Just Be Who You Are

Being who you are is probably the most important thing in life, besides living by the truth. You should never have to change who or what you are to please someone.

I have stated before over the past ten years BDSM has changed so much. At one time we all use to be a close family very close. Today it is every man or woman for them selves. Ten years ago Doms were very different. They had a great deal of respect , they were more than willing to give a helping hand or advice. I am not saying all today are not good because there are a lot of good Dominants. I have even met younger Doms who I have much respect for, and are on the right track.

I am not saying all Dominants are the same because I know a lot of good ones. I think it is mainly my generation. SouthernSir here on wordpress I have much respect for him, a late bloomer, one of the few who are late bloomers who carries a lot of pride, and very sincere about the lifestyle.

BDSM is not about sex, or it use to not be, but times have changed. If you take the four letters B D S M nowhere does it say anything about sex. BDSM  at one time had the same protocols as the Goreans do. It was more about structure, guidance , rules, and being very strict.

I posted the other day Why Dominants and submissive’s are single. I was sharing my thoughts and my opinions nothing more. I just believe those who are submissive deserve much more respect.

I had talked about how you should hold off on having sex the first meeting. Becoming friends first then moving into your world, the world that fits you. I still believe if you just start out with sex, that is all you have.

We are all different, we all have different needs, at times our wants become needs. If you feel you have to have sex to prove your submission and that is a need go for it. If you think giving head proves your submission go for it.

I just have much more respect, and I would never expect sex when meeting a new Slave. Arianna, I wanted to know her I wanted to know her inside out.

While unpacking her things I came across a hundred journals , these dated back some fifteen years. This was fifteen years of her life. So while off one day and Arianna had to work, I made a pot of coffee grabbed some smokes, sit down at the kitchen table and I started reading. These were regular notebooks , everyone of them were full from front to back. I had to take breaks, get up and stretch walk outside, then I sat back down. It took me almost eight hours, but wow I was really into her life, I knew everything about her even past relationships. The only thing I wish is that I could of read them prior to sleeping together, not that it would of changed anything, but to really know her inside out.

I see everyday so many who are abused, and to tell you the truth I do not have a clue to how you just kick your feet and move on, just hoping the next will be the one.

As much as I would like to think I am perfect I am not. I can admit I make very few mistakes, but that does not make me perfect.  I think clearly and I think rational. I take care of my needs first, my wants come later if they fit. It took me a long time to be able to separate the two.

You as a person has to do what you think is right. You know what you want out of life, you know what you need out of life. You know what you expect from your Dominant, you know what you need from your Dominant. As long as you are happy then follow your road.

It was wrong of me to try and tell people how they should run their life, again it was just my opinion. After all who am I to try and tell someone what to do?

Just be yourself and who you are.


3 Responses to “Just Be Who You Are”

  1. Your advise is very wise Sir! It’s in a way like teaching a life’s lesson to our children, you hope they heard you, understood, and you only hope they took it to heart, and absorbed it. My Sir will say ” you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink.” , if your words here reach one person, and resonate within their being and mind, then you have done a great thing. It is never wrong to give your opinion, but wrong for others to not listen to your wise words of advise.


  2. When Kayla and I first began talking to me it was more important to know her as a person, who she was, what made her tick. That is what mattered to me. After we had been emailing and chatting for some time I asked her a question “If there are five things about yourself that you could change what would they be? From her response which non of them were sexual in nature which I would have been disappointed fi they were, I began talking to her about them, working with her.
    Now she is ready to publish her third book, while in the beginning she was withdrawn she now speaks openly but with respect to me about her feelings.
    She is blossoming not only as a submissive but as a person.

    • Wow very good I agree with everything you have said and I have done the same thing as well. The only thing I could not change was Leticia being withdrawn but she has always been that way, When with someone she bonds to one and that is me.
      We are both in a good place so for now I will let it be

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