Do You Feel Indebted

Arianna and I attended a MAST meeting Saturday afternoon MAST , MASTERS AND SLAVES TOGETHER. It was a small group of 6, but the topic was good as well as the people. I knew one Dom who showed up, I have known him for several months. I will call him Master S, him and I share about the same views when it comes to owning a Slave, with the exception of poly.

The moderator posed a question about Arianna’s and our relationship. She made the statement that she not only loved and cared about me, but she felt Indebted to me, because I have devoted so much time towards her.

I did take that statement as a compliment, although I had never heard it put that way. I just wonder how many different Slaves or those who are submissive feel the same way.

I believe the key is, if you put everything you can into a relationship as a Dominant and you do not expect anything in return the rewards are great. It does not take long before someone knows if you have their best interest in mind.

I have been in love before, but I have never felt the Bond I feel now. I feel closer to Arianna than I ever have anyone. It is truly a feeling I cannot begin to explain.

I was just wondering if any other Slaves or those who are submissive feel the same way.



3 Responses to “Do You Feel Indebted”

  1. Awe!!
    Thank You Master. I’ve never have had anyone understand me like You do. I truly appreciate everything You do on a daily basis. I admire Your strength and i i love You.

  2. In answer to your question, yes I have felt and do feel indebted to my Dominant. He’s pushed me in ways I couldn’t have imagined and he’s made me realize I can do things I never thought possible. He helps me be a better person every day.

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