I Am Not Better Than Your Dominant

I know at times I come off pretty cocky, maybe I seem a little arrogant, but that is far from the truth. At times I am very humble. When I wake in the morning and I roll over and Arianna is sleeping I am very proud. As I am preparing our coffee for the morning I am thinking what our conversation will be, I am hoping she has a good day at work. I am humble when I stand outside of our home and see what we have built together.

I am not trying to out do anyone , nor am I trying to make anyone look bad. The base of my blog is about abuse in the lifestyle and out of the lifestyle. I am against abuse of any type, be it verbal, physical or mental.

I am not better than your Master, owner or Dom I am just me. I share my life with you, I share my opinion with you, and yes it is just my opinion. Just like any blog you read that another Dominant wrote.

You will never hear me say your Dominant is wrong or he is a fake, or he does not know what he is doing. Every Dominant and owner is different, we think different and we live different.

My life story what I have written is the truth and nothing but the truth. There are something I refuse to share because I am not proud of some of the things I have done. I can say I have never hurt anyone well physically anyway. Mental I cannot say so much. I have grown over the years and I have learned from my mistakes. So I started this blog to try and make somethings right.

I have contacted subs and slaves from the past and tried to make things right, apologizing for any harm I may have caused or hurt. You can never take anything back but you can try and make things right.

I feel like it seems I am putting other Dominant down here on my blog and that is so far from the truth.  I was just scanning over some of my post in the near future I will hit 700 blogs as I was reading I was thinking man this really could sound fucked up to another Dominant.  So if i come across as such I do apologize.

I started my blog to help others find the right path, to insure they knew what to look out for, and what danger signs to look for. Today I looked and I have 236 followers not near as many as most, but it truly means a lot. If I have reached out to a few and made some sort of difference then I have done well.

I have had many ask me for advice, and I offered my opinion some took it and some just blew me off. I am okay with that. I have seen many come and go on wordpress, but I encourage all of you who are submissive or a slave to blog. Blogging is a way to express your feelings and thoughts. You can look back and see where you were and where you are today.

Thank all of you and much love.


17 Responses to “I Am Not Better Than Your Dominant”

  1. I think alot will send love back to you. I love reading your post

  2. Thank you for writing your blog.

  3. littlebopeep12 Says:

    Vile your blog and advice has helped Sir and me immensely. Your viewpoints are often the source of interesting conversation between us. Thank you for sharing your opinions.

    • Thank you both for stopping in. I get a little out there sometimes but I am just being me. I state the truth and sometimes it does offend some but those who are only afraid of the truth

      • littlebopeep12 Says:

        You state it in the simplest of ways so that the reader is literally hit in the face with the truth. Offensive? No, I find it refreshing. I know exactly where you stand. I know that if I ask you for advice I’m going to get a short to the point answer. I may not like it, but that’s my issue not yours. I find it hard to believe anyone in the community would truly be offended by the truth, only if it doesn’t fit their agenda.

  4. It is true that you push very sensitive buttons and rub harshly certain egos…and yet, your blog is always food for thought and motivation for becoming better.
    Thank you for your generosity to let others drink from your well of experience.

  5. I also get quite a bit out of your blog, I find it very informative, excellent food for thought, yes at times a bit gruff but as you said it allows for thought and discussion.
    I have been aware of the lifestyle for many years but it is just within the last 1 1/2 to 2 years that I have begun embracing who I am and between your posts and the local Munches and Dom meetings once a month it is another way of getting information.
    Thank you

  6. phoenixasubbie Says:

    Whether I always agree with you or not, for me, is beside the point. You give good information and opinions that can help save at best some feelings, and at worst potentially even a life.
    I’m glad that you are out there.

  7. Your words ring true, and I look forward to every post! Thank you for all you do for our blogging community! You are a pillar, and wealth of knowledge,


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