Arianna Has A New Blog

Arianna informed me a couple of weeks ago that she would like to start a new blog. She does have a blog already and there are many who follow me that are following her. She has not posted anything in sometime , reason being she has to be in that mood, that frame of mind. Her post tend to be much deeper than mine, and as of now very vanilla.

I am not sure what gave her the idea to start a new one but I more than welcome her thoughts and answers. I am not going to expect something daily or weekly she has more than enough on her plate now. That would be me.

This will be the chance to ask her questions, and get answers on the other side of the story. She is very open and she does enjoying sharing.

There are a few Slaves who follow my bog who email me asking questions or wanting advice. Yes Arianna knows about everything, she even takes part in the answering questions. This is not something I expect her to do, but I believe she does enjoy helping.

I do not mind other Dominants posting on her blog or asking questions, but we will keep it respectful and non-personal. Arianna is not as open as I am. As a matter of fact we are two totally opposites. Arianna is more of a calm peaceful woman, while I am at times loud and very out spoken.

So her new blog is called


I do not believe you can leave a comment or follow as of yet, she will finish setting it up in the next day or so. Once finished feel free to stop in and say hello.



5 Responses to “Arianna Has A New Blog”

  1. Kathy Lewis Says:

    Well that is great. I would love to read her thoughts on BDSM and the likes. Looking forward to reading it.

  2. The “Follow” button worked 🙂 I am looking forward reading her musings.

  3. phoenixasubbie Says:

    I signed up as well. xx

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