want some head. I love those words can I suck your dick.  That is how you can tell if someone really wants to please.

The slow movement up and down or just staying still, and feeling her tongue moving around. That is a real drug.

I love eating pussy, I truly love everything about it, Arianna only likes if we are in a 69 because it makes her feel closer. I love being between her thighs, my arms wrapped around them, sucking on her lips , her clit , feeling her getting wet. Although just from oral she finds it hard trying to cum if she just grinds her clit a little it does make it easier.  I have this fetish with long lips watching my cock slide in and out the lips folding in and out wow drives me crazy.

It is true however every man cannot eat pussy, just like giving head if the man is going down just to please the woman can tell, but if he really gets into it, you can rock her world. Taking your time is very important building her up to that point and then moving to another area. You need to lightly sucking on the clit while french kissing it, once she is really into it then you insert a finger maybe two and start fucking her, get her to that point again and stop. I love it when the hips start to move, you know then she is had.

The most awesome feeling I get is watching mine cum, the way she shakes her eyes close fucking incredible. She can cum if she is on top and it does not take her long. Most will say if a woman is on top it is not a submissive act, in my eyes it is you are still in control.

Sex should be fun, it should not be planned, sex should be spontaneous , this is the time to show you care, although it is just about me , I do like to please. Maybe I show I am thankful in different way.

I do take care of my own. sexual or not.



7 Responses to “Oral Sex”

  1. I used to hate sucking cock when i was younger, now I love it. It’s like a drug.

    And so true, so many men cannot eat pussy and it is annoying as fuck. I’d rather not have it done at all in those cases.

    ‘You need to lightly sucking on the clit while french kissing it, ‘ sounds like you know what to do 😉

  2. Wow Sir….I opened this post on my phone while still at work, and had to close it back up as I felt my body flush with heat. Don’t worry no one was around. That was a hot post, and now I wish my Sir was home 😦 ! Awesome sexy post!

  3. Cazzo…so good! The way u described receiving what in truth most women don’t appreciate giving. There is such a feeling that comes over me when I hear those tell-tale sounds and words…even while being used to his full pleasure…as my mouth is for his use…just knowing I am pleasing him…the urgency he feels to cum…is such a high. Enjoyed this post very much! Grazie! Bxxx

  4. I do love oral, both giving and receiving. Little flower is one of those that is truly into what she does. She has learned what I like by gauging my reactions and some guidance from me but she mostly learned on her own what I like.
    As for eating pussy I do love it it is a very intimate act and as she can tell you even of she is on top when I am doing it she is not in control.
    A wonderful post.

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