A Slave With No Limit’s

I am not so sure there is such a thing. To have no limits at all seems well a fantasy. To have no limits what does that mean in a real relationship ?

Truth be told if the Dominant is on the same page,  what were limits in the beginning of a relationship soon fade. I think most impose limits due to fear , the fear of not knowing, or some just reject the idea or something may be to taboo.  The ass is off limits , or I do not swallow, no fisting.  Being told what to wear could be a limit.

With me none of the above is a need but knowing I can without question  The knowing that I own someone. The knowing that the word no will never be spoken.

Some do take the words No Limit Slave to an extreme, this is their life, this is the life they seek, or maybe they do it for acceptance, the need to belong or be owned, or just to please.

There are not very many men who are vanilla who can snap their fingers and their partner gives them head, or told to spread, just so they can be used, and yet some who are submissive impose rules when it comes to just being used.  Most who are submissive are submissive on their own terms, submission is on their time.

We all have to be who and what we are just like a Slave or Submissive looking for a relationship through the good and bad. I myself had to take the same steps. I had to find acceptance someone who would except me for me. I refused to change for anyone. Change why so I may be happy for a day maybe two.

What is the definition of no limits when it comes to a couple living in the lifestyle. Certainly you would not break bones, cause any permanent damage. I learned a long time ago not to break your toy.

No limits your not going to do anything that would cause either to go to jail. The limits are those imposed by the couple, I believe a slave who lives a no limit life does so on their own free will.

I met a Dominant a few months back who was looking for a place to rent, I knew some people hooked them up, it did not work out but our conversation went much deeper. His slave had left him , he was explaining he wanted a slave who would fuck who ever he wanted, he wanted to have the right to just pass her around. While he is talking I am thinking FUCKING WOW, what planet is this moron from.

Here is my way of thinking. If you the Dominant remains who you say you are , you stay consistent in the way you run your house. You stay truthful. You make your Submissive number one. You make your Submissive feel safe. The submission will grow as their submission grows, their limits begin to fade. What was off limits six months ago is now just a passing thought.

Limits are made to be pushed, the only time a limit would not be crossed is when it would be detrimental to the submissive , if it would cause harm be it physical or mental.. This goes back to breaking your toy.

Arianna and I live as Master and Slave, I guess in a sense you would say she is a no limit Slave, Limits that I put in place. This does not mean that I would take advantage of what I have, after all she is my responsibility, I am to insure she is taking care of. I have the final say, so if I make a decision I make to make a clear one because if I make a mistake it will effect both of us.

You as the Dominant does not have to make demands. You the Dominant should not just be sitting around waiting on a rule to be broken. 99% of the time when a rule is broken it is not on purpose. If a Submissive is going through a stage of breaking rules then something in your relationship is wrong and you need to communicate.  Communication will fix any problem that comes up, communication is the antibiotic of any relationship.

I know this post is not as raunchy as the title portrays I could of gotten raunchy but today I am just rambling. I got the idea from a dream last night.

It is the Dominant who makes the house, it is the Dominant who sets the pace, the rules , the guide lines, the protocol.



9 Responses to “A Slave With No Limit’s”

  1. An excellent post. When I first met little flower over the course of getting to know one another we talked about the things we liked and weren’t sure of. Now as time has passed there are things we have begun exploring that she was previously unsure of. That has come from the fact that she has trust in me to know that I have her best interests at heart, that I take care of her. Now she is open to trying things like rope work as she knows that I will not do anything to hurt her.

    It is a growth process on both ends as her trust in me builds so does her submission to me which also adds to my stronger feelings of dominance.

  2. If a Dom or Master is intelligent and perceptive enough to know what limits can be tested, and which should never be pushed, then fine. Otherwise, I think telling some of them that limits are meant to be pushed is actually quite dangerous and the idea of telling them the reason not to push some limits is because you would possibly break your toy, makes it sound like a slave is not a human.

    I know you don’t think like that yourself. but I’d guess that more than 50% of the idiots calling themselves Doms and Masters, do.

    All I know if that if a man did not respect our original contract and tried to push certain limits, he would need a doctor, likely a urologist, shortly thereafter. Not every Master is deserving or worthy of a slave.

  3. There’s a big difference between a slave with no limits and a relationship with no limits. Just because you don’t want to hang me by the neck or beat me bloody doesn’t mean I won’t let you. You choose what and what not to do with me. I will never say no to anything. When I tell you the body I inhabit and the life I live are yours to use whenever and however you want, I mean it. I know that may mean pain or even death, maybe just because hurting me or watching me die amuses you, but that is why I exist.

    So, there are people out there with a burning desire to become subhuman pieces of meat, who will willingly, eagerly and permanently subject themselves to doing anything or having anything done to them that their possessors see fit, regardless of personal peril or pain. There is no relationship between you and your no limits slave any more than you have a relationship with your shoe or the mat outside your door. A no limits slave risks nothing because it has nothing, and that’s the bottom line.

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