Why Dominants And Slaves Are Single

I have been trying to mentor a local Dom for sometime now. Him and his baby girl split on bad terms but are still living together due to financial reason neither can afford to live on their own, which makes Bad Medicine if you follow me.

It goes both ways as far as being single not so much a submissive or Slave but more so men who claim to be Dominant and active in the local community it does not take long to get a bad name.

The problem is these men do not have a fucking clue. A Slave in the lifestyle is not someone who picks cotton, or builds pyramids, but this is the way they see it. You are no more than an object that is able to spread.

Master M is really a good guy, but he has no concept about what the lifestyle is about. His profile reads I have been a Daddy for 10 years but probably 10 months at best.

I met him at a local munch with his baby girl about 8 months ago, and shortly after I invited them over for dinner, after they left I told Arianna they would not be together another 3 months well I was wrong it was only a month.

So I tried to talk to both and it was like talking to a wall, she was fed up and he did not want to put any effort into the relationship. He would spend all his time while at home on the computer looking for another female to move in.

People have disagreed with me before about this statement but here goes. If a man tells you he is Dominant and he has been in the lifestyle for ten years , are you just going to take his word or do you dig deeper?

Since Arianna had been burned twice maybe more than twice I wanted to make her feel safe. I introduced her to my friends who were also in the lifestyle, these were people who had known me for ten years or longer.

It does not take you long to figure out you have stepped in a mess, but sometimes it takes you longer to figure out the Dom is controlling and not in control. All they want to do is fuck and punish. You never go out besides the first couple of dates , you never meet any of his friends, you are stuck at home waiting on his call or visit.

If a Dominant is single and has been for sometime there is a reason. Knowing what questions to ask is very important when your meeting someone for the first time. One being what is sud-space ? If he has to stop and think, yea then you know. Ask why he wants a submissive or slave ? If it is because he likes giving orders, of punishing, or just being in charge, you know you just on a one time date. I promise you they will give some goofy answer.

While at a local munch a couple of months ago we were eating and i was talking to Daddy M and I made the statement if a slave or submissive has been single for a long time it was because she is nutty, as I looked up there were about 16 eyes just looking at me.

Well that is not always the case, many are just selective , and that is a good thing, many take there time in their search as you should. Many are able to wait it out until the right one comes along. While those who are new are just running full steam ahead, and not even looking back.

Another reason is a slave could be to needy to most, a Dom not wanting to invest that much time. When I was explaining to Master R about my relationship being micromanaged, he said fuck that, it is way to much work. Being needy is not a bad thing, many Doms prefer a needy slave. I know I do , I am an attention hound.

Finding the right one is very important, again spreading your legs does not make you submissive, sucking cock does not make you submissive. Your actions, how you carry yourself, your personality , your wanting to serve, the list goes on and on.

The best thing you can do, is make a list and keep it with you. A list of how you see yourself in a relationship. A list of your needs, a list of what you expect from a Dom. A list of what you do not expect, such as anger, yelling, changing rules midway , maybe not being shared. I know many who pass their slave around like a bucket of pop corn. Show the Dom your list, he will either say yes or no. Do not be afraid to speak up. This is your life, this is your body, this is your mind. Ahh the number two top things, NO DRAMA and no problems with EX’S.

More important if a Dom wants to collar you on the first date, just look and shake your head, watch him blow up. when you say no.

You get the picture.



3 Responses to “Why Dominants And Slaves Are Single”

  1. I never want to be a slave to the title who is a Dominant. I need relationship with a person not what he is called, not what his name and if I’m single is because I choose to but if I could choose I want a partner. I would choose a relationship firs.

  2. Again, I notice a very similar point of view.
    Keep up the good work…

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