A Slave Is Like Fine Wine

It has been a very long road, most of my relationships have been long term, with the exception of a few bad grapes I have ran across. We all make mistakes. What is worse is we make mistakes knowing they are going to be mistakes, not worrying about the consequences, but you know what the out come is going to be. Sometimes we settle for less just because it fills that moment. Sometimes we need the companionship still knowing the out come.

I have met a few nuts that I really liked and I did my best to make it work knowing it was a lost cause. I knew in my mind the situation was a lost cause, but still gave 100% hoping I could fix something. Really deep down I knew. In the end I had only me to blame, it was no ones fault but mine, I knew in the end I would have to face the consequences.

You can fill a void for that moment and time, but the next morning you know, you really know how things are going to turn out, a week, a month, six months, the outcome will be the same.

We as humans get lonely by nature, we need that interaction, we need the company, we need the companionship, we need the closeness. At times we make mistakes just to fill those needs.

In the BDSM lifestyle it is a must to find the one who fits our needs, , being a Master and Slave means nothing if you have nothing in common, again your just filling that void if you settle for less. Our goal is to find the one. The one who fill fill that void, the one who will take that loneliness away.

Arianna and I went to the county Fair Thursday night she had to win a gold fish, so after work we went as we were parking we got out and I heard someone yell hey Vile Arianna turned around and it was Master Rob and his slave, as he walked up he said I knew it was Arianna by the shape of her ass. Anyway we walked together for a few , but this was Arianna’s night so we said our goodbys. Master Rob reached out to shake my hand gave me a hug and said it is good to see your doing so good Vile. Wow he really did see a difference in me. Master Rob had seen my ups and downs through out the last few years.

Well Arianna did sort of win a gold fish, she had to toss ping pong balls into a small glass bowl, yea not as easy as it looks, so we left with four of them.

We spend so much time men and women picking through all the bad grapes some are so sour you cant stand it, some are so rotten you dare not to eat, then some are just not mature enough. Finding the right grape is very important.

So you find the right grape and you nourish it feed it until it is ripe. Then you begin to mold, you train to fit your needs. You teach, you guide and you lead.  You communicate, talk become the best of friends, the bond is like no other, nothing can come between you.

The relationship is a circle that cannot be broken.



5 Responses to “A Slave Is Like Fine Wine”

  1. A nice post Vile…and now I want to win a goldfish!,

    Gemini xx

  2. Hi
    Im a newbie in the lifestyle… I look forward to every post and have read the majority of the archive blogs! Im obsessed…Thanks for being soo candid and your insight is valuable for me trying to navigate this new world and seeking a match, I will be attending my 1st munch soon!

    Best regarding to Ariana and you!

    • Thank you for stopping by. Always feel free to ask questions. While I do not claim to know everything, I have been in the lifestyle for a very long time.
      Just take your time, and remember when first meeting someone you are in control until you choose to submit.
      Never let anyone tell you that you have to have sex on the first meeting, or tell you what to wear, that is just an ego trip.
      Let someone get to know you as a person, not an object.

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