Maybe Your Submissive And Not A Slave

Wow Tuesday night I got Hammered , I had a little Jack in the fridge mixed with coke and it was not to long until I was feeling good. After it was finished Arianna offered to drive to the local liquor store and by another small bottle, I thought about it and said sure lets go she drove since I do not drink and drive, and I was already pretty much impaired.  It has been several months since I was able to just let go and relax. Drinking is not something I do often but it felt good. I get kind of goofy when I drink. We do go out to local night clubs from time to time , but I let Arianna enjoy herself and she really likes karaoke. The last time we went out she wanted to scream out I AM A SLAVE, well I thought it was time to go. She does have a beautiful voice and I enjoy hearing her sing.  I came home from work early one day and one never knows what to expect but I heard singing coming from the bathroom as I walked in our Sun Conure  was sitting on the side of the tub as usual but I scared the holy crape out of Arianna, yes she was singing.

TPE Total Power Exchange, this happens when a Master and Slave enter a relationship.  This is a consensual relationship between two people. The Slave has giving up all rights. As Arianna explained on her blog communication is the foundation. Knowing what to expect and what is expected.

I would think if you were to enter such a relationship you would enter with a clear mind and a clear understanding of what the relationship is about.

If it is your first TPE you should have a thousand questions maybe more. The hard part is not knowing what to expect, the easy part is knowing what to expect.

With Arianna I slowly implemented things it did not happen over night. She thought the training process would be hard, Once she read her rules she was very relieved. To start out with there were only about 12 rules I put in place then I added more once she was fully adjusted now a total of 25 rules are in place, which she reads every night before the lights are out. My rules are followed, in a years time Arianna has been punished one time, that is true. Now she thinks before she acts.

I love the term use, if you are a slave that is one word you will get to know very well. I use Arianna as I see fit, and the word no or I cant is not in her vocabulary. On the other hand I have never pushed her over her limits nor do I wish to.  To use Arianna is my right, that was talked about during our first couple of meetings. When I say use I am of course speaking sexually, playing bondage really pretty much anything I want. She is for my pleasure.

When entering a TPE you have to be in that frame of mind. You are turning yourself over to one person. He will guide, he will make all of the decisions, he will make most if not all of your choices.  Your Owner has complete control.

You may thing your a Slave but once you have entered the relationship you may find out different . This is okay and if the relationship ends it is not your fault. The fault or blame may be put on you, but if there had been enough communication the Dominant would of never put you in that type of situation.

Sometimes we spend a great deal of time finding out just who we are, and we may make several mistakes before we find the right one, the one who fits like a glove.

TPE Total Power Exchange that is just what it means no more and no less. There is a huge difference between a submissive and a slave.

A submissive you can set your own boundary’s , you can set the do’s and the dont’s . You can say yes or you can say no. all of which should be set prior to entering a relationship. If you do not speak your mind it may be to late down the road.

The worst thing you can do as a submissive or slave when entering a relationship is agreeing to something if you are against it, but your agreeing just to please in fear of losing a relationship So what if the Dominant does not think it will work, you found him and you will find another., do not agree just to please or because that is what they want to hear, agree because you want to.


From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Outside the BDSM community, the relationship of Master/slave is sometimes regarded as a form of consensual sexual slavery. In BDSM, a slave is a specific type of submissive. The master/slave relationship refers to the relationship between the individuals involved, and does not necessarily require any specific acts, sexual or otherwise, though sexual activity is usually an aspect of the relationship. The sexual aspect could be conventional, and not necessarily BDSM. A slave could also be a masochist or bottom, but this is not always the case.[1]

Some participants regard the relationship as sexual roleplay, while others enter into the relationship on the basis of a highly committed, long-term, submissive lifestyle.

Some practitioners feel the difference between submissive and slave is the degree of submission. However, many who are involved in Master/slave relationships see the difference as being conceptual. For example, some slaves may not have a naturally submissive personality, but choose to surrender their will and volition to another.

If you are a submissive then stay a submissive if you cross that line you could be stepping into uncharted waters. Never let a Dom tell you that your a Slave more so if your looking for a relationship, just be who you are.



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  1. Your posts are always so informative. I enjoy reading them

  2. Excellent post, I’m taking notes because I am new and you seem so kind and considerate. Thanks!

  3. it’s very informative thanks

  4. I got lost when you scared her…I think either you missed pasting some of your post in here or something.


  5. miss agatha armstrong Says:

    thank you – thank you – thank you – i am who i thought – – thank you again –

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