Living As A Slave

This is not an easy task. Very few are really what I would call a true Slave. I am speaking living M’s 24/7. Although I believe under the right Master a total TPE could be achieved more often.

Do I get tired of course I do, more mentally than physically. I require very little down time, but I do take it when I need it.  I do not hang out with the boys. I am not into the Bar thing either. I do enjoy a Titty Bar from time to time but I have not been in a couple of years. That is on my list of things to do with Arianna of course.

Living as Master and Slave can be easy, the relationship can be very rewarding, not for just one but both. The limits are the sky. When entering a new M’s relationship it is important for both to have a plan, it is important for both to be very open and honest. A long term plan, where you want to start and where you want to continue. You never plan for the end because both of you will continue to grow.

BDSM has many different levels, some are in the lifestyle just for the kink, while others take it to the extreme. I have seen some pretty extreme stuff on Fetlife and just out and about in the local community.

Early on you need to put your Bitch in her place. Be open and upfront make things clear, your expectations , your needs and wants. As the Dominant you are in control. If you stick to your word and you are honest, the relationship will continue to grow.

You will have to set time aside daily for your slave. Your Slave should always come first. The more consistent you are, the more the submission will grow. Staying truthful at all times, yes the submission will grow. Staying in control is a major factor, again the more you are in control the more the Submission will grow.

On my days off, my day is centered around Arianna, I care about her needs, at times I reward her with wants. Arianna is the center of my universe.

You want a Slave to give up all of her rights, you want sex anytime you want, your cock sucked, Well there are things you as a Dominant has to do mostly what I have mentioned in the above. If you expect someone to give 100% you have to be willing to give 150%.

A Slave is not a Maid, way to many get the two mixed up. If you want a maid rent one or move back in with your Mom. I myself do help out when I am off or Arianna may request I do something. We both work so it is only fair I pitch in at times. I do cook when I am off, I have been known to do some laundry, fuck I even did dishes yesterday. So it is very important we give back. It is important we show that we care.

We expect a Slave to serve without question, we expect a Slave to follow rules and protocols without question, then we have to stand by our word.

A Slave wants rules, a Slave wants daily Task, not so many to over whelm. A Slave craves structure. A Slave wants to be guided knowing she is in good hands.

Living a M’s relationship you are basically taking all of the Slaves right away, you are stripping them of any say so, you are stripping them of any decisions.

It is a lot of work, it is not a 9 to 5 thing. Our pay is what is giving in return.

I control my house , I control the food we eat, I control what Arianna wears how she speaks walks. There is a but a huge But. I am fair, I do not change rules to fit my needs, I am not sitting around waiting for a rule to be broken. Arianna has been punished one time and one time only, she does not want a repeat.

While training, keep your Slave nude while at home. Limit their space within the home. Walk them around, you can sit here but not here. Limiting their space is very important while training. Limit or change their speech. A good training method is speaking in thirds this makes the slave think. When sleeping it must be nude, with the exception of that time of the month.

You cannot be Master and Slave 24/7 you have to be friends as well, you have to be able to laugh and joke, your communication must be open at all times.

If you the Dominant has a temper, this is one of the first things we have to learn how to control. It took me a very long time to mater this. Now I think before I speak Do not argue with your Slave when this happens you the Dominant are submitting. Yes you are submitting think about it.

If you punish do it right then never say next time. When you punish you need to explain why you are punishing and it had better be a valid reason, and not because the Slave forgot to put something back.

When making rules be very clear, explain everything in detail. Remember rules are meant to improve, rules that are sexual are for your own kinks. Rules should be obtainable and doable , you cannot be unrealistic when it comes to putting rules into place. Another thing you do not want to overload your Slave with rules, start out with 5 or 6 rules once the slave have grown accustomed to the rules if you need add a few more. Doing this will gain you much more respect, again the more respect the more her submission will grow.

I like positions although I do not use to often if I see a need I use. Most positions will put the Slave back into the state of submission, this is why I do not use on a daily basis. A Slave who is told to expose herself most of the time puts her back in place. Hand gestures is something I am going to begin to use. Like tap on the head, hey I want my dick sucked, tap on thigh, Hey I want you to spread , and so on you get the idea. I am going to implement that as of today.

I was reading and a Dom said he could train a Slave in less than thirty days. Well you are fucking nuts. The training process is never ending. We grow on a daily basis , our ideas change daily our needs change almost daily. We as Dominant have to be open to change we must allow our Slave to grow, share their ideas and needs.

Consistency is the only real key you need. Being consistent covers just about every base. When we want something new we need to explain why it is a need.

I will continue more tomorrow part two living as a slave.



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    I’m looking forward to reading part two. Vile, you always provide an interesting read. I’ll confess I’m a little tired at the moment so will probably comment more come tomorrow.

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