Do You Like To Be Sexually Broken ?

I love rough sex I am not sure if I can even have what would be called  Making Love . I have always loved rough sex, the rougher the better.

So on my way home from work last night I was listening to Sirius XM radio station Chanel 102 , that is Vivid’s adult radio station, that features past and present porn stars. Most of the time it is pretty interesting, but last night something caught my attention. Well most anything that has to do with sex catches my attention.

The topic was called Sexually Broken , at first I thought is was about abuse but after listening more is was just rough Bondage sex. Women are tied up, put into strange positions, tied spread eagle, bent over, head in an open box. Either way the woman are not able to move.

The sex gets so rough the women have safe words they can use when they feel they can take no more. I watched a few videos and I was like holy crap, I have done much of the same thing all along.

Although my work schedule does not allow much play when we do play I love it rough, I just never used the term sexually broken.

I will tie Arianna up tight in almost like a little ball, hands cuffed ankles cuffed then tied together I pull her to the edge of the bed so both holes are exposed, she is blindfolded and gagged so she has no idea what is about to happen.

Most of the time I will start out fingering just to get her wet, then I slide my cock in her pussy then it is time for the ass. I love anal it is really a fetish of mine. She is in a position where she cannot move she cannot speak nor can she see. If I want the pussy again I will stop walk out of the room not saying anything jump in the shower wash off then right back at it again.

I was going to post a few pics but as we all know WordPress has been on the war path about nudity. At the end of a blog I would post a pic that somehow related to the blog. I never posted porn just to be posting.

Cuffed and tied so you cannot move puts you in such a vulnerable state of mind you are fully exposed and any hole is really fair game.

You can google Sexually Broken the scenes are pretty intense some may like and enjoy while others may find them disgusting I guess it would depend on how open minded you are when it comes to sex. There is a lot of face fucking which I love, I suppose it is a control thing.

I was at work the other day and a co-worker brought up something called the Harlem Struggle which I found to be interesting and I was like wow that is so cool. Then he started to babble about how wrong it was. If it is so wrong why would you show me you can google that as well.

I was not trying to offend anyone I am just being me.



30 Responses to “Do You Like To Be Sexually Broken ?”

  1. Is this not just another form of “making love”? I have always felt that objectification through bondage and the rough usage that ensues is not only about control and dominance, but also about worship and adoration; simultaneously self centered and generous. At least that’s how it appeals to me.

  2. I’ve never heard it called that either, but yes, yes I do. I’m going to have to look up some of those videos.

  3. I am sure you will like the videos. Thank you for stopping by

  4. phoenixasubbie Says:

    I’ll be googling too.

  5. No offense here, my friend. I know exactly what you are talking about. And Johntheodore did get it absolutely right. Great way to see it… Not sure about the Harlem Struggle. Though it sounds interesting, I would not want my slave to pass out. the “hmmmmph…” and the gagging is a very exciting part of it…

  6. You never have gentle love making? How do you revive her feminine side? How do you really take care of her if you only use her and don’t nurture her with tenderness?

    • That is an excellent question. How do I nurture her with Tenderness ?
      We have a very dynamic relationship that is based off of micromanagement
      not as difficult as most would think.
      The no stress in her life for one, the no drama in her life for another, knowing
      that everything is taking care of is another, our communication between us , and I do hold
      her often.
      She has never been yelled at by me nor have we ever had an argument.

      On the other side she enjoys it when I do use her, she really does, if I do not use her she feels as though she has done something wrong or I am not pleased.

      I hope I was able to answer your question.
      She will be starting her own blog here pretty soon. so she will be able to give a greater insight.

  7. phoenixasubbie Says:

    Harlem struggle was too rough for me. I guess I like my rough a bit more toned down 🙂

  8. Yes i would never do the struggle thing just not me

  9. In response to “You never have gentle love making? How do you revive her feminine side? How do you really take care of her if you only use her and don’t nurture her with tenderness?”

    My Master shows me tenderness in the way he soothes me when I’m upset. In the way he thoroughly listens when I babble. In the way he inquires about my deepest feelings and my darkest fears.
    He shows me his tenderness in the hours of time spent to make sure that I have the best life possible. The morning talks at 4am during coffee and my hour long drive to work. He nurtures me in the constant attentiveness and care given. The way we laugh, the commonality of both vanilla and kink, and the love shown in the little things are a daily reminder of what it’s like to truly be meant for each other. I know that I am number one in his life and I feel extraordinarily special. I am honored to please him.

  10. phoenixasubbie Says:

    I love what you described that you do with Ariana…. that’s hot to me. Like I mentioned previously, the Harlem thing is too rough for me… had some more thoughts regarding tonight and linked to your blog.

  11. I googled it. Isn’t harlem the same thing as oral, a bit more intense. except he doesn’t have to force me. I love it deep and hard in my throat. How rough depends on his mood. yummy.

  12. Leslie Stockton Says:

    Not my thing but ..if she consents cool .. anal is great .. lol lol but only done it a few times lol lol hey i have goals lol lol lol

  13. It’s horses for courses. Some people like vanilla, some like bdsm. Some like it rough, some like making lurve. As long as it’s between consenting adults and you’re both enjoying yourself, where’s the problem?

  14. BallsyBilly Says:

    I like a good hot 69 and anal. But even as a Dom. the Harlem Struggle is not my thing. Btw why call it Harlem Struggle?

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