Be A Good Girl And Open Your Mouth

Nah this is not about giving head although that is a good topic, but it is about something I believe all or most who are submissive or a Slave can relate to.

First things first I cannot read minds nor can most Dominants. So we may just go along and think everything is okay when in fact deep inside you are falling apart at the seams. Deep inside you are a total mess because you have a fear of expressing your feelings or if something is not going as planned you are afraid to speak up.

If you are asked is everything okay , that is your time to speak up about anything that is on your mind, you have the right to speak freely. Because if you are asked and you say nothing is wrong or nothing is on your mind, and you soon crash and burn. Take a wild guess at whose fault it is. it is not mine or your Doms it is all on you.

You should never be afraid to speak up and you should be able to talk freely in a respectful manner that is.  If you are with a Dominant who does not allow this you need to rethink your relationship.

I myself like to listen , I thrive on communication. I know when Arianna and I first got together she was hesitant in what she had to say. When we first met I asked her what she thoughts about me seeing other slaves. Her statement was your the Master you can do what you want. Well it did not take long for her opinion to change. One after I explained she was not correct she had been mislead. Two she had the right to speak up and share her thoughts.

Today if I were to ask the same question her answer would be fuck no, in a polite way that is. However if I truly wanted to I have the final say. On the flip side I would never ruin what I have now. So the thought of bringing in another does not cross my mind. That is the communication we have, Arianna knows she can come to me and talk about anything and not fear of being yelled at or put down. I look at things with logic, and I truly think things through.

If you do not speak up then it is all on you. We as Dominants depend on communication, we need communication to keep the relationship going. That goes for a vanilla relationship as well, many women are just to afraid to speak their mind.

Yea Be A Good Girl And Open Your Mouth.



4 Responses to “Be A Good Girl And Open Your Mouth”

  1. i think i was too honest and open with Master. Now he is not Master anymore. We are friends now, but i feel like a piece of me is still missing because of it. Hopefully that feeling goes away, as it is a sad feeling.

  2. You can never be to honest or open. I am going to say something else happened.

    When first meeting someone you only share what you think is important at that time.
    Stuff like depression and so on should wait until you truly trust.

    • I am happy to have been directed to Your blog.
      My Sir reminds me all the time, “you have a voice here…” so it is always up to me to use it. Like You said, if I don’t that is all on me. I am struggling with this still, but it is getting easier with time.

      • Again thank you for stopping by. Your Owner I am surprised with his words about me, but humble as well. I get a lot of hate mail from other Doms.
        I suppose mainly because I write the truth, and I blow someone’s plan. Or I finely make a slave see the light.
        Again much love

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