I had A Friend Call Me, Well Not Really A Friend

I had a friend call me last night , well he says we are friends but his ex Baby Girl has told me different. I never said anything to him because what she told me was between us. Okay maybe not now after this post. First off I do not have what I call real friends. I have always been like that, I have acquaintances , but no one I really hang out with. I fined the less friends you have the less drama you have.  I do have people who visit, I go visit at times but not very often.

I first met Master M some several months ago at a Mast Meeting. MASTERS AND SLAVES TOGETHER. It is truly an awesome group and a lot of fun. I started attending the MAST because I thought it would be good for Arianna to get out and meet others who were like her, but she is finding that is not so easy. She is finding there are a lot of couples who are smothered in the Drama game or things are not working out. In a way I feel bad because I have been hoping she could become friends with another Slave.

We had invited Master M and his Baby Girl over for dinner, I have always encouraged Arianna to make friends with other Slaves , after they left I told Arianna they would not be together another month and sure enough our next munch is when we found out they were breaking up.

Master M called me and told me he was speaking to another Slave, I know who she is and I told him that him and her were not a good fit, he should move on and find someone else.

The reason for his call was , he wanted to know about a contract and how it should be written . I asked why he thought he needed a contract and he said to insure daily task are completed. My eyes just rolled in the back of my head. I was thinking really. A contract is something that is very serious.

Although in most cases it could not be used in a court of law, it could out line an agreement between the two if any abuse was to come up. The other bad thing is if any money or property was involved. That could stand up in court.

Master M’s Baby Girl wrote me and apologized for her Masters actions just shortly after the dinner we had., because when I would email him she had to answer because he would not. I explained she had no reason to be sorry.

At the munch I confronted him, and he just said he had been a bad boy. Did not really bother me I just found it to be very disrespectful.

Ahh you need something then I am your friend, that is the way most friendships work anyway. So I asked what’s up he explained he was talking to a slave and wanted information on a contract. Okay what is the purpose of the contract. To make sure she does her daily task.

First I explained the slave he was going to meet would not work out for him. Sure enough they met and something happened.

If you do not have a clue, if you do not understand what the Role of a Dominant is , you will go no place fast. Your relationships will be short lived. The bad thing is we are such a close family it does not take long for word to travel.

A slave is not a cook or housekeeper, that is one thing the new ones who are entering the lifestyle cannot understand, or those who are ego driven.

Most think a slave is to wait on you hand and foot, those who think this way again your relationship will not last long. It does not take a slave long to figure out what her role is.

A Master and Slave relationship is very unique but you have to have the normal times as well. You have to be best friends, you have to go out and do things. On my days off my time is focused towards Arianna, making sure she gets out, seeing her happy makes me happy.

So you the Dominant has to lay things out on the table, you have to be upfront about what you expect out of your relationship. You have to be truthful, and you have to stick to the truth. You have to maintain some type of consistency on a daily basis. This is one thing Master M had told me he had problems with.

If you are not willing to invest time in your relationship it will never work. Your Slave has to come first, no matter what, your Slave has to be the center of your world.

Now a week later I have not heard from Master M. Why ? Well he did not like my advice, and yes it turned out I was right.

Okay I was just rambling Thank you for stopping by. Have had computer problems but I will try to post again daily.



2 Responses to “I had A Friend Call Me, Well Not Really A Friend”

  1. Confusion is understandable, because real slaves were expected to wait on their owners hand and foot, so some people probably get the idea that BDSM ‘slaves’ have this role too.

    • I think most people are mislead as to what a BDSM Slave , Master relationship is about. It is more about control, and structure.
      Although the Master has the final say the Slave should be allowed to express their feelings.
      Communication is the key. Every night we turn everything off and sit in the middle of the bed and just talk, about anything and everything.
      During dinner all cell phones and TV are turned off, this is our time.

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